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Opus 1.10 User File structures in Turbo Pascal.
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Opus 1.10 User File structures in Turbo Pascal.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Opus 1.10 User File Structures
in Turbo Pascal Version 4.0 - 6.0

Brought to you by CollisionWare(tm) Premium SoftWare
Translated from C by Kito D. Mann

Collision Theory(tm) BBS (703)503-9441


Files included in this zipfile:

O110USER.PAS Opus 1.10 User File structures in Turbo Pascal - source file
O110USER.TPU Compiled source code under TP 5.5 (re-compilation
necessary for TP 4,5 & 6)
CWFILES.COM List of other CollisionWare software
README.TXT (This file)


Since I am not a C programmer (yet), this translation took a little bit
of work. I did it in order to make CollisionWare's voting program, FastVote,
directly compatible with Opus v1.10 and higher. Considering that I haven't
seen any other Opus 1.10 structure translations in Pascal, I decided I'd
release this one. The code is far from a perfect translation, and any one
who can furthur clarify it is welcome to do so (and PLEASE send my a copy!).
The strucures which I couldn't recognize were left as comments in the
Pascal unit. At any rate, the code was successful for me, and hopefully it
will help other Pascal programmers write programs for Opus as well.

I have included one extra function in the unit, PToString, which is
defined as follows:

PToString(PrivNum : integer) : Long {String[10]};

This function will take any opus access level (all of them are declared as
constants in the unit) and return the equivilant string. This is helpful
when writing programs that must display the access level to the user.

Well, good luck to everyone who uses this unit. If for some reason
you don't trust it, try a copy of CollisionWare's voting program, FastVote
(the latest version is distributed as FVOTE220.ZIP). This unit is used in
that program.

Kito D. Mann
President, CollisionWare(tm) Premium SoftWare
* Collision Theory(tm) BBS * (703)503-9441 * Home of FastVote *

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