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QuickEd for QuickBBS-a full screen ANSI editor.
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QuickEd for QuickBBS-a full screen ANSI editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
QEDINST.EXE 68896 32943 deflated
QUICKED.DOC 26821 9821 deflated
QUICKED.EXE 31616 17892 deflated
QUICKED.HLP 2784 957 deflated
QUICKED.KEY 4996 839 deflated
READ.ME 667 365 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


QuickEd 1.10

Upgrading procedure:
From version 1.00 - rename old QUICKED.EXE to QUICKED.OLD before unZIPing
the new files, then run QEDINST
From any further version - just unZIP the new files into the QBBS directory,
and run QEDINST. Upgrade is Automatic.

Archive file contents:

READ.ME - This file
QUICKED.EXE - The text editor.
QUICKED.HLP - Online help file.
QEDINST.EXE - Installation program.
QUICKED.DOC - Documentation file.
QUICKED.KEY - QuickEd control keys map

Please distribute the QuickEd in its original archive file.
Re-packing is not recommended.

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