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Simple program that allows you to list RBBS message files.
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Simple program that allows you to list RBBS message files.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Quick documentation for ListMesg v 2.00

ListMesg is a very simple program, and really doesn't need
this documentation. But there are some features that aren't
apparent just by running the program. First, there's the
command line. To start up ListMesg you can either use the
command: (Variation 1)


or you can use the command: (Variation 2)


where is the name of the messages file as
specified in parameter #81 of CONFIG. After you have started
ListMesg up, you will receive a introductory screen stating the
author, version number, and program name. If you used the
command line format shown in variation 1, you will then receive
a message asking you to state the path and name of your messages
file. Then, if you have used var. 2, or after you stated the
messages file name, you be asked which message number you would
like to view. Currently, you can only specify one at a time,
append a '+' to the end of the message number, or append a '-'
to the end of the message number. After you enter the message
number, ListMesg will start searching the messages file for the
specified message number. If it can't find it, and you didn't
add a plus, ListMesg will briefly display 'Not Found!' and ask
you for another message number. If you DID add a plus to the
end, ListMesg will find the next message after the number you
selected. Then, with the plus, ListMesg will keep bringing up
the next message until you tell it to 'quit'. You also can add
a '-' (minus) to the end which will start searching backwards.
(The same as RBBS-PC.)

After you have seen your message displayed upon the screen,
you will be asked "O]utput, C]ontinue, K]ill, R)ecover, E]dit,
or Q]uit?" by which you would reply 'Q' if you are done SCANNING
(using the plus or minus), 'C' or space bar if you don't want
the file outputted and want to continue scanning, 'O' if you
want to send it to a device or file, 'K' if you want to kill it,
'R' if you want to un-kill it, or 'E' if you want to edit it.

If you selected 'E', you will be prompted on which field you
want to edit. You can select either 'D' for the DATE SENT, 'T'
for the TIME SENT, 'F' for who it is from, 'R' for who it is to,
and 'S' for the subject. ListMesg will make sure you don't
exceed the lengths of these field, but it's up to you to get the
proper format! (e.g. You can type '34:55:99' for the TIME SENT

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please
contact me via one of the two boards listed below:

Fargo IBM PC Users Group RBBS The Satellite RBBS
160 Meg. on-line, 4 nodes! 20 Doors, 8pm - 6:30 am
Data: (701) 293-5973 Data: (701) 293-3934
Sysop: Loren D. Jones Voice: (701) 232-3811
Sysop: Andrew J. Hoag

ListMesg is a User Supported software program. This means,
instead of charging a direct fee for using the program, YOU, the
user, decides how much to send, and if you want to send it in.
This way, you can decide if you like the program before you pay
for it. The suggested contribution for this program is $10.

Thank you!
Andrew J. Hoag

P.S. I would especially like to thank Loren D. Jones for aiding
me in debugging and getting this version off the ground.
Without whom, we would still be at version 1.00!

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