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The Network Co-ordinator (DEMO) for WWIV.
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The Network Co-ordinator (DEMO) for WWIV.
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Contents of the ORDER.TXT file

The Network Coordinator 2.01 for WWIV (C).
Written By Doctor Fred
FREDnet 1@1
WWIVnet 1@9800 (Group 7 GC)
Maniac Mansion III (908)525-8295

This program was designed to allow you to be the Network Coordinator of your
own WWIV type network. It's main function is to give you the ability to send
Network updates to the nodes in your very own network (where you make the

With the release of NET31 and WWIV 4.21a, comes the ability to easily connect
with many WWIV compatible networks, such as WWIVnet, WWIVlink, Icenet, FredNet,
etc..., without modifying your BBS. Until now, the only way to run your own
network, was to buy the NETUP program from Wayne Bell ($300), or write your own
(Like WWIVlink did). Needless to say, neither of these two options are very

Now there is a more reasonable alternative! "The Network Coordinator" for WWIV
is available for only $35, which includes:

1. The ability to send BBSLIST updates.
2. The ability to send CONNECT updates.
3. The ability to send SUBS updates.
4. The ability to send WWIVNEWS updates.
5. The ability to send FBACKHDR updates.
6. The ability to send any small ZIP file to your network.
7. Supports from 0 to 255 Groups.
8. No messy patches to the Network Files (like WWIVLink).
9. Compatible with NET25 through NET31 (and beyond).
10. Compatible with WWIV 4.xx (3.xx not tested)
11. Multi-Net (WWIV 4.21a) compatible.
12. Custom Encryption Routines - Another owner's
encryption routines won't work on your net.
13. Sample network files included - to make setting up
even easier.
14. Sysops receive short note saying what updated files they received.
15. Tech support BBS available 24 Hrs/7 Days for your questions.
16. Can send updates to ALL nodes.
17. Can send updates to ALL nodes in an Area Code.
18. Can send updates to ALL nodes in a Group.
19. Can send updates to ALL Group Coordinators in the network.
20. Can send updates to ALL Area Coordinators in the network.
21. Can send updates to a single node.
22. Mouse Support
23. File Tagging

Future Planned Features:

1. Separate program that lets your Group Coordinators send updates to you.
2. Source Verified E-Mail from 1@1.

A demo version of this software (which will not actually send any updates) is
now available.

Order Form:

Make Checks Payable To:

Kodiak Solutions Unlimited
12-15 Vermeer Drive
S. Amboy, NJ 08879

Maniac Mansion III BBS - (908) 525-8295
USRobotics Dual Standard V32/V32bis/HST

Real Name ___________________________________
Address ___________________________________
City, State ___________________________________
Zip Code _____-____
Sysop Handle ___________________________________
BBS Name ___________________________________
BBS Phone # ( ) ___-____
Voice Phone ( ) ___-____
New User PW _______________ (If any)
Network Name _______________ (This is what you want to call
your network, for example: FREDnet,
ICEnet, Junknet, etc. No Extended
ASCII, and no more than 15 characters
It is required for your order)

Disk Size [ ] 5.25 inch
(specify one) [ ] 3.5 inch

Payment Type [ ] Check ($35 + tax in NJ)
[ ] Money Order ($35 + tax in NJ)
[ ] C.O.D. ($40 + tax in NJ).
(COD orders can be uploaded to
the BBS above for faster processing)

It is possible that Doctor Fred may choose to upload the software
to your BBS (on prepaid orders), rather than ship disks (saves time
& money), however, please specify floppy disk size (5.25 or 3.5) in
case he isn't able to log on to your system.

About the Author:

Doctor Fred (aka Gregg Beasey) has been running a WWIV BBS for the past 4
years, and has been a member of WWIVNet for over 3 year. He is the author of
such WWIV doors as "Doctor Fred's Timebank", "Doctor Fred's Free Download
Door", "The Net Decompressor", "Filetype 1.xx", "The Network Coordinator",
etc. He currently runs his own WWIV network (FREDnet), and has been (and still
is) the Group 7 Coordinator in WWIVNet.

About "The Network Coordinator":

Originally, this program started out as a way for me to send periodic updates
to members of WWIVNet's Group 7 (of which I oversee). Over the last few
years, it has evolved into "The Network Coordinator". I was delaying the
release of this software, in order to make sure it was fully compatible with
the Multi-Net feature of WWIV 4.21a. This product has now been tested with
WWIV 4.21a, and is fully compatible.

About WWIV:

WWIV and WWIVNet are Copyrights of Wayne Bell (and/or WWIV Software Services).

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