Dec 252017
This is RIP capable ANSI/ASCII Door. It works with Wildcat! BBS.
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This is RIP capable ANSI/ASCII Door. It works with Wildcat! BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHAMPION.TXT 40 40 stored
EXPIRE.TXT 1261 611 deflated
FOSSIL.DOC 595 351 deflated
GOLD.DAT 35 35 stored
GOLD.DOC 15943 4990 deflated
GOLD.EXE 121408 73987 deflated
GOLD.KEY 45 34 deflated
GOLD.RIP 172 137 deflated
GOLD.SCR 512 108 deflated
GOLD.TXT 968 396 deflated
MENU.RIP 256 192 deflated
MENU.SCR 575 158 deflated
OPENING.RIP 570 361 deflated
OPENING.SCR 1386 369 deflated
PORT.DOC 1716 807 deflated
QUICKUP.TXT 650 352 deflated
README.1ST 1052 593 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2407 887 deflated
RIPREAD.TXT 887 465 deflated
SETUP.EXE 10528 5991 deflated

Download File RIPBINGO.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file


This game will run on Wildcat, Gap, Spitfire, QuickBBS, and
PCBoard formats without the need for conversion programs.

The game features full RIP screens + ansi/ascii modes.

The game supports bauds up to 115200 baud and will lock
at any baud rate. The game also supports Non-Standard
Port address and IRQ's if needed.

The door also supports Fossil drivers.

This game require NO other files than are in the .zip.

The game is easy to setup and if you are familiar with
game setups or run only a single node I would recommend
reading QUICKUP.TXT. It is an abbreviated setup format, read
the file file Gold.doc for full documentation.

I appreciate your trying my game! If the Gold.key is expired
when you receive the .zip please contact the Secret Service
BBS at (304) 429-6838 for a new .key. No need to re-download
the entire lengthy .zip. The file is called NEWKEYS.ZIP and
can be downloaded your first call.


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