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A simple QuickBBS user's file editor.
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A simple QuickBBS user’s file editor.
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Contents of the QME.DOC file

Quickbbs Magic editor V. 1.15


Patrick Laberge


QuickBBS MAgic Editor (later written as QME) is Copyright
(c) 1989, 1990 by Patrick Laberge

The registered version of QME may not be duplicated other
than for backup purposes. A registered copy of QME must be
treated like a book, in that the same registered copy of QME may
not be used in more than one computer at the same time, just as
a book may not be read by more than one person at the same time
(without making an illegal copy).

All users are granted a limited license to copy the User
Supported version of QME only for the purpose of allowing others
to try it, subject to the above restrictions as well as these:
QME must be distributed in absolutely unmodified form, including
ALL program, documentation, and other files.

QME may not be included with any other product for any
reason whatsoever without a license from Patrick Laberge. No
charge or payment may be levied or accepted for QME. Bulletin
Board system operators may post the unregistered, User Supported
version of QME on their BBS for downloading by their users
without written permission only if the above conditions are met,
and only if no special fee is necessary to access the QME files
(a general fee to access the BBS is ok).

Distributors of User Supported and Public Domain software
MUST obtain written permission from Patrick Laberge before
distributing QME and must follow the above conditions.
Permission is almost always granted; this requirement is
necessary to ensure protection for ourselves and QME users from
unscrupulous individuals.

This program (QME) is granted to you without any garantee
of any kind. The Author of this program (QME) M. Patrick Laberge
is not liable of any problem of any kind resulting in the use or
in the inability to use this program (QME).

Here comes a little extract of my Turbo Pascal 5.0
Reference Book from Borland International.

Turbo Pascal Reference Guide from Borland International extract:

Program that you write and compile using Turbo Pascal langage
compiler may be used,given away, or sold without additional
license or fees, as long as all copies of such program bear a
copyright notice. Included in the Turbo Pascal diskettes are
several support files that contain encoded hardware and font
information used by the standard graphics unit (GRAPH.TPU).
These files which can be listed by dir *.bgi are property of
Borland International. You may use these files with the programs
you create with Turbo Pascal for your own personal use. In
addition, to the extent the programs you write and compile using
the Turbo Pascal language compiler make use if these support
files, you may distribute these support files in combination
with such programs, provided that you do not use, give away, or
sell the support files separately, and all copies of your
program bear a copyright notice.

QuickBBS is a Trademark of the QuickBBS Group Inc.
Turbo Pascal is a registered Trademark of Borland International

QuickBBS Magic Editor

Hi to you. I'm not very good in writing documentations and I
know that there is not many people who are going to read it so
it's going to be very short. For that reason, the program has
been made the simpliest possible so you can use it without
reading this documentation.


Every one of you know that there is a lot of User Editors
for QuickBBS but the problem with them is that you can not find
a program that permit you to edit every parameters in the
users.bbs files so, to correct that, I decide to made me one. I
have shown it to some guys and they encourage me to put this
program out for every sysop so here it is. I hope you will enjoy

What is QME?

Qme is composed of two principal programe. First you have
a Users Editor that permit you to change all the parameters
found in the USERS.BBS file format found in the STRUCT.261 file
that comes with the QuickBBS program. The second part is a
little bit more specific. It's a Nodelist Editor. A Nodelist,
for the one who don't now what it is, is a list of BBS all
together in a network (like Fidonet). So, just for the fun of
doing it, I included this little program within my QME.

Using QME

I tried to make QME the most simple possible so every one
can use it without having to read a 50 pages doeumentation.
There is not a 100 pages help screens but, the way it is done,
every command are accessible on the main screen of the part of
the program you are using.

A little detail : to save records (Users ou Node) the
command is : [END]


If you want to ask me some questions, or have good ideas
to add to this program or if you want to report any bugs, you
can contact me by Fidonet at 1:167/102.


I try to beta test this program to the end so there is no
bugs left but we are only three(3) to do this job so if you
never find a bug, please report it to me the fastest you can. I
can be reach through Fidonet at 1:167/102 or by post at

Patrick Laberge
8877 Lajeunesse #103
Montral, Qubec, Canada
H2M 1R8


I now that there is not a lot of people who registers
programs they use so I hereby place this program in the Public
Domain so any one can use. If you want, you can send a little
contribution to help me upgrade this program. If you send a
contribution, you will receive a registration number that will
permit you to get in and out of QME faster and you will receive
the latest version of QME before it get out.

If you're a Fidonet member, you can FREQ the latest version
of QME on my system (1:167/102) under the magic name QME. You can
obtain a French version under the magic name EMQ.

If you register, your latest version and your registration
number will be put on hold at my system something like one or two
weeks after sending your contribution, you can POLL my system,
everything should be ready.

Registration Form

Name _____________________________

Address _______________________________________

City _____________________________

Province or State ___________________

Country ________________________

Phone Number (voice) ___________________

Your BBS name _____________________________

Your BBS Phone Number ___________________

If you are a Fidonet Member, please write your address here:


If you are not a Fidonet Member,add 5$ for sending the
registration number and the latest version of QME.

Contribution $ _____

Non-fidonet members add $ 5.00 for
shipping $ _____

Total $ _____

Send this form and the money (check or post mandate only).

Patrick Laberge
8877 Lajeunesse #103
Montral, Qubec, Canada
H2M 1R8

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