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Date-Matcher v1.2 on-line match-maker program for use with WWIV boards and other BBS systems that allow dos-interrupt driven doors.
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Date-Matcher v1.2 on-line match-maker program for use with WWIV boards and other BBS systems that allow dos-interrupt driven doors.
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Contents of the DATEMATC.DOC file

Date-Matcher v1.20
(C) 11/06/91, 01/30/92
Ed T. Toton III
All rights reserved.

I have seen several match-maker type programs for BBS's floating
around, but I have never seen one that worked properly. They always
seem to forget who you are or mess up your answers to the questions,
or something. So I made this program for all you WWIV BBS sysops to
use. It was designed for WWIV, but it might work on other systems if
you use one of those converters.
This Program allows the users to answer questions, quit in the middle
without losing their data, and continue answering questions from a point
of their choice. The only limit to the number of people this system can
support is whatever your computer can take! (so long as no more than a
couple thousand people sign up).
To set up this program, make a directory called "DateMatc" under your
BBS directory and copy all the files that came with this into it. Then run
"DateMake". It should take only a few seconds. Leave the batch file
"DMrun.BAT" in your main BBS directory. Then put it in your chains.
You should set it to:
Filename : dmrun %1
Dos interrupts : used
Ansi : optional

And that's it!!!

The whole basic concept here is to have fun, and it should be treated
as such. I will take no responsibility for ANY problems that may arise
(sorry, just have to protect myself). HOWEVER, if any marriages result from
use of this program, I want to be invited!!!

At present this program has 47 questions in the questionnaire. I will
make the question editor available to those who register, but if you think
of a good question to include, please write me!


1.10 - It was impossible to see the info for the 10th person listed
in the compatability. Fixed.
- 12 people are now listed for compatability.
- You can now view your own personal data.

1.20 - The thing now includes AGE. If you are using a version earlier
than 1.2, then you will either not want to use this, or face the
fact that the data files have to be converted. The format has
been slightly altered to accomodate the AGE thingie. Simply run
the conversion ONCE (dateconv.exe). It will set everyone's age
to 0, but anyone who goes into the program can correct their age.


This program is being distributed on the "shareware" concept. It is by
no means completely free. If you think the program is of use to you, please
send a registration fee of $5. If you think that is rediculous, then send
less (or more for that matter). If you hate the program or found too many
bugs, write me and tell me, and include a graphic explanation (but don't
be too harsh!! Heheheh). In any event, write to:

Ed T. Toton III
7101 Talisman Lane
Columbia Md 21045

And WHY should you register it?
1. To support my continuing efforts to bring you some level of
functional programs. If I get no cash, you get no improvements
in these programs, and I won't be encouraged to make new and
better software!
2. To get that warm glow for knowing that you supported the author
of at least one of the many shareware programs you probably use.
3. To find out if there is a newer version. All you need to do is
ask! But letters with money take priority!
4. You could be sick and demented and thus register everything you
get your hands on.
5. To get anything else this program may entitle you to.
I might make source code available at some point, but for
now I am offering the question editor (another $4 if you
want it mailed to you on disk).


This program is provided "AS IS" and I make no gauruntees about it's
performance. I will not be and can not be held responsible for any damages
incurred during it's use. It's on a "use at your own risk" basis. Nothing
at all should happen, the program is harmless, but I have to say it anyway.


This program may be freely distributed (which is actually encouraged)
AS IS. No one may modify this program in ANY way. ESPECIALLY where names
and credit is given, and INCLUDING all the documentation and data files.
It may NOT be used for comercial or profit-turning ventures of any kind,
including sale by disk vendors, without the written consent by ME, with
ONE exception. Disk vendors MAY sell it without my written consent ONLY
if they charge no more than $4 higher then the cost of the disk, AND they
register it first. NOTHING may be added to it either. NO BBS ads are
allowed EXCEPT as zip comments, or as a single SEPERATE text file.


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, criticisms, donations,
remarks, praise or opinions, please write! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
(the address is listed above).

Ed T. Toton III

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