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A nodelist compiler for Fidonet nodes, compiles into v.7 nodelist.
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A nodelist compiler for Fidonet nodes, compiles into v.7 nodelist.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

Revision History for QNode

1.10 - First Public Release

1.20 - Added the EXPORT, FORMAT, IMPORT, and ALLOCATE commands.
Removed NETLIST/ZONELIST, replaced with more powerful IMPORT command.
Made private nodes work a little better about 'adopting' their hosts
identities. (Passwords are now properly adopted.)
Improved memory usage of userlist, added zones to the fidouser.lst.
Added disksort for userlist.
Added MODEMTYPE flags to every baud rate. (separate by a pipe)
Added the CALLCOST statement.
Added the DIALCOST table.
Added the HUBS keyword.
Added MsgFee to all cost tracking.
Send several copies to Bob Davis, and boy did he go over it. Thanks.
Made FIDOUSER.LST capitalize usernames
Added the ALLUSERS keyword.
Added the QDIFFMUL program.

1.30 - Added VERSION7 and QIDX.
Added Modem Type to every baud rate style.
Added INDEX keyword.
Added overdrive exclude processing. (Watch 'em fly)

1.31 - Fixed lost extensions from FORMAT and EXPORT commands.
Made a little faster yet.

1.32 - Added support for multiple nodelists.

1.33 - Added support for the HOLD keyword.
Enabled duplicate entries within indexes (DUPLICATE keyword)
Enabled FIDOUSER.LST generation if v7 mode (without INDEX keyword only)
Fixed some memory allocation errors if both indexes were being created.
Made Zone Admin changes (PASSWORD, BAUD, etc.) work.
Added LRU processing to index buffering.

1.40 - Fixed LRU processing to be much better
Fixed long sysop name bug in FIDOUSER.LST
Enabled point modifiers: Pvt, Down, Hold.
Made nodelist report count the overdrive exclude nodes.

1.41 - Oops, made QNode able to handle flags with lowercase letters (V32b)
Fixed private nodes again (evidentally private points broke them.)
Made ALLOCATE TEXT fixed to 128 when compiling FIDOUSER.LST, or INDEX
Added KEEP LASTUSER or KEEP FIRSTUSER option to userlist generation.
Extended the ADDR line to enable multiple prime addresses.s
Trimmed leading and trailing spaces from passwords.
Added string length checking to system name and location (v6)
Enabled 'fast' index segments. This generally speeds up index
operation. (Only active on the sysop index if you enable the
DUPLICATE keyword.)
Made held nodes be compiled into the nodelist. Lacking a better
description of what to do, they act as private nodes in nets other
than your own, and as normal nodes in your own nets.

1.42 - Added the 'USES' clause in front of many of the keywords. (This
enables the '!USES' clause.)
Enabled multiple output file nodelist generation. (NODELIST)
Added the 'ALLOCATE' clause in front of the BUFFERS keyword.
Fixed EXPORT listings.
Added the /Z parameter to QDIFF to stick ^Z's on the nodelist.
Extended QIDX to allow you to specify the files to be read and
Added automatic EMS support for VERSION7 BUFFERS. (To disable,
use the '!USES EMS' command.)

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