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The BOOKIE JOINT is a football betting game -- BBS Door game.
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The BOOKIE JOINT is a football betting game — BBS Door game.
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Contents of the BOOKIE.DOC file

(c) MCMXC No Anchovies Enterprises

This computer software is distributed as is with no warranties
either expressed or implied. The author of this software will in no
way be held responsible for damages resulting from using this product.

This software is distributed as shareware which allows you to use
it on a trial basis for a period not to exceed 30 days. By using this
software beyond the trial period, you agree to the terms of this
license agreement and disclaimer of warranty.

This software may not be reproduced in any manner without the
written consent of it's author - Frank Capo

Registration of this software entitles you to use it on one
computer for your own personal use. You may not transfer it in any
way to any other person or computer without written permission of the


page 1

What's it all about?

The BOOKIE JOINT is a football betting game (intended for amusement
only, of course) that will give your users a chance to pit their
football handicapping skills against each other. Unlike most BBS
games, The BOOKIE JOINT gets its input from REAL LIFE football games
making it as unpredictable as football itself and a door that will
become "new" with each passing week and each new football season.

As SysOp, you have the responsibility of deciding which games to
enter into each week's schedule and gathering and entering the data
needed to make the the whole thing come alive (this data can be found
in most newspapers).

The BOOKIE JOINT is written in QuickBASIC 4.5 using the GAPQBDR
library. As such, it is intended for GAP and PCBOARD systems but can
easily be adapted to most others using one of the many conversion
utilities available. Dave Bucci of The Happy Hacker BBS (216-992-6930)
has had no problem running this door on his Wildcat system using the
PRELOG conversion utility.

page 2

Setting up The BOOKIE JOINT:

You need to create a configuration text file. Call it anything as
long as the name conforms to DOS specs. I've included a "SAMPLE.CFG"
file in the archive to assist you. This config file *** MUST *** have
five lines. Each line *** MUST *** have the following (tailored to
your system):

line 1 ->c:\bbs <- The path to your BBS main directory
line 2 ->No Anchovies IV <- The name of your BBS
line 3 ->0 <- 0 if you run GAP, 1 if you run PCBOARD
line 4 ->c:\bbs\bulls\file <- The path & filename for ANSI bulletin
line 5 ->c:\bbs\bulls\file <- The path & filename for ASCII bulletin

NOTE: The bulletins feature of The BOOKIE JOINT can be disabled by
entering the word NONE on line 4 and line 5. Anything other
than the word NONE will be interpreted as a path\filename and,
if the program can't find the path, it will error out.

You'll also need some way to start The BOOKIE JOINT. Use the
method you use for your other doors. Usually, this means writing a
BAT file - something like this:

echo off
cd \bbs\doors\bookie <- path to The BOOKIE JOINT's directory
bookie bookie.cfg <- invokes the door with config file name
cd \bbs <- change back to BBS main dir
bbs <- run the BBS

NOTE: line #3 above MUST contain the name of the door "bookie" and the
name of the config file "bookie.cfg". The config file name can
be any DOS filename. This is done to allow for multi-node oper-
ation. Single node systems MUST also include this file name.

page 3

Before starting it up:

Before initial startup (and starting new seasons thereafter) you
need to check a few files and edit them if need be. These files are:

1 - COLTEAM.TXT - Contains the names of the college teams you wish
to have available for the season. It's a standard ASCII file
and can be edited with your text editor. THIS FILE CAN BE
FILE. Also, line #1 of this file MUST have the EXACT number
of teams contained in the file. If you add new teams, change
this number.

2 - PROTEAM.TXT - Contains the names & abbreviations of the Pro teams.
It's ASCII and can be edited - BUT - there cannot be more than
28 teams contained in the file. When the NFL expands, I'll
have to rewrite things a bit.
Each team entry consists of the team's name on a line and
the team's abbreviation on the following line. Abbreviations
MUST be no more than 3 characters. Teams are grouped BY
DIVISION in the following order:


3 - BOOKSTUP.TXT - Contains information VITAL to the door's operation.
There MUST be exactly 5 lines:

Line 1 -- 90 <- Current season (last 2 digits of year)
Line 2 -- 1 <- Current COLLEGE betting week
Line 3 -- 1 <- Current PRO betting week
Line 4 -- 10000 <- Amount to open new accounts with
Line 5 -- 500 <- Maximum allowable bet per game

NOTES: Line 1 is the last 2 digits of the current season.
Even if the year changes during the season, keep this
number the same.
Lines 2 & 3 are maintained by the door itself. All
you need to do is make sure you start a new season with
both lines set to '1'. Do not edit these two lines after
a season starts.
Line 4 should be kept at an amount that will make the
users fear running out of money. Too high here and the
game loses some realism. Too low and you make it difficult
for a user to survive a whole season. Do not edit this
number after a season starts.
Line 5 cannot exceed 30000. It can be changed during
the season, but make sure you make it fair to all users.

If you have a registered version of The BOOKIE JOINT, you'll also
need to make sure your 'SERIES' files are in order. For a new
installation, this means unpacking the SERIES.ZIP file. The SERIES
files are maintained by the door and MUST be kept from season to
season to allow for game continuity.

page 4

Starting The BOOKIE JOINT:

OK, now you're ready to fire it up!!! You may have noticed by
now that The BOOKIE JOINT is in two parts. There are 2 .EXE's.
BOOKIE.EXE is the actual door. BOOKSYS.EXE is the SysOp utility part
of the system. Assuming all is well, run the BOOKSYS.EXE file from
the DOS prompt, no need to start up the BBS yet.
You'll notice the SysOp Utilities menu is in 2 parts. The first
3 choices are functions you'll perform weekly during the season.
The last 4 choices (4-7) are FOR EMERGENCY ONLY. There's always a
chance that something unexpected can happen, be it system errors or
SysOp errors. Thus the reasons for these last 4 menu selections.

The SysOp Utilities:

1- Enter/Edit/Update weekly schedules. DO THIS FIRST! Entering week-
ly schedules is done in TWO PARTS. If the file for a new week
doesn't exist (it shouldn't unless schedule files are available
ahead of time), you'll be asked if you want to create it. YES!!!
Next you enter the date and time of each game, a description of
the game (if desired), and the home and away team numbers. Follow
the prompts.
Now, from the utilities menu, choose #1 again. This time you
will be told that the file exists and if you want to Add to or Edit
the file. Choose EDIT. You'll see a list the games you entered
and now you must enter the favored teams (if any) and the point
spreads for each game.

NOTE: It is VERY possible that a complete set of regular season
NFL schedule files will be available for each season. This
will take some of the work out of running The BOOKIE JOINT.
if these files are available, all you'll need to do is edit
them each week putting in the favored team numbers and the
point spreads. This information can be found in almost any
newspaper. Postseason (playoff) schedules and college
schedules will be left up to you.

Also, this function is used to enter the final scores for each game
by again choosing to EDIT the schedule. FOLLOW THE PROMPTS!!!

After editing a game, you're asked if you want to update GAME
stats. Answer YES. If you've entered final scores, you'll be
asked if you want to update the TEAM stats. Answer YES ONLY AFTER
YOU'RE SURE ALL GAME DATA IS ACCURATE!!! In cases where you're
just entering point spreads and favored teams, you will not be
asked to update TEAM stats.

2- Update User Accounts, Collect/Payoff bets. This function should be
performed after AND ONLY AFTER you've entered final scores for each
game on the weekly schedule and updated all the TEAM stats (#1
above). There's not much to it really. It does all the work for
you. Just make sure you've entered all the data necessary to make
each game on the schedule final.

3- Open a new betting week. This function is used after the above 2
steps have been completed. You should have a schedule of games
(and point spreads for each game) ready to go for the new week. If
not, simply go to step 1 above (menu choice #1) and Enter/Edit the
new week's schedule.

page 5

SysOp function keys available:

F5 Shell to DOS
F8 Twit User <- puts user back to BBS
F10 Initiate CHAT
Control-F10 Answer Page
Home User Stats
End Show keys available
Page Down Secondary User Stats
UP Arrow Increase user's time left by 5 minutes (per keypress)
DOWN Arrow Decrease user's time left by 5 minutes (per keypress)


About The BOOKIE JOINT's other files:

BOOKWLC<- Mono welcome screen
BOOKWLCG<- Color welcome screen
BOOKMNU <- Mono Menu screen
BOOKMNUG <- Color Menu screen
BOOKINF<- Mono general information file
BOOKINFG <- Color general information file

The above are somewhat standard ASCII and ANSI files. The G on
the end denotes an ANSI color file. Editing these files is NOT

More files:

COLTEAM.DAT <- Random access file. Created and maintained by
the door. Contains COLLEGE team data.
PROTEAM.DAT <- Random access file. Created and maintained by
the door. Contains PRO team data.
BOOKUSER.DAT <- Random access file. Created and maintained by
the door. Contains user's name, wins, losses,
ties and account balance.
xWEEK-nn <- Random access file. Created and maintained by
the door. Contains weekly schedule data.
xBETS-nn <- Random access file. Created and maintained by
the door. Contains user's weekly betting


All of the above may confuse you at first. But, as with any new
piece of software, it will untangle itself after a few go-'rounds.

If there are questions or problems concerning any functions of or
any other aspect of The BOOKIE JOINT, you can reach me on my BBS
(216-466-1152) or call The Happy Hacker (216-992-6930). I can also be
reached on Compuserve (74156,3514), EXEC-PC, and Rusty & Edie's.

page 6


The unregistered version of The BOOKIE JOINT will not allow for
more than 5 users in the data file and does not come with SERIES data
files (see below). To register, send check or money order for
$20.00 (US) to:

No Anchovies
1205 Lake Ave.
Ashtabula, OH. 44004

Registration entitles you to any updates due to bug fixes. You
will also receive a set of 28 'SERIES' data files which contain NFL
game stats dating back to 1984 for use with the 'Past Performances'
feature of The BOOKIE JOINT. Also, you will be given any schedule
files that become available (as soon as I get my hands on an official
NFL schedule).
Enhanced versions of The BOOKIE JOINT may become available at a
reduced price to registered users, however, no enhancements are
planned at this time.

Please include your name and your BBS name and number. You will
receive the registered version by return mail or I will upload it to
your BBS. I have found that in most cases, uploading the files to
your BBS is the fastest and easiest way to distribute my doors.

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