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Power Bulletin Board system, similiar to PCBoard.
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Power Bulletin Board system, similiar to PCBoard.
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Contents of the ORDER.TXT file


POWERbbs Order Form

PowerBBS for WINDOWS (Windows Version): This version of PowerBBS,
includes WINDOWS Protocols, and all the advanced features
that PowerBBS has to offer as a BBS. This bbs is
good, if you are looking to run your BBS on one computer
(without SHARE LOADED, as it is not needed). SHARING is not
supported in this version, but as long as you are running on one computer
(and do not have SHARE loaded) it should not be needed.
Normal Price is $99 per copy.

PowerBBS for WINDOWS (Windows Professional (Commercial) Version):
This version of PowerBBS, includes all the features of the Windows
Version. In addition, SHARING support is included for NETWORK
support. As long as you have WINDOWS working and configured for your
NETWORK, PowerBBS will use WINDOWS internal SHARING skemes
to make the information available to all your nodes.
You are licensed to use PowerBBS at one location (building or
a home), with this version. This is also a license to use PowerBBS
for Commerical use.
The Professional Version includes built in capabilities to permit
your user to download and upload mail, using the QuickMail
Normal Price is $180 per copy.

PowerBBS for DOS
This version of PowerBBS is our DOS Version. It runs under DOS and
any DOS Multitasker for fast operation. Requires a FOSSIL driver to
operate. You lose out on the WINDOWS capabilities, but PowerBBS for
DOS runs much quicker (and also on XTs). DOS version includes
the capability for your users to download/upload mail.
Normal Price is $99 per copy.

PowerBBS for DOS/MultiLine
This features everything the normal DOS program features, but is
capable of using most major multiport cards (such as Digiboard,
Intel Hub, and any other IRQ Sharing card with UARTS on it).
PowerBBS for DOS/Multiline will enable you to run 32+ lines on
one computer using Desqview or other multitasker.
Normal Price is $180 per copy.

PowerMatch - PowerDOOR
PowerMATCH is a door application for your users to get to know others
on the board (and MATCH them up with others). Comes with DOS & WINDOWS
.EXE, along with the COMPLETE SOURCE CODE to be used with the FREE
Normal Price is $50 per copy.

Special PowerBBS (DOS/MULTILINE) & MultiPORT Card Bundles!

The following products come bundled with MultiPort Cards by
Willies' Computer Software Co. You can have up to two four port
cards in one machine. The IRQs that may be selected are IRQs
3,4,5,6,7, and 9.

Bundled Prices:

PowerMulti-4: PowerBBS (DOS/MULTILINE) and one
4-Port MultiPort Card with 16450 Uarts $275.00

PowerMulti-4A:PowerBBS (DOS/MULTILINE) and one
4-Port MultiPort Card with 16550A Uarts $299.00

PowerMulti-8:PowerBBS (DOS/MULTILINE) and TWO
4-Port MultiPort Cards with 16450 Uarts $360.00

PowerMulti-8A:PowerBBS (DOS/MULTILINE) and TWO
4-Port MultiPort Cards with 16550A Uarts$420.00

Payment should be made by check. (Payable to Russell Frey)

For the latest ORDERING INFORMATION, call the SUPPORT line at (516) 822-7396

You can order (voice) with a MasterCard/Visa/American Express by
calling 1-800-966-4832. Out of the USA call 713-498-4832

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Remit to: Russell Frey
35 Fox Ct.
Hicksville, NY 11801

Price Total
Program/Description # Copies Per Copy Cost

PowerBBS for WINDOWS Bulletin Board System
(Windows Version) _________ $99.00 _____________

PowerBBS for WINDOWS Bulletin Board System
(Windows Professional Version) _________ $180.00 _____________

PowerBBS for DOS _________ $99.00 _____________

PowerBBS for DOS/MULTILINE _________ $180.00 _____________

PowerMATCH PowerDOOR & Source Code _________ $50.00 _____________

Professional Bundle.
One DOS/MultiLine with
One Windows Professional Version _________ $300.00 _____________

Name ___________________________________________________________________

Full Name to be used as SysOp ______________________________________________

BBS # (______) _______________________

Home # (______) _______________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________




Have you ever run a BBS before? Yes No

If yes, what BBS Software did you use? ____________________________________

Where did you learn about PowerBBS? ________________________________________

Why did you select PowerBBS? ________________________________________________


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