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Control tone/duration of DOS BEEP.
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Control tone/duration of DOS BEEP.
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Contents of the FIXBEEP.DOC file


Version 1.10 of 16 March 1987.
Version 1.21 of 20 March 1987.

FIXBEEP is a short, terminate-and-stay-resident utility.
It changes the tone that the IBM computer produces when it

FIXBEEP is installed simply by typing FIXBEEP at the DOS
prompt. The program will take one-half k of system memory,
which is 512 bytes.

| Users of Version 1.10 might notice that Version 1.21 is
| longer. However, the program still only takes 512 bytes
| of memory once loaded. Also, if you run the program
| more than once, only one version will be loaded in
| memory.

After FIXBEEP is installed, your IBM or close compatible
will not make that annoying, drawn-out, beep. FIXBEEP
replaces it with a quick, quiet little chirp.

If you want to change the frequency and/or duration of the
tone that FIXBEEP makes, you can specify command line
parameters when you start the program.

| If you enter FIXBEEP without any parameters, FIXBEEP will
| use it's default parameters. The default FIXBEEP is
| fifty microseconds of a 1000 hertz tone.

The /F parameter changes the frequency of the beep. For
example, typing


would set the frequency to 1750 hertz. To change the
duration, use the /D parameter. Typing


That example would set the duration of the tone to 35
milliseconds, which is .035 seconds. You can specify both
options in any order. For example,

FIXBEEP /D200 /F250


FIXBEEP /D100 /F4000

are both valid.

FIXBEEP is compatible with almost all other terminate
and stay resident routines. The video I/O routines are
rarely intercepted by other TSR utilities, and FIXBEEP
doesn't do anything that is considered "bad behavoir".

If you find this program useful, please send a small
contribution. $5 is very adequate... this is a relatively
straightforward utility. You'll sleep at night knowing
that you helped an aspiring young programmer!

Thank you very much.

About Version 1.21:

| Upon reccomendation from Mike Todd, SigOp of the IBMSIG
| on The Source, and Frank Fitch, a friend at the IBMSIG,
| I've improved the program. If the program was already
| in memory, the program will change the parameters of the
| version in memory.
| If FIXBEEP is already in memory, and nothing is
| specified on the command line, then FIXBEEP will exit
| without changing anything.
| I've also thrown in the BEEP program, an amazing thirteen
| byte program that beeps the speaker. Just so you can
| test the program as you expirement.
| By the way, I've found that I like
| FIXBEEP /D50 /F2500
| That makes a loud and clear, but short "chirp!". That's
| the way, I belive, it was meant to be.
| Enjoy!

Stop ripping off shareware authors. Send a donation if
you use this program.

Mike "Nifty James" Blaszczak
112 Verlinden Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146

Participate On The Source: NIFTY JAMES
Participate on NWI : MIKE B or NIFTY JAMES
The KCA PC-Guru BBS, in Pittsburgh: MIKE BLAZAK
On The Source: BCB922
On CompuServe: 76210,1546

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