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UltraBBS Call Back Verifier. For use with UltraBBS v2.09.
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UltraBBS Call Back Verifier. For use with UltraBBS v2.09.
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Contents of the UBCBV.DOC file

UBCBV Documentation File

----======[ UBCBV: Call Back Vierify Door for UltraBBS ]======----
--===[ By Bill Rathbone ]===--

Welcome to UBCBV v1.0. The original call-back valification door
for UltraBBS! Your new users can now be validated on their first
call to your system, by simply open this door and answering some
very simply prompts, then your system will call him/her back to
verify the phone number he\she provided. UBCBV, upon a successfull
call back will upgrade the new user to any security level you have
defined UBCBV to use.

To install UBCBV you should first move UBCBV.EXE and UBCBVCFG.EXE
into your \UBBS directory. On multi-node systems you need to place
seperate copys of these two files in the main \UBBSx directory of
each node.

NOTE: PCBVUPDT.EXE (provided with UltraBBS) must be in the same
directory to ensure proper operation of UBCBV.

Next run UBCBVCFG.EXE. This utility will guide you though the creation
of your configuration file which controls UBCBV's operation. The
operation of UBCBVCFG.EXE is simple and an explanation and example
is provided on screen, before each prompt.

NOTE: ALWAYS use UBCBVCFG.EXE to make changes to an existing UBCBV.CFG
file. DO NOT USE A TEXT EDITOR ! It will detect an existing CFG
file and display your current setting prior to each prompt.

The default dial prefix is 'ATDT' however, if you need to change
this, such as in the case of pulse dialing or some of the new
breed of High Speed Modems require a long predial string to be able
to make a 2400 connection with the $49 type modems that have become
so popular, you need to create/edit a text file named PREDIAL.CFG.
This file PREDIAL.CFG will contain only 1 line! This will be the
predial prefix used to call back your users. If this file does not
exist. the default of 'ATDT' will be used!

A seperate utility named MAKEDAT.EXE has been included that will
create a UBCBV.DAT file that contains ALL the phone numbers, both
voice and data of your existing users. This file will be added to
automaticly each time a user is validated. If for any reason you
need to use this utility more then once, you will need to manually
delete the current UBCBV.DAT first!

Once, your configuration file is completed, you will need to
run UltraBBS's SETUP.EXE to define the door to Ultra. When SETUP
begins, move the highlight down to the line that includes "DOORS"
and press enter. Now, select your MAIN Conference (or whatever
conference new users are placed in when they first sign on) and
press enter. Move down to the line that includes "DOORS" and press
ALT-A to add a new definition. Fill in the spaces with the following
Name : New User Verify
Reboot : N
Type : {BLANK}
security : 10 <-- or whatever your new user level is
password : {BLANK}

If desired, you can set this door as an automatic door to force
new users into it by adding this door's door # to the new user
security line in the current limits file, available from SETUP's
main menu.

UBCBV will check (if present) a file called TCAN.DAT before dialing
a number. if the number selected by the user to be called back is
found, he/she will be informed that that number is not available for
call back and returned to the select number screen.

To create your trashcan file (TCAN.DAT) use your favorite text
editor. The proper format of this file is:
one complete phone number per line!! The number MUST include
areacode+exchange+number. example 12145302417.
sample TCAN.DAT file:

TCAN can include, and I reccomend you use this, wildcard statement
such as:
1-900-???-???? to disable all 1-900 numbers!
1-214-976-???? to disable the 976 exchange
The only two wildcards accepted are ??? and ???? !!

There is NO LIMIT to the size of this file. However, this is a
a great place to include other BBS numbers, local govt. numbers,
911, ect... REMEMBER! All numbers must include the area code, even
local ones! So 911 would look like 1214911 in my TCAN.DAT

This TCAN.DAT file must exist in the same directory!

Now, all that's left is to add the door to your DOORS. and DOORSG.
files using your favorite ascii and or ansi editor.

Once installed, this door should require NO maintance at all, except
an occational deletion of the UBCBV.LOG file that is created and
contains a complete record of the doors usage and the results.

UBCBV.EXE reads in the UBBS.SYS file created by UltraBBS when the
door is opened by a user. After, displaying an explanation screen
UBCBV show the user a 3 choice menu containing thier VOICE number,
and thier DATA number, that they entered when they first 'registered'
with your system, and third is to return to the BBS.

Once a number has been selected/entered, UBCBV devides this number
into 4 different subgroups labeled TOLL, AREA CODE, EXCHANGE, and
NUMBER. Example: 1-214-530-2417 becomes...
TOLL : (1)
AREA CODE : (214)
EXCHANGE : (530)
NUMBER : (2417)
(nessecary since UltraBBS uses a 'open format' for phone numbers)

The user is then asked to select the correct configuration needed
to dial his/her number from your system.
1) Exchange + Number : 530-2417
2) Area Code + Exchange + Number : 214-530-2417
3) Toll + Area Code + Exchange + Number : 1-214-530-2417

Selection of 1, 2, or 3 will cause UBCBV to begin the verification
procedure, by displaying a instructions screen to the user and
dropping carrier and dialing the specified number. (unless you have
UBCBV configured to NOT dial Toll and/or Area Code numbers)

Selecting 1 tells UBCBV to dial 530-2417 as a local number, if
connection is made, and the user verifys his password, UBCBV
will upgrade the user according to the parameters you defined
in the configuration file and return the user to the BBS without

Selecting 2 tells UBCBV to dial 214-530-2417 as a 'metro' number
again, if successfully verified, the user is returned to the board
without disconnecting. The dialing of numbers that require the use
of area codes can be disabled in UBCBVCFG.EXE.

Selecting 3 tell UBCBV to dial 1-214-530-2417 as a 'long distance'
number. If successfull, UBCBV will upgrade the user and inform
him/her that they will be at the higher level on thier next call,
and disconnects. The dialing of numbers that require the use of
TOLL can be disabled in UBCBVCFG.EXE.

In UBCBVCFG.EXE you are given a choice of how to have UBCBV.EXE
handle callers that have selected a number to be dialed that you
will not allow. You can decide to simply inform the user that
that number can not be call-back verified, or to upgrade this
users level anyway.

Also, in the UBCBVCFG.EXE you will be asked to set levels for
four different 'connect' ranges. This feature allows you to set
different security level to a 9600 caller as that given to a
1200 user.

Please take your time when running UBCBVCFG.EXE as each answer is
very important and effects UBCBV's operation.

If the user drops carrier or fails verification, your system will
be cycled back to the 'waiting for calls' screen.

UBCBV will not allow any user with a security level higher then
your 'new user level' to run this door. Instead, its displays
a short polite message and returns this user to the BBS.

IN THE REGISTERED VERSION: UBCBV creates, and maintains a file
named UBCBV.DAT that contain all phone numbers that UBCBV has ever
verified a user at and rejects any attempt to use that same number.
Also, included is a utility to 'pull out' all voice/data numbers
from your USERS.DAT file of all users with a security level higher
then your new user level and add them to your UBCBV.DAT file.
In the registered version only one UBCBV.DAT file (and TCAN.DAT) is
shared by all nodes.

**************************SPECIAL NOTE*****************************
* *
* A beta copy seems to have slipped out into public distribution! *
* This fact has made me rush the release of this version! As such *
* I have released the REGISTERED version, so the MAKEDAT.EXE util *
* is included and fully operational, So, you guys are again on *
* your honor to send in your registration for this program. *
* Like CDIR, SYSCHECK, UBRAID and other utilitys of mine, there *
* will be no benefit to registration other then to encourage me *
* to continue writing UBBS utilitys. Should you fail to register *
* yet continue to use this door, I will stop supporting UBBS. *
* Sorry, about that guys but I felt it needed to be said. *
* *
* Since this is a RUSHed to release version, I make no promises *
* other then it will comsume disk space. If you let me know of *
* problems though the UBBS Support echo I will work on them to *
* to get a 'perfect version' togeather. *
* Bill Rathbone, Author *


This program is distributed under the SHAREWARE concept!
It is fully-operational, however you are legally and
morally bound to REGISTER this program with the author if your
usage continues beyond a 7 day evaluation period.

Please support the SHAREWARE concept by registering this
program should you decide to continue using it. Registration
for this program is $15.00 U.S. Funds or you can register all
the UltraBBS utilies from this author for $30.00 U.S. Funds.
At present, that would include:
CDIR : This program
CFL : A file list generator
SysCheck : A log-on door thats check mail, bulletins and new files
UBRAID : A FLE/TIC importer for FIDOnet/RBBSnet Systems
TOPF : A Top Downloaded files bulletin creator
TopTen : A Top Users (4 catagorys) bulletin creator
UserSign : A bulletin creator of users astrolodical signs
UBCBV : A call-back verifier door for UltraBBS

Please send registration and completed REGISTER.FRM to:

Bill Rathbone
P.O. Box 450731
Garland, Texas, USA 75045-0731

To contact the author with new ideas, bug reports, or general
chit-chat you can:
Leave a message in UltraBBS Support Conference
Call Traders Outpost BBS (214) 530-2417 24 hrs

The most current version of all my utilities will always
be available on :
Traders Outpost (214) 530-2417 USR Dual Standard (1:124/7002)
PC-Tech (214) 271-8899 HST (1:124/6016)

Support and files are also available at...
The Dugout BBS (318) 535-1744 USR DS (1:380/21)

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