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Fido standards #18.
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Fido standards #18.
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FidoNet(tm) Standards Committee
Status of Current FidoNet Standards
March 30, 1988

1. FSC-0001 (was FSC001-9) is the basic falback standard for use on
FidoNet. All mailers must be able to perform this protocol should
other negotiations fail.

FSC-0001 describes transmitted data structures, record and message
formats, as well as the actual transmission protocols used.

2. FSC-0006 describes a capability exchange protocol (YooHoo/2U2),
which allows two FidoNet systems to dynamically negotiate (at the
start of a session) which of a list of protocols is to be used.

FSC-0006 is used as the base for protocol experimentation on

3. FSC-0010 describes the transmitted form of EchoMail. Lack of other
detailed specifications led us to extract this document from the
documentation of a FidoNet utility, with the kind permission of its
author, Bob Hartman.

FSC-0010 describes echo history, topologies, and message formats.

4. ARCmail is as specified in the System Enhancement Associates
documentation for ARCmail version 0.6.

It consists of ARCed files named
where nnnn is (orignet-destnet) in hex, mmmm is (orignode-destnode)
in hex, dd is a day of the week in the form MO, TU, WE,TH, FR, SA,
or SU, and # is a decimal digit.

These ARCmail files consist of multiple FSC-0001 mail packets of
multiple EchoMail messages with AREA: lines etc. These
packets are named
where dd is the day of the month in decimal, hhmmss is the hour
minute and second in decimal, and xx is hundreths of a second in


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