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Disable CTRL C & CTRL BREAK keys.
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Disable CTRL C & CTRL BREAK keys.
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NOBRK is a program that traps the INT 9H (Keyboard interrupt) and
enables or disables ^C and ^BREAK characters. All other characters
are passed on to the regular INT 9H routine. The source code is
included so that the routine can be incorporated easily into your
own program and modified to trap other keys. To disable the ^C and
^BREAK functions, press the Ctrl, Left Shift & Right Shift keys at
the same time. You can use PC Magazine's INSTALL and REMOVE
programs to make it resident and then remove it after the program
runs. Another program that will do the same thing is INSTALL and


No fee is asked for use of this program which is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Walter Cox & John Pulliam October 15, 1987

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