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BBS Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
120OFFLI.ZIP92999Oct 30 1991A new .QWK style Offline Reader with some extra features. Nice interface, and easy to use.
15PUZZLE.ZIP15767Sep 24 198915 Puzzle game BBS Door. Version 2.0.
16550PCB.ZIP1796Aug 18 1988Documents how to take advantage of National's 16550 UART under PcBoard.
1EDIT101.ZIP45232May 6 19901-EDIT is a combined Sysop User Editor and Menu Editor for QuickBBS systems.
1EDRA201.ZIP50219Jan 6 19911-EDIT-RA is a combined User Editor and Menu Editor for RemoteAccess systems designed to work reliably from remote.
1ST-110A.ZIP484804May 15 1993Innovative offline mail reader. The ultimate QWK mail reader.
1ST-110B.ZIP369517May 15 1993Second disk of 1st v1.1 offline mail reader.
1ST-MME.ZIP243743Feb 9 1993Add soundblaster support to the 1st offline mail reader.
1ST110DX.ZIP267937May 15 19931st offline mail reader 386 executable (only for 386/486).
1STSPELL.ZIP143989May 15 1993Spelling checker for 1st offline mail reader.
1WST1.ZIP130518Jan 1 1994Who Said That? Trivia BBS Door with RIP Support.
2002HLP2.ZIP19589Aug 28 1992Useful help/hint file for players of TradeWars 2002 BBS game.
2002V2B2.ZIP581648Dec 20 1993Tradewars Version 2.00. One of the best BBS space games ever.
2ACF.ZIP19222Jan 28 1992Converts RemoteAccess BBS's files.ra to AC-Files format.
2AF001.ZIP1302Jan 29 19932Af Mod #1 for WWIV 4.22.
2AF002.ZIP1254Jan 30 19932af Mod #2 for WWIV 4.22.
2AF003.ZIP1072Jan 29 19932af Mod #3 for WWIV 4.22.
2AF004.ZIP1638Feb 8 19932af MOD #4 for WWIV 4.22.
2CENTS.ZIP49950Feb 2 1992RBBS Quote of the day.
355S.ZIP123291Sep 11 1992Upgrade for registered Wildcat Sysops. Upgrade to ver 3.55 (single).
8BMODS.ZIP114188Jun 19 19918Ball Mods For WWIV BBS. WWIV source code required.
A2A-RG10.ZIP7913Mar 12 1994ANS-2-ASC vRG-1.0 , Converts ANSI files to Renegade's .ASC format by translating ANSI codes to Renegade's piped color codes (|xx). Easy to use.
AC25.ZIP69372Jul 1 1991Arc Checker v2.5 - Several improvements over v2.01 and some bug fixes. Supports check of .GIF, ARJ, LZH, ZIP, ARC, etc. For BBS checks of uploaded files.
AC6-0943.ZIP191206Nov 9 1991Alpha Colony VI A BBS Door Game for Remote Access.
ACF540R0.ZIP362280Jan 18 1992Auto Control Files (ACFiles) is a unique full File System for QuickBBS and Remote Access with a "Quick-Select" bar.
ACTV100.ZIP50691Jun 28 1990A Wildcat! BBS Sysop utility that is an Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer.
ACTVP231.ZIP89788May 19 1992ACTVIEW v2.31 -- PCBoard 14.x caller's log file viewer. Shows summary totals, and many more features.
ADLG100.ZIP64980Feb 28 1992AddLogo V1.00 - official release. Add/replace comments "on the fly" can be used to add logos to files as they are downloaded, handy for CD-ROM. Intended for PCB 14.x but usable by others.
ADOPT23.ZIP57125Sep 27 1991Adopt a door. Explains how a user can adopt a door game.
AED244A.ZIP65859Feb 16 1991A full screen ANSI editor for use with RBBS-PC.
AGS-VGA1.ZIP34156Dec 18 1993Small BBS Door interface for VGA Planets 3.x. This version is 0.01, so doesn't do much, but uses the BBS Online interface which supports Wildcat, WWIV, dorinfo.dat, PCBoard 14.x, Opus, and many others.
ALIST200.ZIP24156Jan 14 1990An Allfiles Generator for RA or Qbbs BBS.
ALLF028.ZIP50487Feb 16 1991ALLFILS is an RBBS SysOp utility that will read an FMS-style directory and create a master files list, sorted by category, that can be downloaded by the users on the system.
ALOTMUSI.ZIP33896Mar 9 1992A Lot a Music for BBS screens, with tools.
ALST_160.ZIP30673Dec 6 1990Creates allfiles listings for QuickBBS and compatable BBS software.
ALTER1_1.ZIP10355Oct 19 1992Utility for multinode T.A.G. BBS systems that edits the (W)hos Online display.
AMSG100.ZIP14943Feb 27 1990Sysop utility that will display news item to all, for QuickBBS.
AMU121.ZIP244181Jun 21 1994Automatic Maintence Utility. Creates allfiles listings, sorts files lists, users lists, sends first caller messages, creates users bulletins and much more. Makes a sysops life easy. For Remote Access Probos, Super BBS a
ANSI200.ZIP88780Nov 5 1991ANSIView is a multi-function door for viewing ANSI's under WWIV.
ANSI2PCB.ZIP10491May 28 1991ANSI2PCB - Converts an ANSI encoded text file into PCBoards AT text file.
ANTI124.ZIP36150Nov 5 1993Anti-Ad v1.24 -- For PCBoard BBS systems, a utility to detect and remove BBS advertisements from uploaded files. Can be based on CRC, or can detect selected keywords in the advertisement file.
APEX40.ZIP33803Sep 6 1993APEX ver 4.0. Freeware message processor for users of SLMR, OLX and QMPro mail readers.
ASTAT10.ZIP25136Aug 5 1990Areastat is an Opus BBS log file analyzer which provides information about message area activity by area name and by user.
ATLA0288.ZIP86508Feb 13 1988Adventure game that is a RBBS Doors game.
ATP07DOS.ZIP161965Dec 5 1993ATP 1.42 QWK Reader for DOS, full featured, freeware per GNU License.
AUTODEL.ZIP12054Aug 28 1990Auto Delete inactive users for WWIV Sysops.
AUTODESC.ZIP25893Feb 15 1992Wildcat BBS sysop file for automatically read embedded file descriptions and add them to the file list.
AUTODIZ.ZIP47269Jan 3 1994Autodiz - is a utility that will add a FILE ID.DIZ description file to any ZIP file.
AUTOFIL.ZIP36242Dec 20 1991Sysop utility for RoverBoard. Helps manage file areas.
AUTOKILL.ZIP3969Aug 13 1988Sysop Mod for WWIV v3.21D.
AVA40.ZIP154975Feb 14 1991RA/QuickBBS Sysop utiltity that allows a Sysop to auto-verify new users.
AVATAR0.ZIP5203Aug 23 1988The specifications for AVATAR level 0. AVATAR is a screen control method in the manner of ANSI.
AVGZ12.ZIP16067Dec 17 1989Very nice DSZ log analyzer version 1.2. Handy for Sysops.
AWAR51.ZIP57522Mar 20 1989Amoeba Wars Door program that will run on most BBS's.
AWARI.ZIP27972Feb 14 1991This is an Online BBS-Door game for the 2am BBS system.
AXRUE581.ZIP152570May 5 1990One of the best on-line BBS game doors. Sound effects, moving color, conquest, intrique, drooling monsters.
BACKDR12.ZIP39422May 30 1991BBS operators can use their Colorado Tape Backup as an extra hard drive with this program.
BAMAID10.ZIP12317Mar 13 1993Add FILE_ID.DIZ to RBBS FMS file structure upon upload.
BAR-400.ZIP198112Jan 27 1991Fuedal BBS door program for multi players. Works with many BBS's.
BASEPACK.ZIP25937Jun 13 1990Message Base Packing Utility for WWIV BBS's.
BATMAN.ZIP38620May 25 1989A BBS Door, on-line Batman game for WWIV.
BBQWK30.ZIP111443Jan 1 1991ByteBrothers QWKScan v3.0 1/91 - Scan MarkMail and QMail Packets - Offline Reader.
BBSEE24A.ZIP239337Dec 29 1992BBSEE version 2.4 disk catalog system. Imports files lists from most BBS's. Catalog inside ARJ, ARC, ZIP, etc. Disk fill function. Fast search for keywords.
BBSEE24B.ZIP113510Dec 29 1992Documentation for BBSEE version 2.4.
BBSEE24C.ZIP86181Sep 27 1992Extras utilities for use with BBSEE. Clean, purge, repack database, etc. Nice to have but not required for BBSEE operation.
BBSFAX10.ZIP21928Jan 21 1992Small FaxModem Utility to determine if incoming call is modem or fax and runs the appropriate software, also allows scheduling of events, etc.
BBSLAW03.ZIP516382Apr 1 1993BBS LEGAL GUIDE, version 1.03. Legal guidance and forms for BBS sysops, both pay and non-profit, BBS network and BBS program developers and consultants. Regularly updated with additional information.
BBSLIST1.ZIP122957Sep 1 1990BBSLIST is a dBase door for RBBS to keep a listing of your favorite BBS's available for callers. Callers can create a customized listing of the BBS's they would like from the list and download just those BBS using XMODEM.
BBSRECS.ZIP40534Oct 30 1991Information on various BBS door file formats.
BDAY101.ZIP41979Nov 6 1992Compiles a Birthday List of users for WWIV BBS's.
BDOC_250.ZIP112852Sep 16 1991Documentation for Binkley Term v2.50.
BDOS259B.ZIP318208Jan 6 1994Binkleyterm version 2.59 for people that participate in Fidonet networks.
BGFAX136.ZIP152678Sep 28 1994BGFax v1.36 - Fax Receive /Transmit Program (Front or Rear end operations on BBS's, etc.
BICAT32.ZIP98524Jun 17 1990A file transfer interface for Bimodem on Wildcat BBS.
BILINK15.ZIP61519Jan 7 1990BiModem Implementation For RBBS Via Door Interface.
BIMWW306.ZIP53945Feb 20 1990Allows the use of Bi-modem protocol with WWIV BBS's.
BINKTERM.ZIP135704May 20 1989An OS/2 version of mail programs required by Binkley Term.
BITOOLS.ZIP7644Nov 30 1989Text file, advice on BiModem setup from author.
BLDBANK.ZIP23674Apr 19 1993Time bank program for Tribbs systems.
BLIST192.ZIP64989Dec 8 1990BBS Lister Utility for PCBoard, allows updating, editing, etc.
BLUEQ152.ZIP35860Sep 8 1994Utility to convert mail formats. BLUEWAVE<->QWK.
BOGGLE.ZIP80030Mar 19 1993Mind Boggle 3.0 BBS Door Program.
BOI120.ZIP51218Dec 12 1990Generic source code to help you build an online program for virtually ANY BBS, including Opus, RBBS, SL, WWIV, 2am, dozens more. TP source code.
BOOKIE.ZIP80256Jun 27 1990The BOOKIE JOINT is a football betting game -- BBS Door game.
BOOTER.ZIP2519Jan 15 1990Monitors carrier. If carrier is lost, it reboots system.
BORG100.ZIP42138Mar 16 1993Trade Wars 2002 version 1.03d Utility: For more experienced players. Have the borg assimilate players, and planets for laughs.
BRAINEX.ZIP259385May 22 1993BRAINEX Door Manager. All Brainex Doors require the door manager. Makes installation of new doors easy.
BRE0955.ZIP338202Dec 20 1993Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war-game. BBS Door.
BRESPY11.ZIP27875Jan 18 1994BRESPY is a program for Sysops that generates lists or bulletins for Barren Realms Elite.
BS-PR15.ZIP32079Oct 28 1993The Computer Bulletin Board Guide to Public Relations version 1.5. Several text files Sysops can use to help improve the image of thier BBS and the BBS community as a whole.
BULMGR.ZIP72186Apr 25 1990This program will manage the bulletin files of a Spitfire BBS.
BW270-TG.ZIP182932Dec 18 1991Blue Wave mail door for Telegard 2.7.
BWAVE212.ZIP348787Dec 17 1992BlueWave off-line mail reader version 2.12.
CALGEN.ZIP22795Apr 15 1992Calendar generator: displays previous/current/next month, with today's day marked, in text, ANSI, or PCBoard @-code formats. Appropriate for a BBS bulletin, for example.
CALLBACK.ZIP5340Mar 26 1990Nice callback *.mod for WWIV.
CAMSTR1E.ZIP180486Sep 3 1993Camster Reader v1.0 BETA-E. A Great offline reader by the makers of the Cam-Mail Door.
CARSRB02.ZIP147734Dec 21 1993An ugly set of utilities to convert the CARS Night Owl CD-Rom directories into an RBBS FMS Directory.
CASTLE20.ZIP120024Feb 9 1991Dark Castle on-line games for most BBS systems.
CATFILES.ZIP16542Sep 25 1991Wildcat BBS utility to produce catalog of files on system.
CATQWK22.ZIP16155Feb 9 1992Concatinate multiple .QWK mail packets together to preserve threaded reading across mail downloads.
CATUT10.ZIP70583Aug 17 1990This is a very nice Tutorial Display Program for Wildcat BBS systems. Now SysOps can answer questions once in a clear concise manner and then use this program to display them to the user.
CBACKM12.ZIP137154Aug 19 1990Call back verifier for GAP BBS program. Works only with GAP boards.
CBSMAKE2.ZIP36536Mar 23 1988ANSI Color file maker for use with GT Power Host Mode.
CCOM25.ZIP86190Jul 18 1991ChessCOM 2.5 - EGA/VGA BBS-Chess Door COMM Program with mouse support.
CDCOM.ZIP253323Nov 15 1992CdCom is a full featured BBS door program for allowing your users access to the shareware types of cdrom disks.
CDDA13.ZIP56506Aug 24 1993CD-ROM Duplicate Analyzer v1.3. Will read "allfiles" listing for 2 CD-ROM discs and produce a listing of duplicate files found between each, as well as duplicates found within the disc.
CDROMCAT.ZIP13684Jul 15 1993CD-ROM catalog with listing of many BBS ready CD's.
CHAM34BT.ZIP64319Apr 10 1989Converts PcBoard Message formats to Opus format, and visa-versa.
CHAT!310.ZIP185106May 23 1991CHAT! The Ultimate Chatdoor for Remote Access. Features Full-Screen and Split Screen user edit, Yell-Prompt and more.
CHAT34.ZIP16413Feb 16 1991External Chat program for Telegard, TAG and other such BBS's.
CHEFDOOR.ZIP82326Apr 20 1993A door program for use with a BBS. It lets users view recipes online and you can add your own recipes.
CHPTLK10.ZIP44667Jun 22 1993Cheap Talk ver. 1.0. Allows users to enter their one liners on Telegard and Rampage BBS systems. Can be run as a door on other BBS systems.
CINCLUDE.ZIP10040Jun 4 1990C Header files for reading SearchLight BBS data files.
CKIT258.ZIP212184Jun 1 1993Ckit Version 2.58, C programmer's library for writing doors for PCB, WildCat, RBBS, and most others. A must for anyone wishing to write code for BBS's.
CLASFY13.ZIP81001Jun 18 1992"Classified Ads" online BBS For-Sale door. Supports many BBS's.
CLFB121.ZIP113048Mar 4 1991Computer Football League v1.21 - a football door for BBSes. Draft teams and it will simulate games played. Nice.
CMP14213.ZIP601712Oct 25 1994CMPQwk off-line mail reader v1.42 beta 13. Latest beta test version for registered users.
CMPBBS10.ZIP44147Feb 26 1990CMPBBS is a utility for comparing two BBS file lists.
CMPDLG13.ZIP203214Oct 26 1994CMPQwk off-line mail reader v1.42 online dialog help file for beta 13.
CMPHLP13.ZIP356543Oct 25 1994CMPQwk off-line mail reader v1.42 online help file for beta 13.
CMPHLP14.ZIP321598Feb 23 1994Updated .hlp files for CMPQWK 1.40l.
CNEW140C.ZIP407739Dec 28 1993CMPQWK 1.40C Beta update for registered users. You will need to have a *registered* version (1.40a or higher) to use this update.
COCOL11.ZIP9473Mar 8 1992Configure all users colors for Telegard 2.7.
COURIE15.ZIP120571Oct 26 1991Program to retrieve mail packets from BBS's on a timed execution basis. Doesn't require any other comm program for support. Shareware.
CQWK140A.ZIP641885Apr 30 1994CMPQwk 1.4 QWK Reader for Win3.1. File 1 of 2. Now supports foreign code pages. New spell-checker, new editor, enhanced ANSI viewer, external folder viewers. $25 upgrade price.
CQWK140B.ZIP562554Apr 29 1994CMPQwk 1.4 QWK Reader for Win3.1. File 2 of 2. Now supports foreign code pages. New spell-checker, new editor, enhanced ANSI viewer, external folder viewers. $25 upgrade price.
CRYPTO14.ZIP77330Nov 2 1991Cryptograms Version 1.4 - BBS Door Game for PcBoard.
CSND140.ZIP363860Apr 30 1994CMPQwk 1.4 QWK Reader sound upgrade. Adds voice announcements to CMPQwk. Requires CMPQwk 1.4 (or later) to use.
CSVER212.ZIP68801Jan 20 1993PCBOARD callback verification door.
CTTY.ZIP1367Aug 4 1987How to use the CTTY DOS command to control a remote PC via modem.
CTTYFIX.ZIP778Aug 19 1987Fix for CTTY COM2: Lockup W/O COM1.
CUPD140L.ZIP725734Feb 23 1994CMPQWK 1.40l upgrade files for registered users of CMPQWK 1.31 or above.
CWAR26.ZIP43223Jul 23 1991CompWar v2.6 on-line game. Designed for use with WWIV, players control warring computer companies and battle it out with robot armies. UL'ed by author.
CWBLK100.ZIP6491Apr 12 1990Prevent uploads of files already existing in your directories. Sysop utility for GT PowerComm.
DATEM12.ZIP22827Jan 30 1992Date-Matcher v1.2 on-line match-maker program for use with WWIV boards and other BBS systems that allow dos-interrupt driven doors.
DB191.ZIP129715Oct 31 1989DoorBase is a BBS door that allows SysOps to set up any indexed dBASE III database on-line for display. Works with most BBS systems.
DDMAT992.ZIP43291Dec 12 1990A utility to automatically update the message pointers between PCB 14.5's USERS.INF and ProDoor's EXTUSER files.
DDMENU5B.ZIP104009Mar 21 1990The Dragon's Door Menu. A BBS Door that acts as a front-end to other doors.
DDTERM22.ZIP53188Oct 17 1990DDTERM v2.2 Terminal Program. For use in conjunction with Galactic Warzone door program.
DEADCAT.ZIP26482Jul 1 1990Tongue-in-cheek name, provides useful feature. Use when a BBS or a node will be down for a period of time. Gives callers a message about the system being down.
DELUXE2.ZIP313571Sep 8 1990An offline mail reader for QWK format QuickMail/MarkMail, many new features.
DETAG123.ZIP26082Apr 2 1993Unknown
DF14901B.ZIP68346Dec 8 1990Use any BBS door on any BBS. Will make proper files.
DFQBX31.ZIP177911Dec 9 1993DoorFrame v3.1 Doors development library for BASCOM/PDS 7.x. Has direct support for most BBS software, COM 1 - 4, up to 115K Baud, non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high score bulletin, box and line drawing, etc.
DFRAME46.ZIP183657Dec 9 1993DoorFrame v4.6 Doors development library for QuickBasic 4.x. Has direct support for most BBS software, COM 1 - 4, up to 115K Baud.
DFVB10.ZIP197864Sep 25 1992DoorFrame v1.0 Doors development library for Visual Basic DOS. Has diret support for most BBS software, COM 1 4, up to 115K Baud.
DGBG100.ZIP15628Feb 24 1991A fine new BBS bulletin generator that will output ASCII, ANSI and Avatar versions of bulletin files.
DIR2FMS1.ZIP34250Mar 16 1994Converts a DOS directory into RBBS FMS format.
DIRMS20.ZIP85808Sep 19 1989Version 2.0 of Directory Master - A RBBS Sysop Utility to create a text file from your FMS Master Directory.
DIRT0729.ZIP45272Jul 29 1990Create an ALLFILES listing from your FILES.BBS file.
DISARM15.ZIP46964Aug 15 1991Disarm Time Bomb Door for Searchlight BBSs .
DIZ2-153.ZIP27559Apr 25 1993DIZ/2 v1.53 of 4.25.93 - ProDoor utility to add DIZ descriptions.
DIZGEN10.ZIP56144Apr 5 1993DIZ FILE GENERATOR v1.0 . Creates and maintains FILE_ID.DIZ description files in the proper format for most BBS's to accept.
DIZMAN1A.ZIP10746Feb 22 1993DIZ-MAN 1.0a Beta utility to aid in the creation of FIE_ID.DIZ information files. Will even let you edit existing files. (If they were created with DIZ-MAN). Written by Michael Schamberger.
DIZPRO10.ZIP103730Jul 23 1994Diz file edit program to add and modify the Diz files to your Zip files.
DIZV2-4.ZIP19844May 15 1993Diz extractor for use with UltraBBS System.
DIZZY100.ZIP16941Jan 25 1993PCBOARD 14.X comment enhancer.
DKIT3002.ZIP22117Dec 16 1990Program that converts many door data files to chain.txt for WWIV.
DLIST102.ZIP17059May 20 1993DLIST - Download List Description Creator DLIST v1.02 is a utility to process a directory of archives, and extract the file descriptions from file_id.diz files inside zip's and then create a text file of all archives with
DLX2_11.ZIP323839Mar 4 1991Deluxe QWK Format Mail Reader.
DLX38611.ZIP110243Mar 4 1991Deluxe QWK format Mail Reader (386 Specific Code).
DM56.ZIP123609Feb 14 1992DoorMaster is a BBS utility that will allow a QuickBBS 2.00, RBBS-PC 16.0, Professional OLEcom 3.0, TP-Board 5.0, or any other BBS package that uses the DORINFOx.DEF to run almost any BBS Door.
DND27A.ZIP786967Apr 26 1990Dungeons And Dragons Bulletin Board System Version 2.7a.
DOORCVRT.ZIP38744Aug 15 1992Convert between different door file formats.
DOORREC.ZIP7131Jul 31 1989Door structure for different bbs door files...
DPAIN20.ZIP135899Aug 3 1993Dead paint program for making RIP graphic images. With save feature.
DR20NUAA.ZIP72195Nov 1 1993BBS Drag Racing v2.0 : Features ANSi Graphical "Race" Betting, Pit Stops, more.
DRAGHORD.ZIP49725Jul 5 1989Dragon's Horde. Online BBS Doors game for WWIV BBS.
DRWY222.ZIP228512Sep 28 1993The latest version of Doorway. Version 2.21 which has re-direction of printer ports 1-3 one your local printer. Very good for remote access program.
DUCKTAPE.ZIP4462Sep 23 1990Searchlight FIDO <> PCBoard PCRelay message batch file.
DVDOR100.ZIP4675Jan 18 1990GT Power Sysop utility for running GT in a DesqView task.
DWARZ105.ZIP294823Oct 8 1991Dragon Wars v1.05 - A BBS door game the features multi-BBS play using the FIDO net software. The slant is towards BBS vs. BBS rather than player vs. player.
DYNAS305.ZIP203097Apr 4 1992New Version of Space Dynasty BBS Door for use with WWIV BBS.
EAM.ZIP12936Aug 14 1985Leave a short message when BBS is down.
EASYDR25.ZIP269831Dec 22 1993The Easy-Door Library v2.50: The professional ors devopment library for QB/PDS/VBDOS. It features: ANSI/AVATAR, SuppoOM 1 to, Fossil/Built-in comm, and most popular BBS software.
EBANK12.ZIP49313Sep 26 1992Another file Bank for PCBoard 14.X.
ECLW211.ZIP131174May 4 1992Eclipse reader for WOMR. This is mail reader for WWIV that reads and decodes .WMR packets. It supports off-line replies, sub configuration, and much more.
ELIST101.ZIP115328Jan 1 1991List of some of the available Fidonet echoes as of 1/91.
ELRICS.ZIP190463Aug 26 1990A collection of utilities and modifications for the WWIV BBS software. You must have a registered copy of WWIV to use the modifications.
EM103.ZIP33675Mar 8 1993Event Manager Version 1.03 SUPER FAST, SUPER EASY multiple event manager for PcBoard BBS.
EVD21E.ZIP109279Nov 24 1990Eagle Verify Door for PCB 14.x - Calls the user back. Can be set for LD and Local or Local calls only. Updates security level, adds time, and can adjust expiration date. Very smooth operation. Easy to configure and mai
EXCALDMO.ZIP95294Apr 6 1988BBS Door game for WWIV BBS's. Command knights and conquer territory.
EXE275G1.ZIP172109Dec 12 1990Quickbbs version 2.75 Gamma release.
EXTRAN.ZIP30666Mar 1 1993EXTRAN adds two methods to upload/download files from any BBS or telecom program that can use DOORWAY. Configurable for 2 protocols, password protected. I use it with Quickbbs.
EXZT222.ZIP123187Aug 10 1991EXZTest v2.22 - A PCB 14.5 upload testing utility. Works with compression utilities and McAfee's SCAN to test, validate, scan for viruses, and post info about uploaded files.
EZ-SPELL.ZIP3114Mar 25 1990Text file with instructions on how to install a spell checker to work with EZReader and QEdit.
EZ139.ZIP188596Jun 15 1992EZReader (v1.39) offline mail manager for QMail/MarkMail/TomCat mail packets.
EZDIZ20S.ZIP41533May 25 1993EZ-DIZ v2.0 - Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI descriptions into PCBoard directory lists from the *COMMAND* line.
EZQUOTE2.ZIP27979Mar 1 1994Offline Mail reader quoting utility.
EZUTL103.ZIP51204Feb 19 1990Utilities for EZ-Reader Quickmail reader that will enable it to process PCBoard/ProDoor ZIPM captures of new mail.
FASTECHO.ZIP165698Nov 30 1991Veryfast Echo mail processor for Hudson Message bases. RA, QBBS Systems.
FAXDOR11.ZIP37692Apr 7 1991A BBS Door that allows a user to send a FAX of a text file.
FAXEM10.ZIP62741Jan 27 1992BBS Door that allows users to send ASCII Fax's locally.
FCAT-SV1.ZIP29196Aug 31 1992Globally changes drive letters in Wildcat file database.
FCBBS.ZIP22569Jan 7 1994A DIF spreadsheet listing of First Class BBS's around the world. Can be viewed in Excel for Windows.
FCWINST.ZIP858744Jul 9 1993First Class Client - Windows version. First Class is a graphically-oriented BBS that is served from Macintosh platforms. This client version allows access to First Class BBS's. Very well-written program.
FD211.ZIP626374Sep 25 1993Front Door 2.11 for BBS's. Fido mail front door. Handles all E-Mail.
FDC-320.ZIP70686Aug 14 1991File Download Counter ver 3.2 Annotates PC Board DIR files with the number of times a file has been downloaded.
FEBBS192.ZIP344458Aug 22 1992FEBBS v1.92: Remote Access BBS files.bbs manager/file tosser/allfiles creator for Sysops.
FED21B.ZIP18742Oct 8 1990A FILEDIR.DEF Sysop editor for Searchlight BBS.
FEDIT.ZIP17458Oct 21 1990Fedit - Full Screen Editor for WWIV BBS's.
FERS196.ZIP68781Jun 24 1990A PcBoard BBS Door that manages a "For Sale" area.
FFBBS200.ZIP67704Jul 7 1991Friday's Files area manager for OmegaBBS. Creates, updates, sorts, and will convert from other BBS file lists.
FFIGHT40.ZIP240641Aug 24 1993FOOD FIGHT BBS Door Game ver 4.0 - Addictive, Colorful, Fast-paced, fun. A popular game on every board.
FFS102.ZIP72854Mar 18 1990Fishing Simulator. Will run stand-alone or as a BBS door.
FIDOGATE.ZIP96693Jul 6 1988Exchange netmail between OPUS and GT Power.
FILEDR31.ZIP32098Jul 13 1991File Door v3.1 for shareware version of SearchLight. Allows external file transfer protocols, includes Turbo Pascal source.
FILEID18.ZIP6850May 4 1994Specification for the .DIZ description file, together with ASP guidelines for content of shareware distribution files.
FILES106.ZIP79665May 10 1990The Ultimate Master File List Generator/Analyser for Files.Bbs compatable BBS systems.
FILETRX.ZIP11927Jun 26 1988FileTRX will help you maintain your FrontDoor system log. C source.
FIXV4.ZIP25174Aug 27 1991Fix v4.0 for WWIV BBS. This utility will fix currupted BBS data files.
FLAG22.ZIP20618Sep 28 1993FLAG.PPE, v2.2, a replacement for PCBoard's internal "more?" prompt, gives PCBoard v15.0 the easiest-to-use system for flagging and viewing files of any BBS around.
FLASH32.ZIP96307Sep 9 1989FLASH (Daily News File Generator) will allow a BBS sysop to instantly inform his callers of important information, specials, up coming events, etc.
FLIST10.ZIP10801Nov 22 1989FileList is a WWIV utility which creates a master listing of your directories.
FLIST30.ZIP21282Mar 14 1991For WILDCAT! BBS Sysops. Generate a list of all files available for downloading on your system (2.x). File areas can be excluded.
FLUP135.ZIP35087Apr 7 1993FMSFLUP v1.35 - RBBS-PC FMS Files List Entry Updater. Ad a daily entry of your latest ALLFILES List (Downloadable Files List) to your FMS file. Works with any file list creator or for any file that is updated regularly.
FM106.ZIP119998Dec 15 1992Freemail mail package for people participating in nets such as Fidonet.
FMS2PCB.ZIP9228Sep 9 1991Convert RBBS directory files to PCBoard Format.
FMSCHK.ZIP48400Nov 8 1990Will check the FMS directory structure for RBBS 17.4+.
FN397-2.ZIP383712Dec 13 1991Part 2 of 3 of the Feathernet BBS.
FN397C-1.ZIP155113Dec 13 1991Part 1 of 3. Feathernet BBS. Pretty nice BBS.
FN397C-3.ZIP49335Dec 11 1991Part 3 of 3 of the Feathernet BBS.
FNEWSA15.ZIP23812Apr 12 1993Latest FidoNews.
FNEWSB14.ZIP13516Apr 4 1994Fidonews Vol 11 No 14 (4/4/94).
FORMATS.ZIP2096Apr 11 1990File formats (TP code) for various files used by the NetMail system.
FORMQUOT.ZIP4284Jan 30 1993Generic global quoting routines compatible w/ all Forum derived systems.
FORMS92.ZIP57041Aug 15 1992BBS Census forms for creating a 1992 BBS Census.
FP067.ZIP39606Jun 3 1992F-Probe 0.67 FREEWARE Version Automated Upload File Testing for use with PCBoard BBS's. Automatically tests for file integrity, viruses and valid file dates. Tests embedded ZIPs, displays progress messages to user, l
FP13S.ZIP217909Feb 23 1993FidoPCBv1.3 - Fido interface for PCBoard. Allows multiple Nodes, AKA's, AreaFix, Net Mail. Can be run as a Door. Fast, easy setup. Direct tossing into PCBoard message format. FrontDoor, IM, Binkley required.
FREEDM15.ZIP60591May 1 1993PCB Freedom v.1.50 is a Windows mail server, for handling and managing mail packets from multiple bulletin boards.
FREETIME.ZIP11217Jun 22 1989V2.0 Run doors in QBBS w/o time penalty.
FREEVI10.ZIP102780May 27 1994FREEVIEW 1.0: The absolute best command line .RIP file viewer.
FSC-0001.ZIP17438Dec 27 1987Fido Standards Committie (Info on Fidonet Compatability).
FSC-0002.ZIP5932Jan 2 1988Fido Standards Committee #2 (Fidonet Compatiblity Info).
FSC-0003.ZIP11748Mar 22 1986Fido Standards Commitee (Fido Interface Information).
FSC-0004.ZIP2530Sep 2 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0005.ZIP3307Sep 20 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0006.ZIP7915Sep 20 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0007.ZIP4875Oct 15 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatiblity Info).
FSC-0008.ZIP11038Oct 10 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0009.ZIP3877Nov 15 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatiblity Info).
FSC-0010.ZIP4273Dec 1 1987Fido Standards Commitee. Fido Standards File.
FSC-0011.ZIP4570Dec 4 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0012.ZIP7591Dec 12 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0013.ZIP4991Dec 18 1987Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0014.ZIP6023Jan 6 1988Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0015.ZIP19208Feb 11 1988Fido Standards Commitee (Fidonet Compatibility Info).
FSC-0016.ZIP2093Mar 18 1988Fido Standards #16.
FSC-0017.ZIP1239Mar 30 1988Fido Standards #17.
FSC-0018.ZIP1264Mar 30 1988Fido standards #18.
FSC-0019.ZIP5387Aug 27 1987Fido Standards #19.
FSC-0020.ZIP3118Nov 13 1987Fido Standards #20.
FSC-0021.ZIP6727Aug 3 1988Fido Standards #21.
FSC-0022.ZIP1729Jul 11 1988Fido Standards #22.
FSC-0023.ZIP2667Jul 12 1988Fido Standards #23.
FSC.ZIP64170Jan 2 1988FIDOnet Technical Specifications. File Formats, protocols, etc.
FSUU12R4.ZIP686451Nov 28 1993Easy to use UUCP package for MS-DOS includes news and mail support with readers for each. Fubar Systems Version 1.2 release 4 FSUUCP.
FV350B2B.ZIP60844Mar 16 1993FastVote(tm)* v3.50 -- Excellent multi-node door program for almost any BBS! Supports complete communications support for 300-115K baud, up to 100 voting booths, allows users to create voting booths and easy booth editing.
FXB31.ZIP665782Jun 24 1990FX-BBS Bulletin Board System. A comprehensive BBS that supports multiple nodes, and external file protocols.
GALWAR76.ZIP425053Oct 17 1990Galactic Warzone Version 7.6 [Bug Fix].
GAPCTTY.ZIP9278Oct 11 1988CTTY replacement for GAP BBS's. Works with any BBS actually.
GAPRAP12.ZIP16802Nov 18 1992Reformat FILE_ID.DIZ for use with GAP BBS.
GATEWAY2.ZIP6538Jul 24 1987Replaces DOS CTTY Command. Includes support for fossil.
GE10005G.ZIP51136Jun 9 1992GEdit is a full-screen external message editor for use with RemoteAccess, QuickBBS, SuperBBS, and any other BBS system that uses the QuickBBS-style external message editor interface.
GETTAG10.ZIP28059Jul 22 1992Get Tag version 1.0 -- Extracts all taglines from a .QWK mail packet.
GIFGAT11.ZIP52183May 6 1993GIFGate is a High Speed GIF picture tester. Designed primarily for BBS upload testing, GIFGate can also be used offline to test GIFs individually or subdirectories at a time. Many options.
GIFSIZE.ZIP11244Jan 12 1992FIXSIZE is a Wildcat 3.0x+ utility program for use in SCANFILE.BAT and which corrects the FILE SIZE entry in your WILDCAT Files database after an upload.
GIFT40B2.ZIP82661Nov 7 1991GIFTest 4.0 beta 2. GIFTest scans GIFs for validity and exits with an errorlevel if there is a problem. Works with any BBS software, special options for PCB/ProDoor SysOps.
GLWRMNP.ZIP2154Oct 19 1990Use Galactic Warzone with modems that have "locked" comm speeds.
GMSG408.ZIP85515Apr 3 1994GenMsg is a FidoNet compatable message viewer/editing system designed for systems using the *.msg format of message storage.
GN_INFO.ZIP10911May 15 1992Global Net: Info on the Global echo net.
GOLF-ST.ZIP112031Oct 22 1990Golf Solitaire BBS Door or Standalone card game.
GREATWHT.ZIP94499Jul 2 1990Card Sharks BBS Door or standalone game.
GREEN10.ZIP2727Aug 21 1992WWIV Mod - Change Regions.DAT to use local exchanges.
GREET210.ZIP70047Apr 21 1990GREETING is a logon door program for GT Power BBS Systems.
GREETZ43.ZIP22015Dec 8 1994Greetz 4.03 - Informative Login Utility for WWIV 4.2x BBS systems. Presents colorful, informative display with full configurability. Allow multiple SysOp News files to be displayed to users.
GRES174.ZIP4364Jan 11 1993Add GIF file Resolutions to RBBS 17.4+ Upload FMS dir.
GSZ-TG22.ZIP13761Jan 13 1992Saves the Sysop's status line when running GSZ under Telegard.
GTERM11B.ZIP135256Apr 23 1991Graphical Terminal for use with Land Of Devistation from Scott Baker.
GWAR23.ZIP110125Oct 9 1990Global War V23 BBS Door for RBBS, SearchLight, QBBS, etc. It duplicates the table-top version of Risk into a computer version which can be played over the modem with several people.
GWTERM25.ZIP35373Oct 8 1990GWTerm is a special terminal program/graphics driver for use with the Global War BBS door game.
HA!.ZIP71200Mar 28 1989Combination Joke+Quote utility for BBSs.
HOOMAN!.ZIP15443Feb 26 1993Trade Wars 2002 Utility: Creates a super Ferrengi that roams the universe looking for trouble. Not for the beginner games.
HOST_32.ZIP52825May 5 1993HOST 3.2 Miniature BBS program.
HOTFILE3.ZIP21312Oct 25 1989WILDCAT! 2.0x utility that produces an ASCII text file listing all files that have been downloaded more than once.
HOTUNZ15.ZIP52981May 13 1993RBBS utility to create list of the 'hottest' files in the past so many days.
HSL4WWIV.ZIP4789Jul 18 1992Information on getting HSLink to work with WWIV.
HYPERNET.ZIP9071Nov 20 1992Hypernet Information -> Local FIDO type Network.
HYPTAP32.ZIP55256Jun 6 1992Hyper Tape BBS tape door for wildcat and others.
ID10.ZIP36506Jan 8 1992ID v1.0; Create, edit and modify FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files. ID is a menu driven dedicated text editor that will create either FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI or BOTH file formats and place them in ZIP files for you.
IEDITV05.ZIP71609Mar 13 1994IceEdit Full Screen Message editor for BBS's.
IMAIL110.ZIP226072Feb 10 1991Easy to set up mail tosser for RA, QBBS, SBBS.
IMP352.ZIP328102Aug 25 1992Imperium v3.52 - Strategic Wargame Door Similar to the old DEC game of Empire. Support for up to 31 players, map sizes up to 32k x 32k, 16 different terrain types and 30 different & completely editable unit types.
INC-01.ZIP86005Jul 5 1990Incognito - A name altering BBS Door for PcBoard.
INFDOOR3.ZIP96829Mar 1 1989Information Door. Simple text-file data access on-line,.
INFOFORM.ZIP141148Feb 7 1991The most extensive infoform generator for Telegard.
INSTA310.ZIP270961Aug 13 1992InstaReg v3.10 - for PCB sysops; customized new-user script door. Allows multiple scripts with branching and launching of other doors (such as callback/verify), updates user records and more.
IP131.ZIP34528Aug 24 1990InterPCB v1.31 - Converts messages between PcBoard and Fido BBS systems.
JABR12.ZIP139570Jul 27 1992Jabber v1.2, offline (.QWK) mail reader. Conferencing sorting, tag line.
JAIL1000.ZIP176122Oct 17 1991Jail Break 1000 online BBS game door, similiar to Trade Wars.
JETBBS30.ZIP329360Nov 11 1994JETBBS 3.0, flexible and easy to install BBS that is packed with features yet easy to use. Designed to run with minimal sysop attention. Supports multiple lines, chat between users, 4 door protocols, QWK mail, batch & CD-R
JIMMER14.ZIP126300Jul 7 1991JImmer is a .QWK packet Door for RBBS - Lots of features, options.
JMAIL103.ZIP84220Mar 30 1994QWK Reader/Replier for MS-Windows 3.1. Nothing incredible but it works and it is free. Version 1.03 fixes a few packet problems and offers less cryptic error msgs when things aren't write. Req: VBRUN300.DLL UL'd by aut
JM_IC_12.ZIP65370Jan 25 1995Interactive Chat v1.2b -- A complete PCBoard Multiline chat PPE.
JOKER!.ZIP119622Mar 24 1989The Joker Door. Like a Quoter but a joker U/Led by writter (Joker 2400).
JOKER11.ZIP35182Nov 5 1989The Joker! version 1.1. Make "A Joke of the Day" for any BBS.
JSQUOT11.ZIP38217Oct 19 1991A Quote Processor for SLMR mail reader.
KENO31.ZIP35087Feb 13 1989Door game of Keno for Many BBS'.
KINGTRIV.ZIP20255Nov 30 1993Door for WWIV BBSes: King of the Hill Trivia.
KNK30.ZIP86344May 7 1991BBS Game Door. Kannons and Katapults. Castle warfare.
LANDMINE.ZIP21304Jun 27 1990Landmine PcBoard BBS Door game.
LANGRAL.ZIP41174Nov 6 1991Menu Prompts in other languages for use with Remote Access BBS package.
LANGS100.ZIP20825Feb 16 1992Language file translator v1.0 for ABS software for Searchlight BBSs.
LANHELP.ZIP4355Sep 2 1989Provides help in setting up a Lantastic network for PcBoard.
LEECH.ZIP106186Aug 30 1990BBS door for Searchlight or GAP, multi user game. Hack into other BBS and get money for it.
LINK106A.ZIP34579Aug 24 1992Files for WWIVLink.
LINKS40.ZIP192149Aug 31 1993Links Golf v4.0 - BBS Door Program.
LISTMESG.ZIP32406Jun 26 1987Simple program that allows you to list RBBS message files.
LIVSTR33.ZIP44548Jun 21 1990Mail Order Catalog BBS Door. Works with many different BBS's.
LNETPLUS.ZIP26642Oct 11 1989Allows examination of WWIVnet mail packets, better than LNET.EXE.
LOD350A.ZIP102712Aug 6 1992Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 1 of 5.
LOD350B.ZIP336777Aug 6 1992Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 2 of 5.
LOD350C.ZIP257907Aug 6 1992Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 3 of 5.
LOD350D.ZIP127088Aug 6 1992Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 4 of 5.
LOD350E.ZIP179083Aug 6 1992Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 5 of 5.
LOG-BAK1.ZIP1715Apr 4 1992Automatically backs up WWIV sysop logs.
LOGO100B.ZIP12337Jul 23 1992Spitfire BBS 3.2 Utility. Got a new header for your ZIPS? Zip it into all zips in all file areas with one call to this program. It reads your SFFAREA.DAT file and runs pkzip on all file areas.
LORD21.ZIP122271Dec 15 1992Legend of the Red Dragon. BBS Door. Door.sys Support.
MAILDB10.ZIP49238Dec 22 1992The first DatBase for messages from QWK packets. Allows you to organize all your mail. With ZIP/ARJ/LHA/ARC support, PullDown menu, Backup/Restore, Printer support, DOS Shell, and much more.
MAILDOOR.ZIP82786Apr 6 1988This program is used as a door or in local mode for a complete mailing list for users that will allow users to update their own data.
MAILMGR.ZIP140022May 29 1992Mail Manager, a QWK compatable mail door for RBBS.
MAKEDIZ.ZIP31514Jan 10 1992MakeDIZ version 1.0 - This is a great sysop's and author's utility for maintaining ZIP file descriptions.
MAKEFAX.ZIP29380Jan 23 1994Convert raw faxes received via binkley to zyxel format.
MAKENL.ZIP71053May 31 1988Program to allow you to create a nodelist. Great if you would like to start your own network following the Fidonet standards. This nodelist generator is quite complex and requires some time to figure out how to use all t
MANIA30D.ZIP647205Jan 4 1994DoorMania - RIP Compatable. COM1-15, NonStd IRQ, Fossil Support. 12 Popular BBS Doors In One. Played On A Monopoly-Style Board. High Scores Cycle Monthly.
MANU100B.ZIP33852Jul 27 1992Door Manual. With this door a Sysop can write a manual for callers, or any other info that he would like accessible in MENU form. Each manual written is contained in a single .DAT file. Many uses.
MARVEL.ZIP51577Dec 24 1988This is Marvel Action Universe BBS Door for the WWIV BBS.
MATCHMKR.ZIP110215Jan 7 1990A BBS door that trys to match people with similiar interests.
MAX200-1.ZIP302004Nov 4 1991Maximus 2.00 BBS program for DOS. Part 1 of 4.
MAX200-2.ZIP163109Nov 4 1991Maximus 2.00 BBS program for DOS. Part 2 of 4.
MAX200-3.ZIP149391Nov 4 1991Maximus 2.00 BBS program for DOS. Part 3 of 4.
MAX200-4.ZIP310392Nov 4 1991Maximus 2.00 BBS program for DOS. Part 4 of 4.
MAX200P1.ZIP346658Nov 4 1991Maximus BBS 2.00 This is the OS/2 version of Maximus BBS [1/4].
MAX200P2.ZIP164409Nov 4 1991Maximus BBS 2.00 for OS/2 - Multi-line, Internal QWK, Fido, nodelist processor and a powerful menu script language.
MAZED!.ZIP67972Feb 5 1991Searchlight door: try to finish the MAZE! sysop can create other MAZEs, runs on PcBoard also and any BBS that can run PcBoard compatible doors.
MBU_110.ZIP49553May 26 1990QuickBBS message base utility/editor.
MCICONV.ZIP4292Apr 19 1992Necessary utility for Renegade boards upgrading to 4-29. Converts the MCI codes to new format in higher releases.
MEGAR210.ZIP201148Jun 5 1991Official release of MegaReader ver 2.10 - now handles .QWK packets in addition to the MegaMail format. Has internal editor or use external.
MEL_191.ZIP509836Mar 14 1992Melee: Futuristic gladiator BBS door game.
MENUIDEA.ZIP8886Sep 28 1990A menu for compiling RBBS with Quick Basic.
MERGER1.ZIP105879Aug 19 1993This is a new utility for SysOps . Easily make multipage ANSI screens.
MEZZ410E.ZIP130977Dec 6 1992METRO-MEZZANINE, Type IV, V4.10e Let your users access more than one BBS program on your system, even with multinode setups. Has many other uses, too, like DOOR monitor, program downloading front-end, etc.
MG-11.ZIP60175Oct 15 1993MailGate Gateway 1.0 Converts many different mail formats to other formats. Supports Fidonet, CC:MAIL, MHS, and others.
MHST235.ZIP636812Oct 10 1994Version 2.35 of the Megahost BBS System.
MKDIZ132.ZIP56815Dec 13 1993MKDIZ Version 1.32S - A Menu driven program which allows you to create and insert FILE_ID.DIZ and/or DESC.SDI description files into archive files created by PKZip.
MKXRS.ZIP104063Jan 12 1991Mkxrs-xrs Reply/Message Tosser. Version 1.02 for QBBS, RA, and SBBS.
MM102.ZIP72806Jul 4 1989Menu Master version 1.02. ANSI menu editor for QBBS BBS menus.
MMAKER23.ZIP115533May 3 1992Matchmaker Door for RA/QBBS: Matches users with like interests by answering up to 50 sysop configurable questions.
MM_V12.ZIP131530Nov 15 1989Match Maker Door Version 1.2 for QuickBBS systems.
MNET200.ZIP29544Dec 10 1993MNET v2.00 QWK->REP network conversion utility. Permits any bbs with QWK/REP handling capability to participate in QWK-based networking with other boards. Now supports individual conference taglines.
MNODE13.ZIP11941Nov 24 1992Information on installing MULTI NODE Wildcat and Desq View.
MNUWIZ05.ZIP55452Sep 2 1988Very nice menu editor for QuickBBS Sysops.
MODNET2.ZIP37529Dec 9 1989Collection of WWIV Mods.
MQWK2TXT.ZIP19339Feb 2 1993This is a Macintosh program to convert a qwk packet to a text file.
MREG25.ZIP84840Oct 8 1992MegaReg v2.5 - Online user Registrarion door for VBBS. X00 required.
MRG0411.ZIP33924Apr 11 1990This is the most recent bug fix to RBBS 17.3 source code.
MSGEDSQ.ZIP102041Jan 9 1992MSGED that can read SQUISH message bases. Based upon v2.05.
MSGTOS2C.ZIP398016Mar 20 1992A Message Tosser for Fido to RBBS and RBBS to Fido. This is good, but hard, and complicated to setup.
MSGVU.ZIP142488Nov 20 1988Offline message viewer/manager for TapCIS and other BBS's.
MSQ22E.ZIP119586Oct 5 1993FTSC & Squish Compatible BBS Message Editor.
MULTILNE.ZIP13749Aug 25 1992WWIV Modification for Multi-Line Use.
MURDERH.ZIP51434Nov 3 1989Murder Hotel. Online BBS Door game for WWIV BBS.
MURPHY1A.ZIP21395Nov 17 1991'Murphy-isms' is a small door that displays a Murphy's Law type quote taken from a Murphy.Dat library file co-located with this program.
MXMS_160.ZIP75432Jul 3 1991Source code for the MaxMail .QWK door for Maximus 1.x. Contains info on the .QWK format and C code to convert from Basic Real to C long int.
NAMEBBS.ZIP13744Jan 1 1994Starting a new BBS and having trouble finding the right name? Give this program a try.
NET33.ZIP210194May 20 1993WWIV Network Program Version 3.3.
NETED140.ZIP148325Sep 6 1992The Network Editor is a Sysop utility for WWIV BBS's.
NETM151B.ZIP141290Sep 12 1987Netmail Door for RBBS 15.1B to get Fidonet. Good FidoNet reference.
NETQUOTE.ZIP17463Jul 24 1991Adds quotes from node to node in a WWIVnetwork.
NETRN102.ZIP223642Feb 8 1992Net Runner: BBS online "PC Hacking" game door.
NETS200.ZIP45760Sep 21 1991A Networking utility to convert WWiV (and compatible) style message bases to Fido style. Will also work the other way. With C source.
NEWGAL11.ZIP125427Jan 25 1991Galactic Warzone ][ (the Sequal). A BBS Doors Game. Version 1.1.
NEWRANK.ZIP19614Apr 16 1990Global Wars BBS Door bulletin ranking utility.
NEWSED2.ZIP38782May 10 1991This is Newsed, a BBS news editor, v1.00 beta.
NEWZIP11.ZIP63926May 2 1991Sysop utility that tests newly uploaded files.
NFX120.ZIP69973Apr 3 1993NFX V1.2: Easy to use graphic offline mail reader for QWK packets. Handles huge packets, 21,000 messages per conference with up to 21,000 conferences in total. The next generation SLMR. From the makers of Raster Master an
NLMERGE.ZIP19571Jan 16 1994NLMERGE.EXE is a freeware OS/2 program which merges FidoNet(r) NodeDiff files with their corresponding NodeList files.
NLSTATS.ZIP28710Jun 2 1991A Statistics Generator for Fido Nodelist.
NOCRASH.ZIP1537Jul 17 1990Set timer as TSR to reboot BBS after a specific period of disk inactivity.
NODESC.ZIP18744Jan 8 1992Wildcat Sysop utility to display files without file descriptions.
NOISECHK.ZIP22666Jan 29 1989Check for line noise between BBS and remote system. Requires this program to be run on both the host and the remote machine. ASM source included.
NOTEPAD.ZIP10527Feb 9 1989WWIV modification that creates an on-line Pop-up notepad.
NSCBDD10.ZIP21171Apr 11 1989An Auto callback door for Searchlight BBS's.
O-DOS100.ZIP34264Feb 6 1989Online DOS Door (DOOR.SYS Compat.).
OBV2-200.ZIP524939Jul 17 1993Oblivion Version 2.0 BBS system. Multi-node capable.
OCOM_531.ZIP35630Sep 6 1988OpusComm 5.31 FOSSIL driver for COM1 and COM2.
ODOORS41.ZIP387330Feb 26 1993Open Doors 4.0; C++ Door programming library.
OFF-LINE.ZIP5934Feb 20 1994Offline reader FAQ from the internet.
OFFLI158.ZIP197535Feb 28 1994Good QWK OFFLINE mail reader. Free for non-commerical use.
OH!.ZIP29620Nov 24 1991Sysop's Utility: place modem on/off hook.
OIL102.ZIP38283Oct 22 1990OilField v1.02 - Online BBS door game to strike it rich.
OLX-TD1.ZIP220875Jan 10 1992OLX test drive off-line mail reader for QWK packets. This has many more features and no apparent upgrade path. Good to have if you use conferences a lot.
OLX2PTCH.ZIP63715Feb 14 1992Patch from Mustang Software to turn commercial OLX 2.1 into OLX 2.2. Will not work on shareware versions of OLX or SLMR.
OM103-1.ZIP197971Apr 11 1991Omega BBS system version 1.03. Part 1 of 3.
OM103-2.ZIP177342Apr 11 1991Omega BBS system version 1.03. Part 2 of 3.
OM103-3.ZIP3432Mar 11 1991Omega BBS system version 1.03. Part 3 of 3.
OMAKE173.ZIP457673Sep 28 1991Startup files for your own Opus 1.73 bulletin board system.
OMKRD201.ZIP68989Dec 28 1991The OMK (Opus Message Kit) offline reader has been upgraded to read not only OMK format but also QWK format. You can now scroll within a message. The format is now a single file instead of a file per message.
OMMM140.ZIP57599Feb 13 1989OMMM, the Opus Matrix Message Masher is a mail processing and routing program originally intended for use with Opus-CBCS or BinkleyTerm.
OMR.ZIP29080Mar 13 1990Offline Message Reader (OMR) which will allow you to read QuickBBS-style messages off-line.
OOII995B.ZIP356598Feb 28 1991Operation Overkill II On-line BBS door. Search for and destroy the Hydrites that invaded Earth after a nuclear war.
OPINT102.ZIP49095Dec 4 1988A group of Turbo Pascal routines that provide access to Opus's internal file structure. This package makes writing Opus utilities easy.
OPMED300.ZIP120135Nov 27 1990A FIDOnet compatible stand-alone reader. Great for Sysops.
ORA121.ZIP230339Aug 31 1993Premier Windows .QWK reader v1.21. Shareware $30.
OREN113C.ZIP31984Aug 4 1990A message area renumber/killer for OPUS 1.1x.
OTH12.ZIP24084Sep 3 1989Othello v1.2 DOOR game. Handles 35+ games concurrently.
OUSERPAS.ZIP14400Dec 25 1990Opus 1.10 User File structures in Turbo Pascal.
P2HOST.ZIP15997Apr 20 1990Very simple BBS host system that is easy to run and setup.
PAGEEM22.ZIP13107Jun 16 1990BBS Door that provides extended Sysop Paging.
PANORAMA.ZIP31253Sep 1 1991Panorama file viewer door for Searchlight BBSs.
PB125A-1.ZIP145420Jul 29 1993PowerBoard BBS 1.25A. Part 1 of 4.
PB125A-2.ZIP331553Jul 29 1993PowerBoard BBS 1.25A. Part 2 of 4.
PB125A-3.ZIP235727Jul 29 1993PowerBoard BBS 1.25A. Part 3 of 4.
PB125A-4.ZIP98692Jul 27 1993PowerBoard BBS 1.25A. Part 4 of 4.
PBBS175.ZIP681654Dec 18 1991PowerBBS version 1.75 for Windows 3.0 and DOS.
PBBSD200.ZIP379045Oct 9 1992Power Bulletin Board system, similiar to PCBoard.
PC.ZIP11522Mar 31 1991Utility to scan a capture log from a Programmer's Corner directory listing for a user supplied date. Outputs listing with file #, Filename and creation date for files created on or after that date.
PCB145AM.ZIP188575Dec 28 1990Complete PcBoard documentation for version 14.5.
PCB2DXF.ZIP29727Dec 12 1990Convert the PCB Router files to Autosketch DXF format.
PCBCK210.ZIP108706Jun 27 1994PCBoard Check: Upload processor. Includes FOSSIL support.
PCBDB195.ZIP134023Apr 29 1992PCBoard Deposit Door v1.95.
PCBDESC4.ZIP12028Aug 5 1992Auto Detect of description file inside .ZIP & uses contents as the upload description for PCBoard v14.5a.
PCBDOC2.ZIP142174Dec 8 1987PcBoard Documentation.
PCBDOC4.ZIP16242Dec 8 1987File formats of PcBoard.
PCBFV33.ZIP134184Jan 29 1993PCBOARD file viewer 3.3.
PCBNET11.ZIP18953Nov 9 1990PCBoard 14.5 Net Scan Conference Mail Waiting Flags Program.
PCBSWS-1.ZIP213158Jan 3 1993PC Board Shareware Release of Ver 12.
PCBSWS-2.ZIP368697Jan 3 1993PC Board Shareware Release of Ver 12.
PCBSWS-3.ZIP438690Jan 3 1993PC Board Shareware Version Rel 12.
PCBTXSTA.ZIP11664Jul 11 1991PCBoard 14.5 "Star Trek" language file.
PCBURM11.ZIP90114Sep 2 1992PCBoard User Ratio Monitor v1.1. SIMPLE to setup. Will monitor the file and/or byte ratios of your callers at each call, selectable by security level.
PCBV403.ZIP85840Feb 27 1992PCB-Verify v4.03 - The original callback/verify door. Works with PCB based systems and any system that uses a DOOR.SYS file. Automatic verification system.
PCINFO_1.ZIP6184Nov 18 1993Information on the Planet Connect BBS Service. This service will allow your BBS to receive files, network mail, etc. via satellite.
PCSIGDOR.ZIP93644Mar 10 1989Allows the use of the PC-SIG CD ROM on PcBoard BBS's.
PDBASE41.ZIP157044Jun 24 1990Product Database BBS Door v4.1. Sell products using your BBS.
PHANT78S.ZIP156109May 8 1992Phantasia, a BBS Door for a variety of BBSs. A D&D type of game.
PHONEV4.ZIP10380Aug 20 1990BBS utiltiy that will reboot system if the phone line rings more then X times before a carrier is detected.
PKINSV62.ZIP78602Aug 10 1991PKINSERT V6.2 - Upload file test utility. Generic in nature, should work with most any BBS software that provides for some method of calling an external file check. This issue corrects an incompatibility with PCB 14.5.
PKINSV64.ZIP76825Sep 22 1991PKinsert utility for inserting .ZIP comments.
PLST_130.ZIP40608Nov 26 1988ParseList -- Compiles FIDOnet nodelist into usable format.
POINT180.ZIP173197Feb 28 1994Personal point system for Fido systems, v 1.80.
PPPPRO31.ZIP219703Jun 30 1992PCB/Prodoor/ProLogon utilities - TopUsers (TOPS - generates bulletin about your top users), TRSTATS (generates bulletin about transfer rates, etc.), and USELIST (generates list of users with security level and last date on
PQ215.ZIP279683Nov 30 1991PowerQwk mail reader v2.15 - Read mail and reply offline. Works with any .QWK style mail packet.
PROBB24.ZIP82131Jan 1 1999ProBBS v2.4 - Run ProDoor without PCBoard as a standalone BBS. Similar to ProLogon. You will need to have ProDoor.
PROBTA10.ZIP54952Nov 14 1992Beta download door for ProDoor.
PROD344.ZIP165346Nov 22 1992Prodoor 3.44 (Requires PRODOR34.ZIP which is the base program).
PROD344O.ZIP114156Nov 22 1992Prodoor 3.44 Overlay module.
PROD352.ZIP248885Mar 5 1993Free update to Prodoor.
PROD352O.ZIP256327Mar 5 1993Free update to Prodoor OVERLAY version.
PRODIZ19.ZIP41745Feb 26 1992ProDIZ v1.9 - For ProDoor v3.44 (post 12-28-91 issue) - Substitutes the contents of FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI for description given by uploader.
PRODOR34.ZIP229366Apr 1 1991ProDoor vers 3.4 - Official Release. The excellent "add-on" for PCB 14.x. Lots of features and utilities (too many to list).
PROE344.ZIP88751Nov 18 1992ProEdit ver 3.44 - Official release - Companion to ProDoor 3.4, allows the sysop to read/enter/reply to messages in the PCB/ProDoor conferences without logging into the BBS.
PROK344.ZIP296978Nov 22 1992ProKIT is a set of tools used to build PCBoard 14.x door programs in TP 6.0.
PROL12B1.ZIP113995Nov 23 1992ProLogon is a communication program that runs "in front of" PCBoard to enhance the user logon process and to allow direct access to DOOR programs after user logon.
PROLIV10.ZIP62532Nov 23 1992A very simple Live Chat utility for ProDoor.
PROLST14.ZIP11687Dec 23 1990BBS file list utility, extracts the lines you want from big file lists like the Programmers Corner.
PROM216.ZIP335323May 30 1993PonyROM v2.16 Premium CD-ROM Download Door.
PRORBBS.ZIP129371Mar 1 1989ProDoor for RBBS (RBBS interface inside).
PRORD100.ZIP199896Dec 11 1989ProRead, Version 1.0, Front-End for ProDoor Messages-Read/Reply to message off-line. Stores messages in Clipper format.
PROSCR12.ZIP71275Nov 11 1992Pro Script questionnaire Door for PCBoard.
PROWHO20.ZIP58161Apr 27 1992Who uploaded that file door for ProDoor.
PSUD91.ZIP222873Jan 29 1993PolySUD v0.92 : Interactive Onliner BBS Door.
PUTDESC.ZIP13231Nov 24 1991Easily add DESC.SDI description to ZIP files for U/L to WILDCAT! BBS that use AUTODESC. These BBS will automatically read either the DESC.SDI or FILE_ID.DIZ and enter the description for you on the BBS!.
PVTHR305.ZIP58075Oct 31 1992Private Hours v3.05 - allows selected users to logon during hours defined by the sysop. Remote Access SYSOP utility.
PW132.ZIP62965Nov 16 1991Pimp Wars v1.32 On-Line Game for Many BBS Programs.
PYRAMID1.ZIP112603Jul 5 1990A BBS Door game for PcBoard. Features extended graphics.
Q-MAKER.ZIP39202Sep 9 1990This is a very easy to use Questionaire maker for QBBS, RA.
Q.ZIP31753Feb 11 1993Trade Wars 2002 Utility: Q appears randomly around the universe causing trouble for players.
QB110-1.ZIP64354May 15 1992QUOTES: Online quote door for RemoteAccess BBS. Works with the Quote of the Day utility.
QBBBS266.ZIP138199Nov 2 1990QuickBBS Version 2.66 (Shareware) BBS executable program.
QBOP_10.ZIP100599Jun 1 1991Quick Options Setting program for BinkleyTerm, for use with FidoNet.
QCALL12.ZIP12163Nov 24 1988A call log analyzer for QuickBBS.
QDOC_266.ZIP110486Nov 5 1990Documentation and starter setup menus for QuickBBS Version 2.66.
QED110.ZIP76625Jan 25 1990QuickEd for QuickBBS-a full screen ANSI editor.
QEXPRT20.ZIP21032Jul 17 1989A Message Exporting Utility for QuickBBS Systems.
QFD_121.ZIP81837Aug 26 1989FileDoor allows external file-transfer programs to be used for uploading and downloading with QuickBBS v2.0 and higher.
QFLS170.ZIP100382Apr 25 1990Sysop utility for maintaining QBBS Files.bbs files.
QKDOOR2B.ZIP42642May 30 1990Excellent conversion program that converts door interfaces from one BBS type to another. Includes GAP, PCB12, PCB14, QBBS, SL, and others.
QMAILTP.ZIP10025Oct 10 1991Qmail format doc's and an example program to process Messages.dat with source code.
QMDL100.ZIP27035Sep 28 1989QuickBBS Menu Definition Language, allows a QuickBBS sysop to easily and quickly create a menu structure for QBBS.
QME115.ZIP40635Feb 7 1990A simple QuickBBS user's file editor.
QMSG1_00.ZIP9921May 2 1989Improved Qbbs Echo message managment needs configuation information.
QNET_262.ZIP68186Feb 3 1990Latest Version Of QBBS's QEcho, MailToss and QLink programs.
QNODE142.ZIP69875May 19 1992A nodelist compiler for Fidonet nodes, compiles into v.7 nodelist.
QSLAV100.ZIP391315Feb 6 1995QwkSlave v1.00 - QWK Packet Message Database.
QSTATS11.ZIP60551Mar 18 1990Caller log analyzer for QuickBBS Sysops.
QUFE122.ZIP52526Nov 3 1989The Official Quickbbs user editor version 1.22.
QUIKTERM.ZIP22767Jul 27 1990Quick Term. Optional Terminal Program for use in playing new on-line BBS Door games, like Super Two Card Poker.
QWK-051.ZIP44191Feb 7 1992A QWK Offline message reader interface for WWIV 4.20.
QWKFMT.ZIP4892Jan 29 1991ILink discussions concerning QMAIL mail packet file formats.
QWKGRAB.ZIP40052Aug 19 1994Grab qwk packets or text files to place as messages on your bbs.
QWKLAY10.ZIP21995Feb 23 1992Comprehensive info on QWK format and layout.
QWKLAY16.ZIP18965Dec 19 1992Format of the QWK file format for off-line readers. Good detail.
QWKMERGE.ZIP160692Jan 14 1992QWKMerge allows combination of several .QWK packets from any one BBS into one packet. Automatically deletes duplicate messages in merged packets and "untrashes" .QWK files.
QWKMOD80.ZIP38386Feb 16 1993QWK modification for WWIV 4.22 (only).
QWKP9302.ZIP23833Feb 1 1993Qwk related software directory.
QWKSM.ZIP49291Dec 1 1988The Qmail Door System Maintenance Module for PcBoard Sysops.
QWKSPC12.ZIP9785Jan 1 1992Specification for the format of the QWK mail packet. Excellent.
QWKSPECS.ZIP861Jan 19 1991The file layout of .QWK mail packets.
QWKTALK4.ZIP469659Sep 3 1994Talking qwk reader, v 4.0.
QWKTXT45.ZIP36658Jun 11 1993Convert QWK Message Packets to an ASCII file. TurboC source included. Version 4.5 of this utility.
R2T100.ZIP13216Jan 22 1994Convert .REP files into individual text files. Freeware.
RACE150.ZIP284048Nov 2 1991RACE150 is a editor for files/userbases to be used with RA 1.10 BBS.
RAD211.ZIP160050Nov 18 1991A Record Data Base with Find, Sort, routines for use on BBS's.
RAMAIL31.ZIP329944Mar 6 1992Ramail the RemoteAccess offline QWK message Door.
RAMAN201.ZIP146151Dec 29 1992A remote access utility that automates most of a RA's sysop work.
RANDQUOT.ZIP10984Apr 22 1991Provides a Quote of the Day facility for RA or Qbbs BBS system.
RANK.ZIP12116May 21 1992Mod to allow WWIV BBS Sysop's to assign "ranks" to users.
RAP100A.ZIP138381Nov 15 1991Multi-Node BBS online chat door.
RASORT3.ZIP29626May 8 1992RemoteAccess BBS "files.bbs" sort utility.
RATS007C.ZIP42977Jun 13 1990RA TimeBank System V0.07c - Time bank program for RemoteAccess 0.03+.
RA_200.ZIP838408Aug 18 1993RemoteAccess Version 2.00 BBS package.
RA_C.ZIP5545Mar 16 1992RemoteAccess BBS "C" structures (text).
RBBS-ASM.ZIP66316Feb 10 1990RBBS Version 17.3 Assembly Language Routines.
RBBS-BAS.ZIP261769Feb 11 1990RBBS Version 17.3 Basic Source Code.
RBBS-DOC.ZIP269659Feb 11 1990RBBS Version 17.3 Complete Documentation.
RBBS-EXE.ZIP303055Feb 11 1990RBBS Version 17.3 Executable Files.
RBBS-EXT.ZIP68208Feb 11 1990RBBS 17.3 external file transfer support.
RBBS-LAN.ZIP63917May 25 1990Text file on how to run a RBBS BBS system on a Lantastic Lan.
RBBS-LIT.ZIP75421Feb 11 1990RBBS 17.3. Merges to reduce size of EXE.
RBBS-MRG.ZIP45549Oct 28 1990Latest merge file for RBBS 17.3 to convert it to 17.3b.
RBBS-TXT.ZIP114286Feb 11 1990RBBS Version 17.3 System Text Files.
RBBS-UTL.ZIP250008Feb 10 1990RBBS Version 17.3 Miscellaneous Utilities.
RBBS0001.ZIP21131Sep 27 1991Newsletter for RBBS sysops, with an additional help file for newcomers.
RBBSSEXE.ZIP183463Feb 11 1990RBBS 17.3. Smaller, faster, no error checking EXE.
RBTCH220.ZIP226619Apr 10 1993RBatch 2.20 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem Interface. Will also support ZSX, Puma, DSZ & PCZ protocols.
RDRM12.ZIP46079Aug 24 1992READROOM v1.2 Online reading door for BBSes capable of creating DOOR.SYS files. Full support for ANSI and ASCII files. Allow user to choose from 99 different articles from up to 15 different publications.
REG-315.ZIP42292Mar 18 1993Registry of Users v3.15 for WWIV BBSs. This is a mod/onliner that allows the sysop to create questions to form a user registry so that users can provide information about themselves for other users.
REGCON2.ZIP8365May 12 1992WWiV Sysop Utility for changing the color of the REGIONS.DAT file.
RELAYNET.ZIP158476Apr 10 1992Complete Kit of RIME info.
REMDR201.ZIP74880Mar 16 1989Door program for BBS's to perform DOS functions. Superb!.
REN827.ZIP426666Sep 10 1992Renegade BBS Software v8.27.
REQ30.ZIP12954Oct 2 1993Request File door for BBS's.
REQUEST.ZIP31621Sep 1 1991Request v1.1 - First Official Release. Compatible with any BBS that can output CHAIN.TXT as an output file. The finest file request door currently out. Shareware, uploaded by author.
REWARD12.ZIP22420Mar 13 1992Utility to reward PcBoard users with good upload ratios.
RF0707.ZIP28410Jul 7 1992Information package explaining the RFNet(tm) Amateur Radio and SWL echomail network. PCRelay and Fido Technology is supported. PetNet, RaceNet, SportsNet, and OCNet are also available via RFNet and CrossNet.
RFIX0312.ZIP52398Mar 12 1993Latest Fixes To RBBS v17.4.
RFIX0923.ZIP33485Sep 23 1990Lastest Merge File For 17.3A RBBS.
RGMAIL.ZIP17223Sep 29 1992The newest version of RENEMAIL for Renegade.
RGUJUSTM.ZIP9869Apr 18 1992Nice utility for Renegade boards.."You Just Missed.." logon bulletin generator.
RIME.ZIP78204Jun 21 1992Rime network info.
RIMEMAN.ZIP10442May 6 1990RIME(tm) BBS conference user guide.
RIP.ZIP41805Jul 4 1993Text specification of the RIPscript protocol.
RIPBINGO.ZIP96607Mar 28 1994This is RIP capable ANSI/ASCII Door. It works with Wildcat! BBS.
RIPE154.ZIP243757Feb 19 1994Evaluation version of RIPe v1.54 RIP graphics editor.
RIPEASY.ZIP8079Jun 23 1993Program that converts ANSI and TEXT files into RIP graphics format file. Great if you have existing ANSI files on your board and you want to create RIP versions of them instantly.
RIPGOLD.ZIP99643Mar 20 1994Wildcat Door Guppy Ansii/Ascii/RIP support. Card game with gambling. See if card lies between other two.
RIPITUPD.ZIP47453Feb 7 1994RIP It Up load processor 1.2. A Rip upload processor for Searchlight BBS systems.
RIPSAMP.ZIP128495Jul 11 199370+ sample RIP screens for use with RIP BBS's.
RIPSC154.ZIP72700Jul 19 1993RIP (Remote Imaging Protocol) Description (Used for BBS screens).
RIPTM154.ZIP586733Feb 11 1994RIPterm v1.54.00. Freeware terminal program to call RIP BBSs. These are awesome graphical-oriented BBSs that use the mouse, animations, and in the near future sound.
RIPUZ100.ZIP40618May 23 1993RipPuzzle, excellent game door for Searchlight BBS v3.x. This is a real impressive game on what the RIP protocol standard can really do.
RIPVR100.ZIP55055Jun 18 1993Game of Reversi BBS .RIP door. For Searchlight but works with others.
RIPWHEEL.ZIP101023Mar 20 1994ANSI/ASCII/RIP door for Wildcat! Wheel of Misfortune.
RNGBOT13.ZIP3612Apr 26 1991Monitors line & reboots modem after 3 rings.
ROBO1_06.ZIP595101Nov 8 1992ROBO-BBS VGA Bulletin Board with VGA Drawing program and Icon Utility.
ROBOM13A.ZIP474880Feb 13 1994ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.3 -- (1 of 2) New database oriented offline mail reader from Parsons Consulting. Breaks new ground with sophisticated database access to your messages, internal editor, spell checker & modern in
ROBOM13B.ZIP365622Feb 13 1994ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.3 -- (2 of 2) New database oriented offline mail reader from Parsons Consulting. Breaks new ground with sophisticated database access to your messages, internal editor, spell checker & modern in
ROBOM13U.ZIP521733Feb 13 1994Upgrade Archive for Registered Robomail 1.2.
ROBOT411.ZIP26695Jan 14 1992HARVEY the Robot allows you to produce incoming or outgoing packets. Fido MSG packets.
ROMPR100.ZIP55659Mar 26 1993ROMProc v1.00 - CD-ROM Download Processor Perfect for any BBS system running CD-ROM drives and/or LANs. Handle the complete download process.
RQUEST31.ZIP80099Mar 1 1994Request v2.3 - Access your Colorado Jumbo 120/250 online with T.A.G.
RRIPIT11.ZIP20237Aug 4 1993RBBS Rip Text window formatter v1.1.
RVB_10.ZIP186112Jul 5 1993Rip Voting Booth Door. Vote on favorite .rip screen. BBS Door.
RVR20C-2.ZIP171418Nov 10 1991RoverBoard BBS Software. Runs 4 modems plus a local node on ANY machine. Msgs, Files, Doors, Drop-to-DOS with the board still running and much, much more. Part 2 of 2.
RYDOOR5.ZIP14355Feb 4 1988RyDOOR is a utility to allow remote use of your computer via modem.
S105002.ZIP465772Nov 4 1991Simplex BBS for OS/2. Executables. ver 1.05 (Nov. 1991).
S105DOC.ZIP62014Nov 4 1991Simplex BBS for OS/2. Documentation. version 1.05 (Nov. 1991).
SBBS1B04.ZIP1180507Apr 30 1993Synchronet v1b r4 Multinode BBS Software 4 Node DEMO version for evaluation. Internal QWK off-line reader and network support.
SBCHAT.ZIP1565Apr 19 1991WWIV mod that uses the Sound Blaster card when a caller requests chat.
SCRBDR4B.ZIP96356Sep 12 1992Scrabble Door v4.0b - Shareware Release BBS Door adaptation of the popular Scrabble board game. Supports many different BBS file formats internally.
SEARCH12.ZIP20942Feb 17 1990QuickBBS Door that will search out a string in a text file.
SF31-1.ZIP184628Jun 24 1991Spitfire BBS system v3.1. Part 1 of 2. Complete shareware BBS system.
SF31-2.ZIP264987Jun 24 1991Spitfire BBS system. Part 2 of 2.
SFANTRV.ZIP53392Nov 2 1990Spitfire Animal Trivia BBS door game.
SFEMSTRV.ZIP42643Mar 21 1990Trivia Door for Spitfire BBS.
SFFA10.ZIP23577Mar 27 1990SFFA allows Spitfire SysOps to manage SFFAREA.DAT, including adding, modifying and deleting file areas.
SFMGR101.ZIP109051Oct 27 1990Spitfire Datafile Management. Covers maintenance of all Spitfire Datafiles, Message Bases, File Bases, Users, etc. For 3.0 and above.
SFMKLST.ZIP12438Nov 9 1989Makes list of all files available for download for SPITFIRE BBS.
SHMPGE30.ZIP76707Jun 26 1992Neat little psudo-chat util for BBS. Makes user think he/she is talking to the sysop, when in reality it's an AI program, even makes typos.
SIMPSN.ZIP61615Jun 20 1990Simpson on-line game for BBS door.
SINK33.ZIP166055Apr 19 1992Sinkem is an on-line door game for Wildcat BBS's that up to ten players can play.
SL2WWIV.ZIP30664Nov 29 1990SL2WWIV is a utility program for SearchLight BBS systems which will allow a Searchlight BBS to run door programs written for WWIV BBS systems.
SLBBS40A.ZIP1332921Aug 26 1994Searchlight 4.0a BBS. Full RIP support locally and remote unmatched by any other BBS software in terms of RIP usage. This is the demo version with full ability to do everything except it only allows 20 users.
SLCLR201.ZIP24915Aug 3 1991Door for use with Searchlight boards for user configurable colors. Requires v2.15+ of Searchlight BBS.
SLCONVRT.ZIP4008Aug 19 1990Convert Searchlight's command line into a DORINFO1.DEF, for QBBS doors. Includes Turbo Pascal source.
SLDEMO3.ZIP666096May 6 1993Functional Demo of Searchlight BBS system v3.00. RIP aware.
SLGUP133.ZIP50658Jun 26 1991Guppies door v1.33 for SearchLight BBSs.
SLHEA201.ZIP30766Jun 9 1991Customize headers and footers for the Silly Little Mail Reader. French and English language support, (from France).
SLINFO.ZIP6404Mar 19 1990Info on Features in the extended version of SLBBS (SearchLight) as well as ordering info if you are interested in obtaining the full featured version.
SLK_P24.ZIP25000Aug 2 1993BBS Survey Door program written in TP 6.0
SLMR21A.ZIP176718Jan 4 1992Silly Little Mail Reader version 2.1 - Excellent offline mail reader for .QWK packets. Use with MarkMail or Qmail Doors, or here!
SLMRFIX.ZIP858May 25 1992Stops random function key message in SLMR.
SLMULTI.ZIP8890Aug 28 1989SearchLight To Multiple BBS (RBBS, WildCat, etc) Door Converter.
SLPUZZLE.ZIP11549May 10 1990Sl-Puzzle, for Searchlight BBS systems. A game where you have to put the numbers in order.
SLQWK102.ZIP140125Feb 21 1992SLQWiK v1.02d .QWK message packet door for Searchlight BBSs v2.xx.
SLTPU55.ZIP78234Jul 11 1991Searchlight programmers API for Searchlight BBS SysOps, for the older TP 5.5.
SM106_N.ZIP242880Jan 23 1991Session Manager v1.06 off-line mail reader. Non-overlay version.
SM106_O.ZIP248631Jan 23 1991Session Manager v1.06 off-line mail reader. Overlay version.
SMQI106.ZIP156202Jan 23 1991Installation program for Session Manager (Offline Reader).
SNAGTAG2.ZIP20593May 18 1993SnagTag 2.0 - The tagline snagger for the 1st Reader offline mail program.
SNARF102.ZIP39815Apr 20 1991Allows 'automatic' file transfers on WWIV BBS systems.
SOCV100.ZIP176961Jul 5 1990Socrates BBS v1.00 nice program but has a lot of .EXE's to juggle.
SOLU.ZIP43043May 19 1989On-line stocks BBS Door game for WWIV BBS's.
SPAWN2.ZIP8566Aug 25 1990Spawn additional doors in Searchlight - works with AutoDoors.
SPEED130.ZIP178702Apr 22 1993Speed Reader v1.3 - A new QWK mail reader that stores messages in BBS like format. It will maintain a set number of messages in each conference you have selected, the rest will be purged.
SPITCALL.ZIP9317Apr 25 1990SpitCall Allows Callers of Spitfire Boards to have the board call them back.
SPLUS105.ZIP47246Dec 17 1992Splus v1.05 - A script door for BBS's. Will work with any BBS that uses DOOR.SYS or PCBOARD.SYS. The DScript(tm) language allows the sysop to control display and input type and format plus much more.
SQSH_101.ZIP312056Feb 29 1992Mail handler for Maximus CBCS version 2.0x. Handles message bases in fidonet standard *.msg format or proprietary squish format.
SREAD104.ZIP83360Aug 26 1992Sread v1.04 - the Superior BBS Script door. Uses DScript(tm) language to allow interactive scripts, branch to subscripts, parsing of responses, run DOS programs during and after Door. SPLUS adds screen positioning and ful
SS!27.ZIP90186Jul 13 1992Slot Machine BBD game door for Wildcat!, PCBoard 14.x, RA/QBBS, SPITFIRE, and GAP.
STACK!20.ZIP59853Dec 11 1992Stack'Em! v2.0. 'Tetris' type DOOR game for many BBS types.
STARGA60.ZIP98311Mar 9 1994StarGate FTSC compliant Gating Program.
STATE11.ZIP9867Feb 15 1991STATE is a Telegrad 2.7 SYSOP utility used to display the home states of all of your users.
STATUS3L.ZIP51943Jun 13 1994STATUS 3.0L: Nice little utility to generate ANSI/ASCII screens with stats on your RIME/Postlink Mail Imports and Exports (BBS).
STBBS368.ZIP73421Aug 30 1992Star Traders BBS Game Door: Nice online game where callers create interstellar trade routes and buy stocks.
STOCK103.ZIP50534Aug 30 1992BBStock Exchange 1.03 Online Game Door --- Bulletin Board Stock Exchange is another BBS Onliner Interface game that will run under virtually all DOS based BBS systems.
STRCT25F.ZIP8484Jun 30 1990TAG BBS system 2.5f file formats. Includes Pascal source.
STTNG21.ZIP46315Oct 6 1991StartTrek The Next Generation Trivia door for several type of BBS's.
SUBATK30.ZIP213643Dec 31 1991Sub Attack Version 3.0 BBS Door Game.
SUPERG16.ZIP18513May 14 1989Super Guppies version 1.6 Card game door for Bulletin Boards.
SUPRDOOR.ZIP34527Sep 9 1991This program will do is take any BBS door file and convert it over to another BBS type.
SWITCH21.ZIP23296Feb 12 1991Switch is a BBS utility for RA or QBBS to change Menus with each user.
SXR400.ZIP360342Oct 30 1993Silver Express 4.00 Off-line mail reader/replyer. This can be used with BBSs offering Silver Express as a doored offline reader/replyer. Supports QWK mail packets.
S_NBY130.ZIP239590May 16 1991Sysop (Not Born Yesterday) file managment utility for GT Power 15 thru 16.
TACK10B.ZIP14441Apr 17 1993Name message personalizer for those who use off-line mail readers.
TAG3.ZIP79093Oct 28 1991A QWK tagline manager. It can take all the taglines from one QWK packet.
TAGLX400.ZIP248143May 19 1994Tag Line Express V4.00 Tagline manager for offline mail readers. Offers unlimited taglines.
TAGM26C.ZIP355510May 20 1992TAG BBS. A very powerful and flexible BBS system. Multinode, unlimited users, etc. Part 1 of 3. Main Files.
TAGP26C.ZIP18685Jun 4 1992TAG BBS. One of the most powerful BBSs around. Part 2 of 3. Protocols.
TAGS26C.ZIP83998May 20 1992TAG BBS. This is the Startup package. Part 3 of 3.
TAPEDR42.ZIP147689Aug 23 1991Access files on a tape drive available for DL in Renegade BBS.
TB120.ZIP376405Jul 2 1993Turboard BBS software, version 1.20. Easy setup; supports doors, multinodes, ANSI/ASCII/RIP, and NAPLPS protocols.
TB51-1.ZIP282582Jul 20 1994TriTel BBS v 5.1 - Small, powerful, and easy to setup and maintain BBS. Features include multinode support, Zmodem, full-screen editor, extensive netmail support, extensive door support and more. Part 1 of 2.
TB51-2.ZIP215391Jul 20 1994TriBBS v5.1 - file 2 of 2.
TB51BOOK.ZIP114672Jul 21 1994Print TriBBS DOC files with this program and save paper.
TBANK31.ZIP33503Jun 29 1992TRIBBS utility (see - Time Bank Door version 3.1.
TBCBV202.ZIP100513Mar 3 1993TriBBS CallBack Verifier version 2.0.2. Works with modems 1200-16800. Multinode capable.
TBDOG40.ZIP40818Jun 29 1992TRIBBS utility (See TB30.ZIP) - Fido to TRIBBS message converter.
TBMAL50.ZIP82478Jun 29 1992TRIBBS Utility (See TB30.ZIP) - QWK Mail door for TRIBBS.
TBNET40.ZIP80231Jun 29 1992TRIBBS Utility (See TB30.ZIP) - TriBBS QWK Networking program.
TBREAD21.ZIP33949Feb 17 1992TRIBBS Utility (See TB30.ZIP) - File Browser Door for TRIBBS.
TBUTI30.ZIP130612Jun 29 1992TRIBBS utility (See TB30.ZIP) - PCRelay or Megamail for TRIBBS.
TCAT-28.ZIP100351Oct 8 1989F-14 ThunderCat BBS Door that works with PcBoard.
TCHSS301.ZIP50825Jun 29 1989A very nicely done chess game door that works with many BBS's.
TDOOR412.ZIP251637Apr 26 1993Time Door 4.1 for Wildcat 3.X.
TELE2MAX.ZIP32694Apr 19 1992A Utility program written in C to allow SysOps running Telegard to convert their user base to Maximus.
TELMOUSE.ZIP20474Dec 27 1989Telegard BBS mouse menus for Sysops.
TFILES11.ZIP17453Jun 21 1991Creates "Top Files" list for Ultra BBS.
TG25.ZIP828919Feb 25 1990Telegrad BBS program for one node. Has very good remote SysOp users.
TG27.ZIP472099Dec 15 1991Telegard version 2.7 BBS system. Simple BBS system.
TGDOCS25.ZIP93554Mar 11 1990Telegard BBS Version 2.5. Simple BBS system. Documentation file.
TGKIT25.ZIP28864Mar 26 1990Telegard Software Developers Kit, 2.5 versions.
TGNEWS22.ZIP89341Jul 22 1992A great news program for Telegard BBS's.
TGRG122.ZIP18285Aug 8 1992Telegard 2.7 to Renegade 8-27 converter.
THDPRO10.ZIP231419Sep 29 1994THD ProScan Version 10.0 File/Upload Tester/Convertor. ARC-ARJ-HYP-LHA-PAK-RAR-UC2-ZIP-GIF-TD0 Virus Scan using any combination of TBScan, Scan and F-Prot.
THDUTL52.ZIP80182Jan 5 1994Tri-HD's-Utility V5.02 Multi Function utility for TriBBS V5.02. Screens for Last 15 callers, New callers, Top 15 up/down/files, hourly usage graph and doors usage stats.
TICK130.ZIP81724Sep 17 1989TICK Automation for Echo Mail TIC Transfers.
TICK200.ZIP97934Feb 19 1990TICK version 2.0 Automates distribution of Files thru FidoNet-Technology.
TIMB11.ZIP160611Dec 29 1993TimEd/B11: Fast msg editor for FidoNet; supports Squish, JAM, *.MSG and now also Hudson bases. Now with internal editor. Dos version.
TIRES300.ZIP50378Mar 10 1991TIRES is a flat file database for use with Bulletin Board systems.
TLX110.ZIP171014Jun 16 1992Tagline Express tagline manager for QWK readers.
TMALL31.ZIP88107Jun 25 1993TradeWarz Mall for the onliner with same name.
TMAST22.ZIP15153Apr 20 1992TriBBS master file list generator, version 2.2.
TNCDEMO.ZIP48154Sep 12 1992The Network Co-ordinator (DEMO) for WWIV.
TNCDR106.ZIP34351May 29 1992TNC DOOR allows BBS sysop who is also a ham radio operator to link his packet radio station to the phone BBS thru a "door."
TONSMOD.ZIP2417348Apr 1 1993Hundreds of source modifications for WWiV 4.2? A must for any serious WWIV sysop. Includes AUTOVOTE, Fake Caller ID, Time Bank etc.
TOPED100.ZIP80110Nov 19 1991TopEd is a full-screen ANSI/Avatar online editor for RemoteAccess, SBBS, QBBS, and any other BBS systems that uses a MSGTMP operated editor.
TOPHITS.ZIP55547Aug 10 1989TOPHITS is a BBS door program to access a database containing the number one songs as ranked by Billboard Magazine from 1955 to present.
TORTS.ZIP28528Jul 18 1988Info on legal rights and restrictions, BBS.
TOSSCANM.ZIP197176Dec 20 1989Mail TossScanner for FidoNet mail.
TPDOOR.ZIP7219Oct 15 1986TP3.0 source that provides I/O and other support for writing Doors under RBBS.
TQM100.ZIP85064Oct 23 1991A QWK mail door for the RBBS-BBS software.
TRUNCLOG.ZIP7011Jan 13 1991Truncate FrontDoor BBS's .LOG file.
TSCRIPT1.ZIP67936Jan 2 1994Scripts for use with Robocomm 4.1 or greater for connecting to a BBS running TriBBS software. Written and tested on TriBBS version 5.0 by author.
TSDOOR16.ZIP55345May 11 1991PC Board door to provide text search for users, such as BBS lists.
TTAPE.ZIP182125Jan 18 1993Turbo Tape. BBS tape door for RemoteAccess and other boards.
TTBBS20.ZIP229591Dec 12 1991Tritel Bulletin Board System. Very easy to install and use. Built in Zmodem and multi-node support. Attractively priced and added with features.
TTUFLT20.ZIP8152Dec 11 1991TriBBS upload filter program/utility, version 2.0.
TUNE19.ZIP62877Jan 26 1992Name that Tune BBS door game.
TURBS85E.ZIP113805Dec 9 1991Turbo BBS v85e with Pascal Source.
TUTORBBS.ZIP33543Jun 23 1990RBBS tutorial addon system for Sysops.
TVOTE100.ZIP10621Aug 19 1990Turbo Vote 1.00a. Voting program for SearchLight Extended BBS.
TW!21120.ZIP473328May 29 1993Trade Wars online game for OS/2 - over 350k/sec throughput, simultaneous multiuser support, greatly improved.
TWAST10.ZIP127873Oct 12 1992Trade Wars assistant - very usefull.
TWHELP80.ZIP304259Mar 27 1994Trade Wars Help v8.0 - keeps database on all explored sectors, auto-trading features, various other tools for Trade Wars 2002 online game.
TWHINTS.ZIP1681Apr 12 1990Hint file to help you play Trade Wars BBS Door.
TWIT100.ZIP9680Aug 5 1991Kill all messages from people you choose for MegaReader.
TWNBUG11.ZIP39808Nov 5 1992TWUNBUG: Utility which monitors your TradeWars 2002 (v1.03d) game and circumvents known bugs in this release (invincible planets, mega holds, etc.). Easy to set up and seems to work fine.
TWVIEW93.ZIP196603Jun 20 1992Useful player utilities for TradeWars 2002 BBS gameplayers.
TX2REP11.ZIP21956Mar 19 1992Convert text files to *.rep files and back.
TZBANK14.ZIP71208Jun 3 1990The Twilight Zone Casino and Bank. On-line door for WWIV BBS's.
UBBS209A.ZIP286330Dec 8 1991UltraBBS v2.09 disk 1 of 3 [PcBoard derivative].
UBBS209B.ZIP231917Dec 8 1991UltraBBS v2.09 disk 2 of 3.
UBBS209C.ZIP164351Dec 8 1991UltraBBS v2.09 disk 3 of 3.
UBBSLA30.ZIP58214Sep 6 1991UltraBBS log analyzer version 3.0, with ANSI graphics.
UBCBV10.ZIP54306Mar 23 1992UltraBBS Call Back Verifier. For use with UltraBBS v2.09.
UBLIST10.ZIP13099Jun 30 1991UBLIST creates an list of all files on a UBBS BBS system.
UFM1V01.ZIP228521Dec 27 1989UFM is User File Maintenance, a utility to allow the PCBoard sysop to quickly and easily maintain the user file.
ULP103.ZIP208395Nov 6 1993UpLoadProcessor 1.03 - A complete PCBoard upload processor; processes ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK ZIP ZOO SFX GIF files by SIGNATURE. Handles uncompressed files also. Removes BBS ads. Full recursive testing of nested archives.
UNQML32.ZIP15436Oct 7 1988Qmail utility that allows you to view your REP packet.
UNZIP.ZIP8862Feb 10 1991A modification for WWIV BBS's that fixes some security loop-holes.
UPDN66.ZIP88055Sep 15 1990Creates upload and download statistics for RBBS 17.3 Sysops.
URD102B.ZIP72828May 15 1993RemoteAccess User Registration Door.
USBDOR51.ZIP112311Nov 14 1992USBBS online BBS list display door. Version 5.1.
USEDOOR.ZIP12715Jun 27 1989Monitors How many times each door on your system has been used...
USERZAP.ZIP19420Mar 5 1991For WILDCAT! BBS 2.x - Automatically delete users who haven't called in x days. Will generate report of affected users first, if desired.
USR-ED16.ZIP75141Mar 5 1990USR-EDIT is a sysop utility to edit the RBBS USERS file.
USRCHK16.ZIP69947Dec 18 1990UserCheck is a RBBS utility that will take control of your BBS and callback users to verify they are who they say they are.
USRED101.ZIP60431Mar 31 1990Usered is a User File Editor for QuickBBS and Remote Access. It contains a simple flag setting routine.
USURVY13.ZIP91005Apr 6 1989A QuickBBS Survey Door program that will allow the user to vote as well as place a survey questionnaire.
UTLS1_0.ZIP107713Jan 10 1992These files will help assist in the conversion of the MAXIHOST BBS databases to the MEGAHOST BBS databases. Compatible ONLY with Megahost BBS V1.0.
UU161.ZIP424170Jul 4 1993Ultimate Universe BBS door game. Like Tradewars.
UUPCB3.ZIP18878Apr 14 1992Usenet comes to PCBoard. This set of text files outlines how to add Usenet to your PCBoard system.
VALEN14L.ZIP97855Aug 5 1994Valence QWK door for Searchlight. Verison 1.4l. Uploaded by the author.
VALID25.ZIP88405Aug 15 1990Wildcat! sysop's utility that checks files for validity.
VBBS61A1.ZIP604760Jun 2 1993Latest Virtual BBS software. Many bug fixes, built-in QWK packet support, customizable pull down menus, greater color support, multi-node and conferencing via LAN/Desqview/Windows. Extremely customizable. Part 1 of 2.
VBBS61A2.ZIP537025May 30 1993Latest Virtual BBS software. Part 2 of 2.
VBBS_FAQ.ZIP2595Jul 20 1992Common questions and answers for VBBS.
VFARM100.ZIP68267Aug 10 1992Virus Farm Online BBS Door.
VFIDO560.ZIP109184Feb 1 1993VBBS FidoNET Mail Tosser/Scanner Revision 06, for VBBS 5.60a2.
VGIX30A.ZIP66588Jan 29 1993VGIX, the graphical front-end written specifically for The Virtual BBS/NET ver 5.6x and up.
VISX097.ZIP746557Oct 7 1992ViSiON X BBS. Features multi-node, QWK packets, Fido support and more. This is a 'underground' style BBS like WWIV in its target audience.
VP1101.ZIP395819Nov 1 1993BBS Door interface for VGA Planets, a PBM/PBEM game.
VP300.ZIP830604Mar 28 1993VGA Planets is a multi-player space conquest game for up to 11 players. Players play against each other over modem.
VPIX19F.ZIP276131Mar 9 1992Viewpix is a BBS Door which allows your users to preview .GIF graphics files while online.
VPXFER10.ZIP84559Nov 15 1993VP-XFER v1.0, small BBS Door interface for VGA Planets 3.1, supports door.sys, rbbs, wildcat, pcboard 12.1,12.2,14.x, local play, non-standard comports.
VTST13.ZIP17584Sep 26 1991VTST uses PKUNZIP and SCAN to test all ZIP files in a subdirectory for viral contamination. Will run as batch. Great for Sysops.
W3-BBS.ZIP9755Nov 29 1990Text files on setting up BBS under windows envinronment.
WA-132.ZIP227010Feb 26 1992The Wizard's Arena. An on-line game for almost any BBS. Lots of weapons, armor, spells, and combat.
WABIRD.ZIP8800May 18 1989Very good carrier detect watcher. Works with most multi-taskers.
WAF165.ZIP509952Mar 9 1993Waffle DOS version v1.65: Allows a PC to communicate with Unix systems using the UUCP "g" protocol, giving them capability to exchange UUCP mail and Usenet news. Can act as a single user UUCP node.
WATCH102.ZIP40525Oct 3 1989WildCat BBS caller log analyzer that generates bulletins.
WATCHALL.ZIP19484Mar 20 1990Monitors phone line for certain number of rings then resets system.
WATCHCAT.ZIP5380Aug 23 1989Improved "Watchdog" for BBS, reboots if carrier dropped.
WATCHDG.ZIP9436Jul 27 1992A new version of the WatchDog utility -- handy for BBS SysOps.
WB130S.ZIP80357Dec 3 1993A weather information retrieval program. Installs & runs as an event from a BBS or front end mailer.
WC!DV7.ZIP28678May 4 1991Notes on installing Wildcat BBS and Desq View.
WC112REC.ZIP6005Jul 11 1988File formats for WildCat BBS. Needed to develop WC utilites.
WC3COLOR.ZIP3446Aug 3 1992Change Wildcat! BBS default colors, not the screens, but the internal commands as well. Get the yellow out.
WCHT217.ZIP135000Feb 17 1993Wildchat for Wildcat 3.x. On-line BBS Chat Door.
WCTD26.ZIP806080Nov 3 1992Wildcat! BBS. This is a fully working Test-Drive version of Wildcat! BBS Includes Docs, setup, etc. Some features not installed until registered. Version 2.61.
WED24B-A.ZIP280331Aug 11 1992WWIVEdit v2.4 - Online editor for WWIV BBS system. This one includes macros, taglines, colors, and even a spell checker.
WEEBANG.ZIP41850Feb 15 1992Trade Wars 2002 Utility: Reconstucts universe in to a mappable 24x40 grid.
WELCOME.ZIP13734Jan 5 1991General Fido EchoMail Policy version 1.0.
WGMMAK12.ZIP18551Aug 3 1992WGM-Make v1.2 - Creates PCB type dir listing text files from DOS dirs. If the archive has a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI, it will be placed in the file as a description. Useful for more than just PCB sysops.
WGT109A.ZIP119488Jun 1 1993Utility to Gate WWIV Based Networks with Fido Based Networks.
WILDINFO.ZIP14213Jul 17 1987Utility called Info for WILDCAT! BBS's.
WILDKEYS.ZIP1084Feb 1 1992Wildcat Sysop 3.0 command key reference.
WMRB230F.ZIP63269Jan 27 1993WOMR v2.30 - A public beta release of a mail door for WWIV.
WOMRD110.ZIP129589Jul 21 1991WWIV Offline Message Reader (WOMR) User Module v1.1 -- Good many enhancements, ANSI viewing capability, message extracts to disk, etc. Uploaded by Author.
WQWK090F.ZIP66906Mar 13 1993WOMR-QWK v0.90F - A QWK mail door for WWIV v4.22+ and net 32+. Includes full fledged multi-net support and mail gating.
WR10A.ZIP363483Nov 22 1993WaveRider - A Windows mail reader - part 1.
WR10B.ZIP297249Nov 21 1993WaveRider - A Windows mail reader - part 2.
WR22.ZIP75359May 29 1991WinREAD Version 2.2 : a new QWK mail offline reader for Windows 3.0.
WRITEJAM.ZIP50062Mar 1 1994C source code to write to the BBS Jam message file standard.
WTHRV116.ZIP396237Feb 8 1994A weather information retrieval program. Installs & runs as an event from a BBS or front end mailer.
WWIV423.ZIP755914Nov 28 1993The latest version of the WWIV BBS software. Adds several new enhancements.
WWIVDE.ZIP59381Jul 26 1992DExxx.EXE files for WWIV Network. From Amber.
WWIVMODS.ZIP49341Dec 24 1990Various How-To Modifications for WWIV BBS's source code.
WWIVNT33.ZIP196822Apr 15 1993Network programs for the WWIV Bulletin Board System. Version 33 of Network.
WWIVUTL.ZIP22427Jan 26 1992A collection of WWIV utilities.
WWMAIL43.ZIP156689Oct 29 1992A .QWK Compatible Off-Line Mail Door For The WWIV BBS System.
WXMAN22.ZIP46428Mar 13 1994Weather Bulletin Generator for any BBS system.
WXPRESS.ZIP296338Jan 16 1992Excellent Windows 3.X based BBS system. Demo but functional.
XFD_202.ZIP130079May 19 1991FileDoor Version 2.02. Advanced File Transferring Door for Quickbbs and Remote Access.
XLAX_250.ZIP136593Jul 18 1991Xlax version 2.50 FidoNet Nodelist Compilier, this is one of the best Nodelist compiling programs that is out there. This is very fast, and very good.
XPEDT110.ZIP21748Aug 17 1991Silver Express external editor version 1.10.
XR240.ZIP22918Oct 12 1989FIDOnet Robot Mailer. Now supports AKAs. FIDO Sysop utility.
XROBOT.ZIP21656Oct 4 1992Automatic file xfer for use with Front Door.
XSHIP.ZIP119006Jun 18 1991XSHIP - Experimental Ship Simulation. On-line BBS Door.
XZT8MC.ZIP125228Nov 24 1992ExzTest Version 2.23 7MWC. File upload integrity tester. Virus Scan, ZIP comment insertion, Seamless interface to ZDCS, Much more.
YESTUFF2.ZIP19753Sep 6 1991Yesterdays happenings for Telegard 2.7.
ZDCS201.ZIP407832Feb 2 1993ZDCS 2.01, ZIPFILE DUPLICATE CHECKING SYSTEM. Detect dupe files inside ZIP and ARJ files U/L'ed to a BBS. Options: delete dupes / BBS ads, allow certain dupes, merge data- bases, much more.
ZIPMNEW2.ZIP14777Aug 19 1991Prodoor Zipmail Quick Reader version 2.5.
ZL2B0101.ZIP376553Jan 1 1993ZipLab PLUS version 2.0 PCBTEST.BAT enhancement for PCBoard/ProDoor SysOps. Tests ZIP,ARJ,LZH,GIF files. CRC value, dates, and (optionally) FILE_ID.DIZ inserted in / replacing description of file.
ZL2B0117.ZIP388214Jan 17 1993Ziplab II BETA 01/17/93.
ZLAB-RA3.ZIP5982Feb 8 1992Zip-Lab for Remote Access BBS configuration.
ZLABDOCS.ZIP21336Jan 17 1993Ziplab II Docs 01/17/93 version.
ZLPGEN11.ZIP220411Nov 4 1991ZipLabPlus Generic v1.1 - Uploaded file tester. Generic version, not specific to any BBS software. Test for viruses, age of files, strip/replace comments, etc.
ZNEWS094.ZIP35671Jan 22 1993News QWK door for Waffle and PCBOARD.
ZWORDZ14.ZIP141956Aug 2 1993Z-Wordz Version 1.40. An online crossword puzzle game. Can be played on and off line. Very popular on my board.