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BRESPY is a program for Sysops that generates lists or bulletins for Barren Realms Elite.

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Barren Realms Elite Spy - Creates
Nice Looking Bulletin for your
BRE Game.

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BRESPY is a program for Sysops that generates lists or bulletins for Barren Realms Elite.
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Barren Realms Elite -- Spy
Copyright 1994 Steve Meier

What is BRESPY:
BRESPY is a program for Sysops that generates lists or bulletins for
Barren Realms Elite. This includes ANSI and TEXT files for use in the
game itself or for viewing online from another area of the BBS. You
can even compress them and let the users download them on a daily
basis. Basically this program breaks the empires down and puts the
data in a usable format so you and your users can make the best
decisions on who to attack or how to build your empire. All the
empires are broken down into percentages on Regions and NetWorth. At
the end of the list is a summary of the averages for that system.

Software Requirements:
BRESPY will work with Barren Realms Elite, v0.950 and up.

I make no guarantees with this software. While it works fine on my
system, I can't promise you'll have the same results. Use this
software at your own risk. However, if you do experience difficulties
with the BRESPY, please let me know via the FidoNet address provided
below. Or contact me in the SRGAMES echo.

This software is FREE to use. Please feel free to copy it and pass it
along to a friend. All I ask is that you keep all the original files
together in whatever archive package you like best and that you not
alter any of the files in anyway.

Setting up the software is very easy. Just place the BRESPY.EXE file
in your main BRE dir and type BRESPY. It's best to run this in a BATCH
file in your nightly events or right after you process incoming
packets. Here are some examples:

In a nightly event you might have:


In a batch file logging into the game you might have:


This program has the ability to replace your "BULLETIN.LST" file in the
BRE\GAME directory. If you have important information in your
BULLETIN.LST file, I suggest you read the rest of the documentation
before proceeding.

There are four options you can add to the RESOURCE.DAT file. They are
as follows:


These are case-insensitive, meaning you can enter them in all caps or
mix and match. It will work either way. Same with the true and false
entries along with the path names.

BreSpyBulletin: Booleen DEFAULT: FALSE
This options determines if you want a BULLETIN.LST format for your
file. If you enable this, BRESPY will add ^ANS or ^TXT and the ^END in
the file. It will also add text and ANSI screen clear codes. This
enables you to build online bulletins for your users to look at in the
BULLETINS section of the Main Menu of BRE. This is not intended to be
used on the I-P menu or the users will see ^ANS and ^TXT.

If you disable this option, it will create a file with one system right
after the other. This is useful for adding to the external score files
in the other menus. (See BRE's documentation on how to do this). You
can also make this available for users to download or put it in the
Text files section of your BBS.

Valid syntax for this option is only true or false.

BreSpyRealName: Booleen DEFAULT: FALSE
The option will give you the name of the BBS instead of TXT### and
ANS###. Your users will have alot more typing to do so you may prefer
the shortened method. This option only works if BRESPYBULLETIN is set
to true. The BBS names will show up in ALL CAPS, since that is the
requirement of BRE for it to display the bulletins.

Valid syntax for this option is only true or false.

This option determines if you want an ANSI file generated. It will
also take a file drive:\path\filename.ext too. If you set it to true
or false, it will enable or disable ANSI file generation. If you put a
path and filename in there you have to use quotes like this:

brespyansi "c:\bre\game\bulletin.lst"

This automatically ENABLES ANSI files when you define a filename like
this. The DEFAULT for this option is TRUE and the file it creates is
BRESPY.ANS. If you want to turn this option OFF, you have to set it to
FALSE in the RESOURCE.DAT file. BRESPY.ANS is generated in the
directory BRESPY is run from. If you run this option with
BRESPYBULLETIN set to TRUE, ANS### will show up in the bulletin. This
is short for ANSI. The best thing to do is have the users go to the
I-P Menu and get a listing from the I-P Mail option. They can print
out a list of all the boards by name and number. I chose this method
so the players don't have to type out the W H O L E B B S N A M E.
If I were attacking The Grand Illusion, I sure wouldn't want to type
that out all the time.

Valid syntax for this option is true or false or any VALID PATH.

This option works exactly the same way as BRESPYANSI, except it
determines if the TEXT files are generated. This will also take any
VALID PATH. The default for this option is OFF, and it generates
BRESPY.TXT. It also resides in the directory BRESPY was run from.
If you run this option with BRESPYBULLETIN set to TRUE, TXT### will
show up in the bulletin. See BRESPYANSI for why I chose this method.

NOTICE: You can name the ANSI file and the TEXT file the same! If you
do, BRESPY will append the TEXT information to the end of the ANSI
file. This is nice if you want to generate ANSI and TEXT files for
your bulletin menu in BRE. Here's how to do it:

brespybulletin true
brespyansi "game\bulletin.lst"
brespytext "game\bulletin.lst"

Valid syntax for this option is true or false or any VALID PATH.

brespybulletin false \
brespyansi false > This creates only BRESPY.TXT files
brespytext true / for online viewing.

brespybulletin true <-- This creates BRESPY.ANS, but
puts it in the main BRE dir.

brespybulletin true
brespyansi "c:\games\bre\game\bulletin.lst" <-- This makes
for online
from the

Just remember, if you enable BRESPYBULLETIN you will get the chars for
BRE to display the file with it's BULLETIN menu.

Checking the Bulletins:
Once you have setup the program and run through it, log into the game
and go to the BULLETINS. You will see a list of new bulletins generated
by BRESPY. They will be in the following format:


There will only be bulletins created for nodes in the BRNODES.DAT file.
The Number is the node of the system.

How to read the Data:
Empires are broken down into individual percentages. You get a
percentage for Regions and a percentage for NetWorth. You also get an
AVERAGE percentage out of 100%. This tells you what each player should
have if they are pulling their weight for the PLANET as a WHOLE. If
there are 10 players, then each player should have about 10% of the
Regions and 10% of the NetWorth. Why? Simple... When a Gooie Kablooie
hits, every player gets hit evenly. If the empires are way out of the
percentages, the BIG EMPIRES get hit harder and the SMALLER EMPIRES
hardly lose anything. This is also true for ALL board attacks. When
making an individual attack, you can pick out the targets on your ENEMY
PLANET(S) and find the Empire with the Higher percentage of Regions and
a Lower percentage of NetWorth. This tells you that the Empire can't
defend it's regions. This makes them an EASY TARGET. You can even look
at your own empire and see how you rank with the other players on your

Sample Output:
[ Azure Dreams #2 ][ Sierra Vista, AZ ][ 11/29/93 ]
# Empire Name Regions (%) NetWorth (%) Score

Pestulon 15 0.9% 0k 0.8% 4k
Exterminator 376 21.4% 19k 21.2% 6k
BudLand 426 24.2% 21k 22.9% 4k
Renland 722 41.0% 38k 41.0% 6k
Peracles Ostas 220 12.5% 13k 14.2% 3k

5 <-- Players Avg: 351 20.0% 18k 20.0% 4k
Node Number: 309/53 Total: 1,759 100.0% 94k 100.0% 24k

The date in the top right corner is the RECON date. This tells you the
last time your Planet recon'ed with the one you're looking at. If the
recon date is older than 2 days. (By the time it reaches the 3rd day),
this date will FLASH RED... (ANSI mode only) indicating the values
shown may not be valid. This has also proved helpful in determining
how regular a system is getting its daily polls into the HUB... You
shouldn't have any recon older than 2 days if all systems in the league
poll at least once a day. The node number defaults to whatever ZONE
you're in. Only NET and NODE are Shown, unless the entire #:###/### is
entered in the BRNODES.DAT file.

Error Messages:
Q: "Error: Can't find BRNODES.DAT"

A: Could not find the data file that has a list of all the nodes in it.
Be sure it's on the drive or obtain another one from your League
Coordinator. Fatal error - A list will not be generated.

Q: "Error: Can't find DATA\PLANET.BRE"

A: Could not find the data file it needs to build the bulletin(s). Check
to be sure the file exists. Also check the directory to be sure it
exists. Fatal error - A list will not be generated.

Q: "You disabled ANSI and TEXT output... You must enable one!"

A: You turned off both ANSI and TEXT output in the RESOURCE.DAT file.
Enable one or both. Silly error -- A list will not be generated.

Q: "Error: Can't open ..."

A: BRESPY can't open the file you defined in the RESOURCE.DAT file. Check
to be sure you didn't specify an Invalid drive, directory or filename.
Fatal error - A list will not be generated.

Q: "You can't use the BreSpyRealName option for ANSI and TEXT when
writting to a Bulletin -- Only the ANSI part was created by default."

A: This means you can't enable ANSI and TEXT and write to a BULLETIN file
using Real Names. If you did, it would create an ANSI and a TEXT
portion, but since the real name option is enabled you would have the
same name for the TEXT bulletin as you would the ANSI bulletin and have
no way to tell the difference between the two bulletin listings. In
short the REAL NAME would appear TWICE in the file you designated as
your BULLETIN file. BRE would display both bulletins, one right after
the other. While not fatal, it might not produce the output you want
it to.

Q: How come the OLD RECON DATE doesn't flash when I'm in local mode?

A: For some reason BRE doesn't handle the Flashing ANSI characters. The
author knows about this, so it will work whenever he has the time to
fix it. Otherwise you get a solid blue background with red characters.

Q: I added the filename to the ExternalScoresAnsi1 option in the
resource.dat file, but I can't get it to display in the I-P Menu.

A: You CANNOT add these bulletins to the I-P Menu since BRSCORES.EXE has
been changed. The author knows about this so it's up to him when it
gets fixed.

Program Info:
This program was written using Borland's Turbo C (C). Neither the
source for it or the structures for BRE will be released. Too much
damage could come to the game if it fell in the wrong hands. 🙁 You
can always FREQ the latest version from my system as BRESPY.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Mehul Patel for writting such a GREAT game!

Future Plans:
* An online help file you can read into the bulletins.

* I'll try to keep it current with the new versions of BRE as they come

Bug Reports:
Hopefully there are none, but if you find one of these critters, I need
to know SPECIFICALLY what went wrong. Not just -- "It doesn't display

Program History:
01/14/94 Added some more information to the docs, error messages to the
program and cleaned up the code. Main addition was the RealName
problem is now reported, where before it would let you get by
with it.

01/08/94 Initial Release of BRESpy v1.0.

Steve Meier
The Grand Illusion BBS
FidoNet -- 1:100/450

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