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Convert text files to *.rep files and back.

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TXT2REP 1.10 (19-Mar-1992); Geoffrey Sy.
Converts text files into .QWK mail door .REP
message packet from DOS command line. Will
automatically create multiple messages if
text files are longer than standard length.

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Convert text files to *.rep files and back.
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Contents of the TXT2REP.DOC file

TXT2REP 1.10 (19-Mar-1992)
Copyright (C) 1991,2 Geoffrey Sy
All Rights Reserved

TXT2REP is supported by:

Residence: Support BBS:

Geoffrey Sy The GRAFIX Connection
51 Wyatt Walk HST: (416) 287-9002
Toronto, Ontario CANADA 2400: (416) 286-8734
M5A 3T3

Be sure you are using the correct version of TXT2REP for your
CPU. TXT2REP.88 is for 8086/8088 systems, TXT2REP.EXE is for
all x86 CPUs with a brain, including the "brain-dead" 80286.

TXT2REP is a utility to create .REP messages for .QWK mail
doors from text files from the DOS command line. Text files
longer than standard message length are automatically chopped
off and put in multiple messages. If replies packet already
exist on disk, new replies will be appended to it.

To use TXT2REP, execute the command:

TXT2REP text_file bbs_id from to subject conference [/status]

text_file - The text file from which you want the message
bbs_id - The .REP packet name of the BBS.
from - This is where you'd put your name.
to - Who the message is for (the receiver).
subject - What the message is about.
conference - Topic area number on the BBS for the message.

** For the names and subjects, be sure to put semicolons ";"
** between words instead of spaces. For example:

Joe Smith = Joe;Smith
H. G. Wells = H.;G.;Wells

Items for sale = Items;for;sale

[/status] - Optional: Message status. This option lets you
control who can read your message. The default
is PUBLIC which means everyone can read your
message. These options may not be available on
all BBSes and .QWK mail doors. I've found that
these options worked with Qmail4 and PCBoard.

/PVT - Only the receiver of the message may read the message.

/PVT:password - SENDER PASSWORD: Only the receiver of the
message with the correct password may read
the message.

/GRP:password - GROUP PASSWORD: This is useful for private
group discussions. Anyone with the correct
password may read the message.

- Replace this with the password to protect the

** The system operator (SysOp) can read all message doesn't
** matter what status the message is set at.

Customized tagline is available by setting the environment
variable 'TAGLINE'. To do this issue the command:

SET TAGLINE=This is my cute tagline ...

Execute TXT2REP without and parameter will list a few command
line examples.

After successful execution of TXT2REP, the message(s) will be
stored in a file named BBS_ID.MSG. Just compress this with
PKZIP or whatever compression method that the BBS uses. Make
sure the compressed file has the BBS_ID as the name and .REP
as the extension.

Execute T2R.EXE for the full-screen interface, with context
sensitive help, etc, etc version of TXT2REP if the command
line version is too complicated. (TO BE RELEASED, SOON)


This program is FreeWare, No registration is asked. Comments,
suggestions, critiques, donations are welcome.


This program is provided on an "AS IS" basis. No warranty of
any kind is expressed or implied.


I take no responsibility for any damage caused directly or
indirectly from the use or the inability to use this program.


QWK and Qmail
- Copyrights of Mark "Sparky" Herring of Sparkware, the
original creator of QWK.

- Copyrights of Intel Corporation.

- Copyrights of Clarke Development Company.

- Copyrights of Phil Katz of P.K. Ware Inc.


19-Mar-92 - Customized tagline option
- Speeded up by 300%

28-Dec-91 - Initial release

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