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Mail TossScanner for FidoNet mail.
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Mail TossScanner for FidoNet mail.
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TOSSCAN.DOC 108315 24928 deflated
TS286.EXE 80594 38265 deflated
TS8088.EXE 82784 38464 deflated
TSETUP.EXE 60028 30687 deflated
TSMAINT.EXE 27918 15971 deflated
TSU286.EXE 51417 20745 deflated
TSU8088.EXE 51760 20772 deflated

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Contents of the REGNAME.DOC file

TosScan 1.00 - Product registration form

Please fill out this form and send it to:

InterZone Software, Inc.
attn: TSREG/JoHo
161 Madeira Avenue, Suite 57
Coral Gables FL 33134

Company : ______________________________________

Name : ______________________________________

Address-1: _____________________________________________

Address-2: _____________________________________________

Address-3: _____________________________________________

Network address-1: _______________________ Do not include administrative
node numbers (HOST, HUB, etc.)
Network address-2: _______________________

Network address-3: _______________________

Network address-4: _______________________

Flavor of TosScan purchased: ___ MSG ___ QuickBBS/RemoteAccess

Number of copies purchased: _____

NOTE: You MUST fill out and return this form to receive upgrade
notices and be allowed to participate in upgrade offers for
future versions.

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