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Amoeba Wars Door program that will run on most BBS's.
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Amoeba Wars Door program that will run on most BBS’s.
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Contents of the MEEBA.DOC file

How to set up AMOEBA WARS
How to Set Up:
1. Copy AWAR.EXE into its own subdir (assuming that's how you set up doors)

2. Write your own MEEBA.DEF file (see format below)

3. Make a batch file to invoke the door ( see notes below)

that's it! AWAR.EXE will make all other files described below the first
time it's run.

Files you'll need:
1. AWAR.EXE - this will create some other files the
first time it's run (and when it
a.) MEEBNAME - matches player names to player code
b.) MEEBDATA - the "data field" for amoeba wars
c.) MEEBWIN - every time a winner, info appended to file
d.) "xxx" - you specify in MEEBA.DEF (see below) the
path\filename of the scoreboard file
e.) "xxxC" - a "c" will be appended to the end of the
filename you specify in (d.) above for a
"colorized" version of the scoreboard.

2. MEEBA.DEF - see set-up below:

line 1: sysop's first name
line 2: sysop's last name
line 3: your BBS name
line 4: the path\filename for the scoreboard bulletin

3. when your bbs drops to DOS, you'll need a batch file to
invoke AMOEBA WARS, the minimal batch file contains this line:

AWAR (if no other command line info, will run in local mode)

other items that may appear (optional) on the command line:

x where x=comm # (only under PCB12!) IF needed must be 1st parameter.

/c=xxxxx if COMM port is to be forced open at some speed
other than caller's connect speed, this can be specified
here (for example. /c=19200)

RBBS example: AWAR C:\RBBS\DORINFOx.DEF [x=node #]
PCB14 example: AWAR C:\pcb\pcboard.sys
PCB12 example: AWAR x c:\pcb\pcboard.sys [x=comm port #]
Wilcat example: AWAR c:\wc\callinfo.bbs

Miscellaneous Notes:
Users are given 8 minutes in the door, then are thrown out. If they have
less time left in the board, then lesser time limit prevails.

Users may enter door more than once/day

Only 26 players may play game

If you've been running an older version, then you may continue game using
this new exe code, but note that you WILL need a new BAT file and new
MEEBA.DEF file (per comments above)

this door may be opened now more easily by multiple nodes, but does NOT
support simultaneous play -- you'll need to write your bat file to lock
players out, while another is in the game.

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