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Compiles a Birthday List of users for WWIV BBS's.
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Compiles a Birthday List of users for WWIV BBS’s.
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Contents of the BIRTHDAY.DOC file

Birthday v1.01
Copyright (c) 1992 by Cris McRae
All Rights Reserved

A Birthday List Generator for
WWIV v4.20-4.21a BBS Systems


What is Birthday v1.01? It is a program written for WWIV v4.20-4.21a BBS
systems, and it generates a listing of users with birthdays on the current
date, the day before, and the day after. Here is a sample file output:

Birthday v1.01 (c) 1992 by Cris McRae
Birthday Listing for 09/18/92


Jafo The Painter
Phantom Of The Opera De Bug

I changed my system date to my birthday to generate the above listing. It is
nice to know who has the same birthday as you. Generally, you run it once a
day in your daily event batch file.


To install Birthday v1.01, you must unzip BIRTHDAY.ZIP to your main WWIV BBS
directory. Here is what should be included in the archive:

BIRTHDAY.DOC - You're reading it
BDAY32 .EXE - Birthday v1.01 executable file (32 subs)
BDAY64 .EXE - Birthday v1.01 executable file (64 subs)
BDAY32F .EXE - Birthday v1.01 executable file (32 subs with FROM mod)
BDAY64F .EXE - Birthday v1.01 executable file (64 subs with FROM mod)
BIRTHDAY.CFG - Birthday v1.01 configuration file

You should copy the appropriate BDAY???.EXE file to BIRTHDAY.EXE. Before you
run BIRTHDAY.EXE, you must edit the BIRTHDAY.CFG to suit your needs. Here is
what to put in the file:

Line 1: Y ; Do you want an ASCII list generated (Y/N)?
Line 2: Y ; Do you want an ANSI list generated (Y/N)?
Line 3: C:\WWIV\GFILES ; Path for your ASCII Birthday list
Line 4: C:\WWIV\GFILES ; Path for your ANSI Birthday list

Notice the filename is not specified in lines 3 and 4. The filename for the
Birthday lists will be BIRTHDAY.MSG and BIRTHDAY.ANS.

Once you have edited the BIRTHDAY.CFG file, put BIRTHDAY.EXE in your daily
event batch file so it can be processed nightly.


Version 1.00 (11/01/92)
Initial release

Version 1.01 (11/06/92)
Fixed color bug
Changed ASCII output file to BIRTHDAY.MSG for WWIV printfile
Optimized C code a little


Birthday v1.01 (c) 1992 by Cris McRae

If you have any comments or questions about this program, you can reach me
at the following addresses:

JAFO 1@1 TerraNET
1@8857 IceNET
1@8861 WWIVnet

This program is Shareware. Please distribute it freely.

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