Dec 252017
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Eclipse reader for WOMR. This is mail reader for WWIV that reads and decodes .WMR packets. It supports off-line replies, sub configuration, and much more.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONV2021.EXE 13810 8010 deflated
ECLIPSE.DOC 65803 16372 deflated
ECLIPSE.EXE 173006 80580 deflated
ECLIPSE.HLP 11172 3066 deflated
ECLIPSE.TAG 2044 1054 deflated
GROUPREG.FRM 2066 777 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 3753 1760 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2482 1019 deflated
README.DOC 3522 1732 deflated
SUPPORT.DOC 1689 665 deflated
UPGRADE.DOC 1346 648 deflated

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