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Dark Castle on-line games for most BBS systems.
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Dark Castle on-line games for most BBS systems.
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DCASTLE.DOC 25508 8085 deflated
DCASTLE.EXE 97614 57075 deflated
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DEATH.SCR 4621 1106 deflated
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SETUP.EXE 44838 31644 deflated
TROLL.SCR 6512 1213 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Dark Castle V6.0
(C)opyright 1989-91
Marvin Davis

The game DIRECTLY supports the following:
RBBS v17.x and up ;caller file = DORINFOx.DEF
WILDCAT v2.xx and up ;caller file = CALLINFO.BBS
QUICKBBS ;caller file = DORINFOx.BBS
GAP ;caller file = DOOR.SYS
GTPOWER ;caller file = GTUSER.BBS
PHOENIX V1.x and up ;caller file = INFO.BBS
PCBboard V14.x ;caller file = PCBoard.SYS

OPUS boards can use DoorMaster 3.13 to convert/run the game.

Place ALL FILES that accompany this ZIP in the SAME DOOR# directory.
Everything that you need to operate this software game IS included in this
ZIP archive. Do not erase any files unless you are certain you know exactly
what they are!

DCASTLE.EXE requires that you edit directly the ASCII file DCASTLE.CFG with
an ASCII editor -OR- you may run SETUP.EXE to set game up for your system.

You MUST know the proper name for your particular BBS's caller file, as it
is needed in the setup. Also PRINT OUT THE DOCUMENTATION and learn what
command line parameters you will need to call the game with.

To print the documentation file from drive A: on a printer type:




To view to screen: A>TYPE DCASTLE.DOC

NOTE: A couple of WildCat! sysops have been having problems with my games
dropping carrier when a user quits the game. This is NOT a programming
problem. DTR is forced high immediately at game exit to prevent carrier
loss from modems due to DTR dropping for greater than 600 ms (default).

If your WildCat! is still having DTR problems on game ending, try changing
your modem delay in the initialization string within makewild. Changing
the S10 register to S10=24 gives more time for the board to reset before
the modem thinks a user has dropped carrier. Many modems are quite touchy!
Note that the DTR line is never dropped anytime in the game.

If your BBS is NOT DIRECTLY SUPPORTED by a command line switch and you have
to use a conversion program to create/convert your particular BBS's caller
information file, I can add one if given the correct data. Please refer
to your BBS's documentation and document the CALLER INFORMATION FILE that
your BBS produces when exiting to a SHELL or EXTERNAL process. I need to
have the following data able to be read in from a standard ASCII file
produced by the BBS software you have.

(1) Callers First and Last Name
(2) PORT used (ie COM1: or COM2:)
(3) baud rate of caller (DCE)
(4) remaining time left in minutes
(5) flag for ANSI color or MONOchrome graphics

Nearly ALL BBS's pkgs produce a caller info file when exiting to a door.

Completely document your particular file and I will create a command line
switch to call the game with for your BBS!

Thank you for trying Dark Castle! I hope you enjoy it!

IF all else fails, read the documentation!

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