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Diz file edit program to add and modify the Diz files to your Zip files.

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DizIt PRO v1.0 - FILE_ID.DIZ Importer
Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files
into PCBoard with local upload. Do it with
DizIt Pro to automate the process! DizIt
Pro snoops through files quickly for either
FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and imports those
descriptions. DizIt Pro can also import
descriptions from text files, scan for
virus, check for duplicate in .IDX files
and much more. 07/23/94
------- Great for nightly event --------
Author: Robert Neal NOT CRIPPLED!

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Diz file edit program to add and modify the Diz files to your Zip files.
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Contents of the DIZITPRO.DOC file

DizIt Pro v1.0

For PCBoard v14.5a and 15.x
And Other Systems with use DIRx formats


Copyright 1994
Robert Neal
317 Hickory
Romeoville, IL 60441

Support BBS:
CorpSoft BBS

Node #1: (815) 886-3233 14400 v.32bis (Public)
Node #2: (815) 886-9381 14400 v.32bis (Public)
Node #3: (815) 886-9388 28800 v.fc (subscriber only)

WARRANTY: This program has been used extensively on my system. While I
am confident in it's oepration, no warranty of use is implied or
expressed. In plain terms, use this program at your own risk.


As a sysop, you've probably downloaded hundreds of files to add to your
board. You've probably used the local upload option in PCBoard to add
these files to your system, or you've used PCBFiler to read the new
files and manually typed in each file description. But with many files
now including their own description file, FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI,
wouldn't it be nice to have a program do all the work for you? DizIt Pro
is a utility to do just that for PCBoard v14.5a and PCBoard 15.x sysops.

Besides being used for simple imports, DizIt has been used to recover
from a hard drive loss. One large board, with thousands of files found
that it had lost their description files. Their back-up was garbled and
sitting down hand entering thousands of files was not their idea of fun
for a weekend. They simply used DizIt to recover about 95% of their
descriptions and was done in a matter of hours (and they could attend to
other matters at hand).

My original, DizIt, was designed to be a quick and easy way for sysops
to import these files into their BBS. Since it's original release,
DizIt grew in features, while still being simple, it definately strayed
from the quick and easy method that I wanted to keep in DizIt. Many more
suggestions came in and DizIt Pro grew from the original DizIt program.
Both DizIt and DizIt Pro will continue to be supported. The original
will retain it's simple quick and easy approach while DizIt Pro will
offer features not found in DizIt.

What DizIt Pro will do that DizIt did:

- Up to 1,500 files may be processed at once.

- Search .ZIP and .ARJ files for FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI. If
found, it will be automatically imported into the DIR file
name you specify.

- If a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file is not found, PCB DIRx text
(and compatible format) files can be searched for
descriptions, great for importing files from captured file
listings for other BBS's, file listings from CDROM's, etc.

- Optionally limit the length of the description imported
(nothing like importing a 40 line description from some

- Move files which a description has been sucessfully found to
directory your specify. Files for which a file description is
not found can be left in the current directory or moved to a
"hold" directory for later processing.

- Optionally will place the date of the newest file in the
imported description.

Plus DizIt Pro Offers:

- Up to 10 different text files can automatically be searched for

- Will optionally uncompress and verify the files for virus with
either SCAN or F-PROT.

- Will optionally search a PCBoard file .IDX file for existing
file name and exclude that file from being imported.

- Will optionally place the date of the newest file or current
date in the PCB DIR file.

- Can be run as your PCBTEST.BAT file to verify new uploads.

The entire process is simple to do, even easier than using the
"local upload" option of PCBoard, plus offers the import from file
function that the local upload function doesn't.

If no description is found DizIt Pro will do no further processing of
the file except for moving the file to the holding directory you've
indicated. This allows you to place all your files you want to add in
the directory and let DizIt Pro search for those that can be
automatically added to your PCB File directory listing.

While DizIt Pro will not search for the FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI for
files other than .ZIP and .ARJ, it will quickly scan the file listing
for descriptions to import. Great for importing .GIF, .EXE, .LHA, .TXT,
etc. into your PCBoard upload directory.



Place the DIZIT PRO files into a directory in your path. You may place
DIZIT PRO in it's own directory if you so choose, but you must be sure
to properly configure the batch files to make the call to the proper
directory when running DIZIT Pro.

Ensure that the appropriate archiving programs are available in your
directory path. For ZIP files, you'll need PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE.
For ARJ files you'll need ARJ.EXE. DIZIT makes a call to these programs
to extract the description files as well as importing your BBS comment

Also, ensure that SCAN or F-PROT files have been installed on your
system and available in your DOS path if you will be using the virus
scanning option of DizIt Pro.

DizIt Pro has been tested with the following versions:

ARJ v2.30, PKZIP/PKUNZIP v2.04, SCAN v2.0.2 and F-PROT v2.12. Other
versions may work depending on changes made by those authors.


Edit DizIt Pro configuration file, DizItPro.CFG. Use the program
DPROCFG.EXE contained with this archive to edit this file or use your
favorite text editor to edit this file.

The items in the configuration file are as follows, do not include the
line number references. Refer to detailed explanation below for each

Line 1: CorpSoft BBS
Line 2: 0
Line 3: G:\WORK
Line 4: C:\UPLOAD
Line 5: C:\HOLD
Line 7: D:\BBS.CMT
Line 8: D:\IMPFILE
Line 10: Y
Line 11: Y
Line 12: 0
Line 13: N
Line 15: C

Line 1: BBS Name

Line 2: Registration number, leave as 0 if unregistered.

Line 3: Drive/path to be used for temporary work area. A RAM disk, if
available, is recommended. Ensure that this directory exists
before using DizIt Pro. Do not include the trailing "\" at the
end of the directory name.

Line 4: Drive/path of where files are to be moved to once they are
processed. This could be your public upload directory, private
directory or any other directory you choose. Again, ensure that
this directory exists before using DizIt Pro. Do not include the
trailing "\" at the end of the directory name.

Line 5: Drive/path of where files should be moved if either FILE_ID.DIZ
or DESC.SDI is not found. Enter "NONE" on this line if you want
DizIt Pro to keep the files in the directory they are currently

Line 6: Full path/filename of the file to which is to be updated with
the files imported. Typically this will be your public upload
directory, but you may want to instead move the files to your
private upload directory so that you may preview the files
before making them public. This file should relate to the
directory choosen above.

Line 7: Full path/filename of a comment file you want to have added to
the ZIP file. Typically, this may be your "BBS AD" comment.
Enter NONE if you do not wish to use this option.

Line 8: Full path/filename of a text file to be scan and descriptions
extracted from for import. File must be in PCBoard file
directory format. Enter NONE if you do not wish to use this
feature. You can also configure DizIt Pro to search multiple
text files, see section on EXTENDED OPTIONS below for details.

Line 9: Log file for DizIt Pro, records name of files imported and if
description file was found or not.

Line 10: Enable option to include NEWEST FILE: in description (Y or N)
Will exclude dates for FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files.

Line 11: Enable option to verify disk space (Y or N).
If you have this problem, disable this option (enter a
"N") until this issue is resolved in a future release.

Line 12: Maximum number of lines of description to import. Seems some
authors like to use the FILE_ID.DIZ as a means of writing a
review about their program, I've seen one program that had a
description of 30+ lines. You can enter any value (1-99) in this
field or enter a 0 to allow full description imports.

Line 13: Type of program to use for virus scanning. F=F-Prot, S=Scan or
N=None. You must have F-PROT or SCAN in your DOS path to use
this feature.

Line 14: Name of an index file to be searched. If filename is found in
this index file it will not be processed. This is great for
systems who have multiple CD's, just create one master index
file of all your individual index files. DizIt Pro will quickly
scan the index file. Enter NONE if you do not use this option.

Line 15: Enter "C" to enter current date in the PCB DIR file or "N" to
use the date of the newest file in the archived file.


Move all files to be processed into a temporary file directory. This
directory should only contain files you wish to have imported into your
PCBoard directory.

Enter the following command at the DOS prompt:

-------- ------------ ---------- -----
^ ^ ^ ^
| | | \Wildcard to be used (optional-default="*.*")
| | \ Directory containing files to be processed
| \ Name of your configuration file
\ Name you have used for the DIZITPRO.EXE program

Once the prorgam starts, it will read the names of all files in your
temporary file directory. DizIt Pro will then, if instructed, add the ZIP
COMMENT specified on line 7 of the DizItPRO.CFG file to the ZIP file.

DizIt Pro can then, if configured, perform a virus scan using either
SCAN or F-PROT. DizIt Pro will unarchive the files from the original
file, but does not currently unarchive any files contained within the
original archive (ie will not unzip a ZIP file within a ZIP file). If a
virus is found, it is moved to you "hold" directory and a notation is
marked in the log file.

DizIt Pro will then check the ZIP or ARJ file to see if the FILE_ID.DIZ or
DESC.SDI file exists in the ZIP or ARJ file. If the file is not a ZIP or
ARJ archived file, DizIt Pro will skip to the next process listed below.
If FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI is found, DizIt Pro will extract the file to
your temporary work directory and then begin to add the file to the end
of your PCBoard file directory indicated in the configuration file.
Unlike other similar programs, DizIt Pro will update your PCBoard file
listing with the file size and the current date of the upload, no
further processing of the PCBoard file directory list is required.

If FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI is not found, DizIt Pro will optionally scan the
text file indicated in line 8 of the DIZITPRO.CFG file for filename
matches. If a match is found, DizIt Pro will automatically import the
description from the text file.

Once DizIt Pro has imported the file and description into your PCBoard
file directory list, DizIt Pro will move the file from the current
directory to the directory specified in line 4 in the configuration


The following options are extended features of DizIt Pro. Novice users
may which to ignore these options until you become familar with DizIt
Pro's operations. These options enhance the capability of DizIt to make
it more powerful for those who have special requirements.


At the request of a sysop, I have added support for enviroment variable
DIZITUPDIR. I had a request from a sysop who was using DIZIT to import
to 150 different directories and wanted a way to send files to different
directories without 150 different .CFG files. Now, you can put "SET
DIZITUPDIR=directory" (where directory=the directory you want files
moved to) before calling DIZIT PRO and this will override the directory
you have indicated in your .CFG file. If you do not have a special need
for this option, do not use it as it may confuse you.


As a default, DizIt Pro will search only one text file for descriptions
to import if FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI is not found in the archived file.
You can extend the number of files to be searched to up to 10 different
files. Change line 8 in the .CFG file to list the name of a file which
contains up to 10 filenames to be searched. To inform DizIt Pro that you
are using this option, enter the filename preceeded by the "!"
character, for example "!N:\IMPORT.LST".

The "!" character tells DizIt Pro that the filename designated is one
which contains a listing of the actual text files to be searched. If you
are using DPROCFG.EXE to create/modify your .CFG file, pressing F1 will
call up a editor in which you can enter the names of the files to be
searched. In the example above N:\IMPORT.LST would be a text file with
the following:

When DizIt Pro was run, it would find that the N:\IMPORT.LST is a listing of
files to be searched (FILE.1, FILE.2 and FILE.3) if FILE_ID or DESC.SDI
was not contained in the archive file. FILE.1 would be searched first,
the FILE.2 and finally FILE.3 until a description was found. If no
description was found, DizIt Pro will move the file to the "hold" directory
you have specified for manual uploading.

Using this option, if you were to call 3 different sources for files,
you could keep a seperate listing for each and then let DizIt Pro search
each for a matching filename and description.


DizIt Pro can be used as your upload processor for user and local uploads.
Create your PCBTEST.BAT file as follows:

If '%2 == 'ATTACH goto end

That's all you need to do, DizIt Pro does the rest.

You may wish to create a seperate .CFG file for operating under this
option. For example, you probably would not need to have the disk space
verification enabled.


DizIt Pro can quickly serach a standard PCB DIR .IDX file for matching
file names. This is extremely powerful when you combine all your .IDX
files into one large master .IDX file. There is a file named IDX-MERG
written by Gary Meeker which will let you merge .IDX files together.

I have created one master .IDX file for all my local uploads plus all my
CD ROM's. Even with over 100,000 files included in my master file, DizIt
Pro can quickly scan the file for matching filenames in a matter of
seconds. Now, when I add files to my system I know that they are not
duplicates of anything I already have available.


DizIt Pro is released as user support software (aka SHAREWARE). I don't
expect you to register the program if you don't like it or if it doesn't
meet your needs (just stop using it). But if you continue to use DizIt
Pro after a reasonable evaluation period of up to 30 days, you are
required to make payment for the program or stop using it.

DizIt Pro is NOT crippled in any way other than a marker "->DizIt Pro"
will be added to the last line of the file description field. This
function has been added as an incentive to register the program. Once
you have registered the program, the marker will no longer added to the
imported description.

Registration is only $20 and will include unlimited free upgrades and
support via my BBS. Many hours have gone into making DizIt Pro what
sysops have been asking for. It can save you hours of time in uploading
files to your board locally, and your time saved should more than offset
the $20 price.

Please use the form REGISTER.FRM included with the program to register
DizIt Pro. If this file is missing, send a check for $20 (US funds) to:

Robert Neal
317 Hickory
Romeoville, IL60441

Please include your BBS name as this information will be used to create
your unique registration key file. You may receive your registration
file via my support BBS (but please be sure you have an account
established on my BBS so that I can leave this information in a private
message to you) or via the US Mail. Please indicate your preference.


Special through September 30, 1994: Register DizIt Pro for only $5.00.
After this date the price will be 50% of the current registration price
of DizIt Pro.

Keep your eyes open for other utility programs from me written for
PCBoard. Several programs are now in the works and should be released
soon. Also, look for my door programs, Card Sharks, Links Golf, BBS
Bowling Solitaire and Z-Wordz (available on my BBS as well), I think
your users will enjoy playing them. See the file OTHER.TXT for a listing
of all my currently available programs.

You may register online with your Visa or MasterCard by calling my BBS
and typing CHARGE at the main menu prompt.


If you have any questions, comments, problems, suggestions for
enhancements, etc., I may be reached at my support BBS or by mail. In
addition, you may send a message to me on the RIME conferences to my BBS
"1255", I regularly monitor the messages in the Sysop, BBS and PCBoard
Support conferences. I can also be reached via Prodigy at PNSP01A.

I can also be reached via Internet mail at [email protected].


This program is provided on an "AS IS" basis. No warranty of any kind is
expressed or implied. YOU USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK. I take no
responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly from the use or
the inability to use this program.


v1.0 - Initial release

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