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Eclipse reader for WOMR. This is mail reader for WWIV that reads and decodes .WMR packets. It supports off-line replies, sub configuration, and much more.
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Eclipse reader for WOMR. This is mail reader for WWIV that reads and decodes .WMR packets. It supports off-line replies, sub configuration, and much more.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Eclipse Version 2.11 -- The Offline Reader for WOMR 2.1

WOMR Version 2.0 session packets should work with this release of

To use the "Delete Message" and "Network Validate" options of Eclipse 2.1,
YOUR HOST BBS MUST be running WOMR 2.1 or later! As well, if you use the
"Delete Message" option to zap Email, the packet you are reading MUST have
been created with WOMR 2.1 or later!

With this release, your OLD ECLIPSE.CFG file is no longer compatible.
Please see the UPGRADE.DOC file on how to upgrade from 2.0. Users
of 1.X versions of Eclipse (WOMREAD) must install this release
from scratch.

ECLIPSE.TAG is the file Eclipse will read to find taglines. You can edit
this file with a flat ASCII text editor. Each line can be up to 60
characters long. Any more characters on a line will cause Eclipse to
wrap the taglines incorrectly! As well, do not use a word processor (e.g.
Word Perfect, Word, etc.) to edit this file unless you explicitly tell the
word processor to save the file as PLAIN ASCII TEXT!

There has been a lot of talk lately about taglines and network traffic.
Personally, I think small taglines are appropriate, and I think Eclipse's
taglines are short compared to a lot of the taglines in WWIVnet these days.
Use your own judgement: When you register Eclipse, you will have the option
of turning OFF taglines completely.

Note that your working directory in the configuration MUST be an actual
directory! If you have Eclipse use a RAM drive for the work directory,
you must specify/create an actual directoy on that drive. If your RAM
drive is "F:", you can't specify "F:\" as the work directory, you should
create a "F:\WORK" directory instead . .

Sysops!! Please note that you should NETWORK VALIDATE messages in a
particular area BEFORE posting to ensure proper sequencing of messages.
We are going to try and find a way around this, but for now, it is

Quick Installation:

Copy this ZIP file into a sub-directory of your choosing (C:\ECLIPSE),
and use PKUNZIP to unarchive it.

Then type ECLIPSE to start it up.

For extended information on how to use Eclipse, see ECLIPSE.DOC.
Information on obtaining session/mail packets is available in
this file.

A note from the author:

You'll probably notice that since releasing Eclipse 2.0, I have moved
to Lexington, KY from Baltimore. Due to the fact that I am a Computer
Systems Consultant, this is likely to happen again. For this reason,
I have arranged a new address for Eclipse software in my home town of
Winnsboro, SC (Winnsboro's first software company...). Good ole
Mom and Dad have agreed to gather my mail and forward it to me wherever
I am (still looking out for me after all these years . . . ). Therefore,
it's probable that my response time to processing registrations will be
slightly slower. I apologize for this in advance.

At the current moment, The Dark Side of the Moon BBS is up and running
with me here in Lexington at 606-272-6617. I plan to always keep her online,
but WHERE is another question. I apologize for not being able to be
certain of my location at any given time. If you call the DSOTM
and can't get on due to the old "Disconnected" message, try calling the
Moon Valley Triange BBS (Lance Halle's system). See the SUPPORT.DOC file
for more information.

March 14th, 1992

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