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Get Tag version 1.0 -- Extracts all taglines from a .QWK mail packet.
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Get Tag version 1.0 — Extracts all taglines from a .QWK mail packet.
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Contents of the GETTAG.DOC file

GetTag v1.0 Copyright 1992 by Ryan J. Cramer

What does GetTag do?

GetTag is a simple little program which reads all of the taglines from
a QWK packet and extracts these taglines to a text file called
GETTAG.TXT. You can do anything you want to with this file, including
using it directly as your tagline file for whatever mail reader you are

How do I run GetTag?

To run GetTag, simply give it the name of the QWK packet you want to
extract taglines from. Here is an example:


Where ILLUSION.QWK is can be the name of any QWK packet you may have
downloaded from a BBS. The above command line assumes that you are
using all of GetTag's defaults which include ZIP compression and
standard tagline output. If for example you had a QWK packet compressed
with ARJ you would use the following command line:


The "-a" indicates ARJ decompression. The following compression formats
are supported by GetTag:

"-z" ZIP decompression, this is the default, Requires PKUNZIP.EXE
"-a" ARJ decompression, requires ARJ.EXE
"-l" LZH decompression, requires LHA.EXE

GetTag also gives you the option of outputting the whole tagline
(including the mail reader name). Here is an example of what a full
tagline looks like:

"* OLX 2.2 * My reality check just bounced"

As opposed to a standard tagline where GetTag removes the mail reader
name and only includes the tagline:

"My reality check just bounced"

I normally prefer the standard tagline format because it can be used
directly by your mail reader without editing out the previous mail
reader name that created the tagline in the first place.

To use the full tagline, specify the "-f" parameter on the command line,
"f" meaning "F"ull tagline.

Other Notes

GetTag is not 100% accurate because of the lack of a standard for which
taglines are placed in messages. You might come across some QWK packets
where GetTag will extract some things that aren't actually taglines.
It is also possible that not all taglines in a QWK packet will be
extracted by GetTag. It is for these above reasons that you should
edit the GETTAG.TXT file to remove any such invalid taglines.

GetTag uses an algorythm that looks for an end of line and then a "*"
or a "" character to find a tagline. As far as I can tell, this is the
format that *most* mail readers use, so this is how GetTag currently
searches for taglines. If you would like to see any additional search
strings added to find taglines, I'd be happy to add them to the program,
just let me know (my number is listed at the bottom of this document).

Special thanks to Piet Barber who came up with the idea for this

GetTag was written in Borland C++ 3.1.

Liability & Copyright

This program is Copyright (c) 1992 by Ryan Cramer, All rights reserved.
GetTag may not be altered, sold, or decompiled in any way. There is
no charge for this program, but it is not Public Domain.

Ryan Cramer is in no way responsible for your use of GetTag. You use
this program at your own risk and no guarantee is provided. GetTag has
been thoroughly tested on my computer system with no problems.

Contacting the author

If you would like to get in contact with me, I can be reached on the
DataView support BBS (703) 506-8598, Illusions BBS (703) 641-0173,
RelayNet, WildNet, or my voice number is (703) 448-6923, ask for "Ryan".
You can also always find the latest version of GetTag on the DataView
support BBS or Illusions BBS.

Thank you,
Ryan Cramer

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