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Xlax version 2.50 FidoNet Nodelist Compilier, this is one of the best Nodelist compiling programs that is out there. This is very fast, and very good.
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Xlax version 2.50 FidoNet Nodelist Compilier, this is one of the best Nodelist compiling programs that is out there. This is very fast, and very good.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

XlaxNode 2.50 Release Notes Page 1

Notes for 2.50 Update

Supports the V7 nodelist used by Opus 1.70 and Binkley 2.50.
Also adds point support to the V5 and V6 nodelist. Includes
minor bug fix for MAXBAUD processing.

Notes for 2.42 Update

Fixed bug that caused zero-length QuickBBS 2.75 files to be

Notes for 2.41 Update

Fixed bug that caused Remote Access NODELIST.INC file to be
created even when it was not requested.

Fixed bug in parser that prevented QuickBBS 2.75 format files.

Fixed bug that caused overlay load counter to always display

XlaxDiff fix: NoGate's PAK program can add archive and file
comments, as well as a security envelope, after the archive's end
marker. XlaxDiff was getting confused and trying to read past
EOF, and displaying "disk read error".

XlaxDiff was also getting an "Access Denied" error from DOS (on
the NUL device, of all things) on some systems that use SHARE.

Notes for 2.40 Update

Changes to MODEMTRANS: Fixed a bug that prevented matching
nodelist flags containing lowercase characters (V32b). Increased
search string from 10 to 20 characters. Increased prefix and
suffix strings from 10 to 30 characters.

Added support for the RemoteAccess Nodelist formats. Please see
XlaxNode.Doc for full information, including certain differences
between the operation of XlaxNode and the RA compiler.

Added support for QuickBBS 2.75 Nodelist formats. This is based
on preliminary information and cannot be verified until the
software is released.

XlaxNode 2.50 Release Notes Page 2

Fixed XlaxDiff to allow hyphens in directory names. Updated docs
to include solutions for a number of common problems.

Notes for 2.35 Update

Fixed a problem that caused the program to lock up when the
Version 6 nodelist was requested and a nodelist input line had a
null flags field.

Notes for 2.34 Update

The 2.33 Archive had a damaged OVR file. In order to prevent
confusion, the corrected archive is released as 2.34. There are
no program changes.

Notes for the 2.32 to 2.33 Update

Routing class support is available for Seadog 4.5.

File sharing violations on certain networks have been corrected.

FrontDoor PCP processing is available. When this feature is
activated, the PCP.FDA file is created.

If the OZone statement was used to suppress a zone's Admin nodes
(i.e. OZONE 1:1 -), the Zone Coordinator's record in the
FrontDoor nodelist was corrupted.

FrontDoor 1.99b changed the name of the NODELIST.FDA to
FDNODE.FDA. If you are using an older FrontDoor, rename the file

Minor bug fixes and documentation updates. Clarification of
license requirement for International users.

Notes for XlaxNode 2.31 to 2.32 Update

FrontDoor nodelist format is changed to support Gamma 1.13 or
later. Older versions of FrontDoor are not supported.

Documentation is updated to describe special considerations for
FrontDoor users.

Documentation is updated to describe handling of Hold, Down and
Private nodes.

XlaxNode 2.50 Release Notes Page 3

Support for dual mode modem users is improved. Commands that
were previously intended to support a single modem flag (HST or
PEP) now support multiple flags (HST and V32) at the same time:

o Multiple flag strings are permitted on the MAXBAUD

o Multiple ModemString commands can now be used.

o Multiple Cxl-Strings can be used on the Pursuit command.

XlaxDiff will now unarc a NodeList even if no applicable NodeDiff
files are present. This facilitates automatic processing when
NodeDiffs are not used.

Several bugs are squashed:

o Problem with "Access Denied" messages is corrected. If you
marked XlaxNode.Ovr read-only to bypass this problem, be
sure to change it back before installing this version.

o FrontDoor Nodelist: Underscores were sometimes left in node
and sysop names. Independent nodes were host routed to RC
and admin nodes routed to ZC.

o Seadog Nodelist: If a node had a Hub or IGate, the node was
listed as its own hub, causing Seadog not to hub route.

o Under DOS 4.0 and/or network operation, Access Denied errors
were generated.

o Incorrectly formatted PCP.DAT files could cause
unpredicatble results.

o The first syntax error will not abort the control file scan.
The entire file will be syntax checked.

o XlaxDiff did not correctly support drive or path names in
the /X switch.

Notes for XlaxNode 2.22 to 2.31 Update

NOTE: Version 2.30 had a serious bug and should not be used!

Program now has an OVR (overlay) file that must be in the same
directory as the EXE file. Memory usage is reduced by about 20k.

Support added for FrontDoor (FDLIST) and TPBoard (TPBLIST). See
documentation for full details.

XlaxNode 2.50 Release Notes Page 4

ZONE statement fixed so comments or extra white space don't cause
syntax error messages.

DELIMITEDFILE fixed to correctly handle PC Pursuit and
corrections made to documentation.

The only statement that may preceed NODE in the control file is
INCLUDE, and only one NODE statement may appear.

Nodes appearing in control statements (BAUD, PHONE, FLAG, etc.)
but not in the nodelist will be reported at the end of the run.
Most likely, these represent typographical errors and should be

Processing for #CM: has been changed to support the FTSC's
nodelist flags proposal.

Notes for XlaxNode 2.10 to 2.22 Update

This release represents some minor bug fixes and enhancements.
None of the changes should be traumatic.

Warning: Generic MS-DOS machines (Rainbow, H/Z-100) MUST use the
/G (generic) switch on both XlaxNode and XlaxDiff command lines
so ANSI escape sequences are generated. Otherwise, PC BIOS calls
are used and ANSI.SYS is not needed.

Warning: The default for REPORT has been changed to NOREPORT to
be consistent will the defaults for all other other output files.
If you want REPORT, ask for it.

Warning: The WARTS/NOWARTS command has been deleted. NOWARTS is

Warning: All input nodelists with standard Fidonet header lines
will have their CRC's verified and any errors reported. At the
completion of all normal processing, an error level of 2 will be
generated. The integrity of the output nodelists is
questionable, but you may use them if you desire.

Feature: (at least to some) The "!" option on MYLIST and PVTLIST
allows zoned lists like Alternet, Eggnet or FamilyNet to be
treated as Regions within your own Zone. This allows direct
communication without the use of a ZoneGate.

Feature: XlaxNode accepts -Cfilename on the command line to
override the default control file name.

Feature: All memory management is dynamic. Just like American
Excess, there are no preset limits. If you are using an
XlaxNode.Cfg file, you may delete it.

XlaxNode 2.50 Release Notes Page 5

Feature: MODEMSTRING inserts a special dialing prefix if
specified string (e.g. PEP) appears in nodelist flags.

Feature: PURSUIT command cxl-string option will cancel PC Pursuit
processing if specified string (e.g. HST) appears in nodelist

Feature: XPURSUIT will cancel PC Pursuit processing for specified
node number(s).

Feature: PCPMARKER and HOSTMARKER control flagging of Pursuitable
and Host Routed nodes.

Feature: XlaxNode and XlaxDiff now handle year-end wrap-around of
nodelist numbers.

Featurette: NOPROGRESS now suppresses the display of city pnames
during PCP loading.

Bug Removed: Shell code used in XlaxNode for the Update command
and XlaxDiff to invoke (un)archiver sometimes munged a few byte
of stack or heap, causing lockups or strange output.

Bug Removed: If a Seadog nodelist was produced in the same run as
a nodelist with Pursuit processing, then Seadog nodelist received
PCP baud rates and costs.

Bug Removed: PCP control file would sometimes be loaded when not
needed, wasting time and memory, but not affecting any output

Bug Removed: If BinkList was the only output file requested, the
program gave the "No Files Requested" error.

Bug Removed: The obsolete command OPUSLIST was still honored.

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