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Incognito - A name altering BBS Door for PcBoard.
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Incognito – A name altering BBS Door for PcBoard.
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Contents of the INC.DOC file

Version 1.0

A name altering Door

A PCBoard 14.5x Door
Written By Gary R. Smith
Copyright (c), 1990 All Rights Reserved

Latest Version always on

The Nightowl BBS
(803) 569-1166 (HST)

TandyLand Bulletin Board
(803) 875-2019 (HST)

INCOGNITO is the newest in PCBoard Utility Doors from RNBB

Features of INCOGNITO:

o Allows sysop to add or subtract time by use of the UP/Down
arrow keys

o Time is automatically added or subtracted from the time
the user has spent on your system that day.

o Detects Loss of carrier

o Can operate at speeds up to 38400 Baud

o Will automatically log user off after 4 minutes of no
keyboard activity

o Can be operated in a MultiNetwork Board

o Allows sysop total control of users allowed in system.

o Writes a message to the sysop when a user requests to
be validated in the INCOGNITO Door.

o Writes a message back to the user letting them know when
they have been verified by the sysop.

o Allows the sysop to pick the default Security Level to be
used with the ALIAS Name.

o Always informs the user Which Name is being used prior to
closing the Door.

o Allows the Sysop to select which conferences the user is
allowed in while using his alias name. (1 Conference for
Unregistered versions, 5 for registered Versions)

Setting up INCOGNITO: (Refered to as INC after this)

Setting up INC is very simple and straight forward. If
you have set up other PCBoard doors then you will have no
problem at all with this door. This door WILL NOT work with
conversion routines provided for other types of BBS's. It
was written especially for PCBoard 14.5x systems only.

First you need to create a directory from which INC will run
from. (We suggest INC for this setup) Next copy all the files
contained in the file to that directory.

(ex. D:\PCB\DOORS\INC\ )

Next you will need to create a configuration file. Below is a
sample provided:

INC.CNF (INC1.CNF or INC2.CNF for multinodes)

D:\PCB <- The dir where you BBS files reside
RNBB Technologies <- The Name of your BBS
1 <- Must be a "1" for PCBoard operation
10 <- Security Level for all Alias's
1 ADULTS <- Conference Number and Name
5 Pets <- " "
10 Jokes <- " "
12 Sysops <- " "
25 Kids <- " "

(Only use 0 if you want users to use alia's in the main board)

NOTE: Only the first conference will be read if your version is
unregistered. If you have a registered version you can have up to
five conferences. If you need more than this, write me and I will
make a special version just for you (ONLY if your registered).

NOTE1: (This .CNF file goes in the Incognito directory)

Next you will need to create the INC batch file that
PCBoard will call when the door is selected. Below is the
example of this file. You will need to change it to work with
your particular system.


@echo off
CD \pcb\doors\INC
CD \pcb

NOTE: (This file goes in your PCBoard directory)

Now place the INC batch file in your BBS directory.

Note: Remember PCBoard does not expect to find a .BAT on the end
of the file

The last thing left to do is to add INC to your PCBoard Doors
file. The PCBoard documentation should help you with this if you
have any problems. (INC does not require that a Sys file or a
Users File be created.) You should ensure that the security level
to open the door is lower than or at least equal to the security
level you have placed in the cnf file. This will allow the users
to reopen the door after getting the lower security level.


1. In your INC.CNF file you should have placed the number and
name of the conferences you that you want your users with alias's
to be allowed in.

2. Now modify the each conference using PCBSETUP and reset
'auto-rejoin conference' flag to 'Y'. If this is not done, INC
will return the user to the Main Board Conference with thier
Alias and New Security Level.

3. This ensures that INC will place that user in the
conference they select.

4. You must now change PCBoard.dat file using PCBSETUP so
that a user cannot (A)bandon or (J)oin a conference when they are
at the alias security level. They should be able to at a minimum
(R)ead messages, (E)nter messages, and (OPEN) doors (Or at least
reopen the incognito door so they can get back to thier Real Name
and security level.

Make sure that after changing the parameters that you do not
affect what commands your regular non-aliased users can/cannot

5. Last but not least you must add the alias security level to
your PCBoard 'PWRD' file. It would be wise to create a PCBoard
security-specific logon file so that if a user logs on with his
alias security level, they will be reminded that they are still
using thier alias.

(SUGGESTION) We would like to suggest that you make a security LOGON
file for the security level you select for alias users, so that in
the likely hood that they log off with thier alias name they will
understand that they need to open the INC door to restore thier
previous Name and Security Level.

Your now all set to run INCOGNITO !!...


Now that you have set up the incognito door, I can imagine that
you are all ready to get into it and see what it does. Incognito
is a door utility that allows sysops the capability of allowing
his users to use an alias name. This can be very handy when
dealing with message bases of an adult nature or where an alias
would be preferred.

By opening the INC door you as the sysop will view a short menu
of items that you may preform.

The menu is as follows:

1. Lets you elect to use your REAL or ALIAS name. (Note that
your security level is not changed)

2. Change your ALIAS name. Unlike the users you may change
your alias name at any time.

3. Verify Users. If you choose to verify a user that has
requested an alias (A message will be written to you when the
users opens the door and makes his request), the user will be
able to use the alias he has selected at the security level you
have assigned. A message will be written to the main message base
informing the user when he has been verified.

4. Delete a User. This option allows the sysop to delete
users by their REAL name only. The entire record will be cleaned

5. Return to board. Returns you to the board.


When the user wishes to enter conferences that you have set up to
be used with alias's or just separate security levels, he may
apply to you for an alias via the INC door. Once the user opens
the door they will be asked for thier request. Upon entering the
alias INC will check for duplicates to ensure that no one else is
using the alias as an Alias or Real Name. The user is then
informed that the request has been noted and is returned to the
Main Board with thier REAL name and Original Security Level.

If in the interm the user opens the INC door and the SYSOP has
not verified the user, The user will be informed that you have
not verified them as of yet and to keep a watch in the message
base for the confirmation. (Note: INC will write the confirmation
message to the user, If you however do not wish to honor his
request you may delete the user. You must also leave a message to
the user informing them of your actions if you wish. INC will not
perform negative responses.)

If you do elect to verify the user, a confirmation letter will be
written to the Main Message Base.

Once verified, the user will be asked to use thier Alias Name. If
they select to use the Alias, The menu of conferences they can
join will be presented to them. (This comes from the INC.CNF
file). They will be informed of thier Current selection of Real
or Alias Name and then returned to the board in the confernce of
thier choice.

When the user decides to end the session of the Alias, they will
enter the INC door again and they will be asked if they would
like to switch to thier real name. If the users select their Real
Name they will be returned to the Main Board Conference area (0)
with their real name and original security level. Thier time is
automatically adjusted for each security level.

Now for the part you probably don't want to read...

INCOGNITO is Shareware. You are granted a THREE week trial
period in which you may evaluate INCOGNITO. If you continue
to utilize this product you are required to register it with
the author. If you do not register INCOGNITO within the
required timeframe allowed, You are REQUIRED to remove it
from your board.

This program is not crippled in any way. It is full featured
in that it will do everything that a Registered version
will. Registering will remove the Not registered screens
and the pause at the beginning of the program.

If you register your copy of INCOGNITO, you will receive a
registration file called INC.REG, Which will allow you to
place your registered name in the appropriate places when
the door is operated, and as mentioned above the pause will
disappear from the beginning of the file. Also when
INCOGNITO writes the messages to the Main Message Base it
will not print "Unregistered Version" anymore, and you will
be allowed up to five conferences instead of one.

And the most important part of registering is that you will
have peace of mind knowing that you did. The Non registered
version and cost of the program will not be displayed on
your screen anymore either, and you will be credited on the
closing screen for supporting door authors and shareware.

To register your copy of INCOGNITO, Fill out the form
Register.doc and mail it along with 20.00 to :

Gary R. Smith
5012 Olde Mill Drive
Marietta, Georgia, 30066

Make all checks payable to
Gary R. Smith

All checks must be drawn from U.S. Banks...No forgien
currency will be accepted. (This includes Canadien)

Please include in the Registration form, exactly how you
would like your BBS name to appear on the Closing Screen.


I make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including
without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or
fitness for a particular purpose. I shall not be liable for
any damages, whether direct, indirect, special or
consequential arising from a failure of this program to
operate in the manner desired by the user. I shall not
be liable for any damage to data or property which may be
caused directly or indirectly by the use of this program.


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