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A PcBoard BBS Door that manages a "For Sale" area.
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A PcBoard BBS Door that manages a “For Sale” area.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Fersale Door v1.91

OOPS!! In version 1.9, I had a compiler problem which locked up the program as
soon as it was run. Mucho sorry-O! It apparaently happened on the last
compiler run and for some reason I didn't test this cuz I just removed a
couple of debugging lines. I was doing this at 0-wait and that must have been
the culprit.

Now, I have added a [D]elete option which will work in Local mode from the
bbs, anytime the "SYSOP" is the user, or whenever the program is run from the
command line.

Note: For some undetermined reason, I was occasionally getting a very strange
Repack with the [P]ack option in local mode. It ONLY occurred in my compiler
directory, but I recommend you DO NOT name your fersale data file
"fersale.dat". I named mine "fers.dat" and everything is hunky-dory!

Bug Fix Notice:

(1) I have fixed a bug which caused "SYSOP" to be displayed as the
originator of ALL items being displayed with option "3" (browse).
Sorry about that.

(2) I have discontinued the use of ANSI color sequences in the bulletin
generator until such time that Iget around to implementing full ansi
displaying coding. Please be parient. The ascii and ansi color
bulletins are both now generated as ascii files.

Information for "Fersale Door" v1.8


As requested by Bob Allen, I have added command line paramaters for the
"fersale.cfg" files. You may specify whatever name you wish on the command
line, although I recommend "fersale.cfg", fersale1.cfg", etc.

When setting up your batch files or when starting locally from the dos
prompt make the following adjustments.

Add the config file to the command line as follows:

FERSALE.EXE FERSALE.CFG /l (for local logon outside bbs)
FERSALE.EXE FERSALE.CFG /p (For packing the data file from an event)
FERSALE.EXE FERSALE.CFG (Door batch file paramater to run door)
FERSALE.EXE FERSALE1.CFG (Door batch file paramater to run door)
12 Chars

Note that you must ensure the "/l" or "/p" appears at least 13 characters
from the beginning of the .CFG file name.

Fersale door now allows the sysop to make custom menus for display at the
main menu. Until a user selects "X"pert mode, the menu will always be
displayed at the main menu. A user selecting "X"pert mode may view the menu
with the "?" command.

The names for the menu files are HARD-CODED into the door program. They are:
"FERSALE.MEN" for the ascii menu
"FERSALEG.MEN" for the ansi color menu

Ensure your two menu files are in the directory with all other fersale door

(3) The configuration file has been changed to allow the sysop to define the
location of all files used by fersale door.

The Programmer's Inn ;BBS Name
Rooster Pierce ;Sysop's Name
c:\qb\ ;Path to Fersale door's menus and help files
c:\qb\fersale.dat ;Path/Name of Fersale Door's Data file
c:\qb\pcboard.sys ;Path /Name to pcboard.sys file
c:\qb\blt5 ;Path and Name to fersale ascii bulletin

(4) In the works:

o A fullly functional message base generated by fersale door, or possibly
Fersale door will access a pcboard message file (conference) if this is
specified in the config file.

As usual, any comments are welcomed and constructive criticism or bitches will
be considered ....

Ron Pierce
810-f Vernon Circle
Mountain View, Ca. 94043

The Programmer's Inn BBS
415-967-3484 1200/2400
CApal or CAsjo (PCPursuit)

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