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Stops random function key message in SLMR.
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Stops random function key message in SLMR.
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Contents of the SLMRFIX.TXT file

Should you be interested, the 'Hack point' for SLMR v2.1A is as
follows to remove the "Press Fn to Continue" on the opening screen.

The only thing that is bypassed is the annoying request to hit the
random function key to continue with Slmr. Everything else still
works as delivered. Do NOT use this information to patch SLMR 2.0 or

Method 1) Using a binary editor (not Debug) on SLMR.EXE v2.1A
(250720 bytes). All values are hex.

At Offset : 8BD6
Change : E8 88 D9 ( a call instruction )
To : 90 90 90 ( three noop instructions )

Save and exit.

Method 2) Using dos and debug on SLMR.EXE v2.1A (250720 bytes).

Rename slmr.exe slmr.bin (dos cmd)
debug slmr.bin (dos cmd)
F 8CD6 L3 90 (debug fill cmd)
W (debug write cmd)
Q (debug quit cmd)
Rename slmr.bin slmr.exe (dos cmd)

You may note that with a binary editor the hack address is at
offset 8BD6 hex, and with debug the address is at 8CD6 hex. This
is normal as debug loads the binary file offset by 100 hex bytes
in memory.

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