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Very nice DSZ log analyzer version 1.2. Handy for Sysops.
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Very nice DSZ log analyzer version 1.2. Handy for Sysops.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

AverageZ - DSZ LOG Analyzer v1.1
Copyright 1989 by Ken Rieck and Dave Masters

This is going to be short and sweet because I hate reading documentation

AverageZ was written over a period of one week using Turbo Pascal 5.5
while trying to teach ourselves pascal. It started when it was realized
that the LOG file that DSZ can create and maintain has a lot of useful
information, but in it's natural form the information isn't easy to grasp
as a whole. AverageZ will read the LOG file and compile the all the lines
into one, useful screen of information. The screen is divided into ZModem
transfers on the left, and all other protocols (like YModem, YModem-G,
XModem, etc.) on the right side. Version 1.1 will be the last release of
AverageZ. Due to the limitations of DSZ's logging capabilities, there are
only two things that you can tell from looking at the log file; whether it
was a ZModem transfer or a XModem/YModem transfer. We will continue to
support AverageZ through the Average Software Support Board which is
listed at the end of this document.

Running AverageZ is easy, you simply invoke it by typing:
AverageZ [filename.ext]
on the command line, [filename.ext] is optional. If you have the DSZLOG
environment variable set, AverageZ will read it and process the file that
it points to. If you have this variable set, but want to process a
different LOG file, putting it on the command line will override the
environment setting.

There are only two DOS-type errors that AverageZ looks for: if the file
doesn't exist or if the file is in the wrong format. If it is in the
wrong format, AverageZ abort with a message telling you the line number
(in the LOG file) where the error occurred and you can then edit the LOG
to remove or correct the erroneous line. Below is a sample of what a
proper DSZ LOG file line looks like:

Z 166947 19200 bps 1084 cps 0 errors 0 128 0
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Block Size
Flow Control
Error Count
Characters Per Second
Comm Port Speed
File Size
Protocol Used

There's no need to go into depth about all the different items on each
line, if you want more information about it, consult the DSZ

AverageZ will handle up to nine incorrectly formatted lines in your log
file. If your LOG has bad lines in it, simply use a straight ASCII editor
(like QEDIT) to fix the problem.

If you haven't set the DSZLOG variable in your environment, you should


to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Once you do this, DSZ will maintain a log of
all your transfers. Again, if you want more information about the DSZLOG=
variable, consult the DSZ documentation.

If you like the program, then tell your friends about it and upload it to
your favorite BBS.

Acknowledgements -

We'd like to thank the following:

Omen Technologies - Without them, this program wouldn't have a reason to exist.

You - For downloading and trying this program.

If you find any bugs, we'd appreciate a call to the Average Software
Support Board - Data Trax (619) 433-8564. Data Trax features near-instant
verification and security upgrade using the PCBVerify callback door, so
you call once, get callback verified, and then your access is upgraded
instantly. If you'd rather not call, then you can send a postcard to:

Average Software
3682 Cliff Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

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