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A menu for compiling RBBS with Quick Basic.
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A menu for compiling RBBS with Quick Basic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
A.BAT 3521 929 deflated
B.BAT 1867 764 deflated
C.BAT 1851 756 deflated
D.BAT 1848 754 deflated
E.BAT 1848 755 deflated
F.BAT 1848 754 deflated
G.BAT 1848 753 deflated
H.BAT 83 70 deflated
MENU.BAT 72 66 deflated
MENU.SCR 1056 338 deflated
READ.ME 1209 716 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This Menu and set of .BAT files is just an idea (for now). Have tried
it and seems to work just fine.

NOTE: All of these .BAT files are modified versions of MAKERBBS.BAT
distributed by Ken Gossen.

Just put them in your Quick Basic directory (I am using v3.0) and type
MENU and the menu will be displayed for you. Admittedly, this is pretty
primitive. However, I do on occassion modify source code to only one
of the RBBS files, so why should I go through the whole process of
recompiling ALL the files when I have already done so (waste of time).
Important thing to do is completly compile first all source code when
.MRG's or mods have been done on more than one file.

You would have to modify the .BAT's to suit YOUR path's.

I'm no whiz at programming, just stumble along, so maybe someone would
think this idea worthwhile persuing further. ??? It does work
suitably for me!

Oh, almost forgot... I have used LZEXE v0.91 to reduce the RBBS-PC.EXE
filesize (by about 50%) and have had no problems with it! So if you
use some other compression scheme, just remove the LZEXE part of the
.BAT files.

Gus Gustavson
Desert Winds - Las Vegas, Nevada
702 875-6478

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