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Tradewars Version 2.00. One of the best BBS space games ever.
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Tradewars Version 2.00. One of the best BBS space games ever.
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Contents of the MENUFILE.TXT file


~5 ~2-=-~3 AutoPilot Help ~2-=- ~5
~5 ~3<~5Y~3> ~1Yes, stop here ~5
~5 ~3<~5N~3> ~1No, continue on ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Express Non-Stop ~5
~5 ~3<~5I~3> ~1Ship information ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Port Report ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Long Range Scan ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Re-Display Sector ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Port and Trade ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~1AutoPilot Help ~5

~5~E 2 0 0 2 ~5~0
~5 ~3Navigation Computer Tactical ~5~0
~5 ~2=~5-~2=~5-~2==~5-~2=~5-~2= =~5-~2=~5--~2=~5-~2= =~5-~2=~5--~2=~5-~2= ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Re-Display Sector ~3<~5C~3> ~1Onboard Computer ~3<~5A~3> ~1Attack Enemy SpaceCraft ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Port and Trade ~3<~5X~3> ~1Transporter Pad ~3<~5E~3> ~1Use SubSpace EtherProbe ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5M~3> ~1Move to a Sector ~3<~5I~3> ~1Ship Information ~3<~5F~3> ~1Take or Leave Fighters ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5L~3> ~1Land on a Planet ~3<~5T~3> ~1Corporate Menu ~3<~5G~3> ~1Show Deployed Fighters ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Long Range Scan ~3<~5U~3>~1 Use Genesis Torp ~3<~5H~3> ~1Handle Space Mines ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Release Beacon ~3<~5J~3>~1 Jettison Cargo ~3<~5K~3> ~1Show Deployed Mines ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5W~3> ~1Tow SpaceCraft ~3<~5B~3>~1 Interdict Ctrl ~3<~5O~3> ~1Starport Construction ~5~0
~5 ~3 ~5 ~3 ~1 ~3<~5!~3>~2 Main Menu Help ~3 ~5 ~3 ~1 ~5~0
~5 ~3<~5Q~3> ~2Quit and Exit ~3<~5Z~3> ~2TradeWars DOCS ~3<~5V~3> ~2View Game Status ~5~0
~5 ~Bv2~5 ~0

~5~E 2 0 0 2 ~5
~5 ~2-=- ~3Navigation~2 -=- ~2-=- ~3Misc ~2-=- ~2-=- ~3Displays ~2-=- ~5
~5 ~3<~5F~3> ~1Course Plotter ~3<~5A~3> ~1Make Announcement ~3<~5C~3> ~1View Ship Catalog ~5
~5 ~3<~5I~3> ~1Inter Sector Warps ~3<~5B~3> ~dBegin Self Destruct ~3<~5D~3> ~1Scan Daily Log ~5
~5 ~3<~5K~3> ~1Your Known Universe ~3<~5N~3> ~1Toggle ANSI On/Off ~3<~5E~3> ~1Evil Trader Class ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Port Report ~3<~5O~3> ~1Change Ship Settings ~3<~5G~3> ~1Good Trader Class ~5
~5 ~3<~5U~3> ~1T-warp preference ~3<~5P~3> ~1Fire Photon Missile ~3<~5H~3> ~1Alien Trader Rank ~5
~5 ~3<~5V~3> ~1Avoid Sectors ~3<~5M~3> ~1Re-Read Your Mail ~3<~5J~3> ~1Planetary Specs ~5
~5 ~3<~5X~3> ~1List Current Avoids ~3<~5S~3> ~1Send Mail ~3<~5L~3> ~1List Trader Rank ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~1Computer Help ~3<~5T~3> ~1Current Ship Time ~3<~5Y~3> ~1Personal Planets ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~1Exit Computer ~3<~5W~3> ~1Use Mine Disruptor ~3<~5Z~3> ~1Active Ship Scan ~5
~5 ~Bv2~5

~1This planet does not have a Citadel on it. If you wish to construct one,
~1you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build the Citadel.

~1Once a Citadel is built, you will then have the options of leaving your ship
~1there overnight, storing credits in the treasury, and many other military
~1functions that can turn your planet into a stronghold that is formidable
~1indeed! Addition of a Combat computer will enable your Citadel's systems to
~1control all fighters on the planet for defense. Purchase of a Quasar cannon
~1can give your Citadel the power to attack craft in space in the sector the
~1planet is in.

~5Citadel construction on this type of planet requires the following:

~b -=-=- StarPort Construction -=-=-

~1 Star Ports exist all over the known Universe. Traders construct
~1these when they have sufficient wealth to finance such an undertaking.
~1The costs involved with a project such as this is prohibitive and if you
~1have to ask, you can't afford it. Star Ports can be designed in a
~1number of fashions, as export centers, as balanced import/export nodes,
~1or as import only stations. Many variations in between can also be
~1designed. Ports can only import or export any given product, not both.
~1Costs involved with upgrading ports reflect the supply/demand of the
~1product in question and the current levels of trade. Building a StarPort
~1requires the resources of a fairly productive planet to support it. The
~1planet supports the construction stages which can last from a few days to
~1many weeks depending on the class of port. Construction has become a
~1viable investment for Traders since the outbreak of Port destruction
~1brought on by the marauding Black Empire. Many areas of our Universe are
~1in desperate need of trading centers to help them flourish. In addition,
~1prosperous ports can become quite an asset to the builder, as the original
~1investor will receive a "cut 'o the action".

~5~E 2 0 0 2 ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~2Display Corporations ~3<~5X~3> ~1Leave Your Corporation ~5
~5 ~3<~5J~3> ~2Join a Corporation ~3<~5L~3> ~1List Corporate Planets ~5
~5 ~3<~5M~3> ~2Make a New Corporation ~3<~5!~3> ~1Corporation Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~5QUIT ~2Corp Menu ~3<~5A~3>~1 Show Corporate Assets ~5
~5 ~r-- ~3(~1Corporations Only~3) ~r-- ~1 & Member Locations ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Credit Transfer ~r- ~dC.E.O.s Only ~r-~5
~5 ~3<~5F~3> ~1Fighter Transfer ~3<~5T~3> ~dSend Corporate Memo ~5
~5 ~3<~5H~3> ~1Mine Transfer ~3<~5P~3> ~dCorporate Security ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Shields Transfer ~3<~5R~3> ~dDrop Corporate Member ~5
~5 ~Bv2~5

~2As you give the order, the weapons officer engages a code sequence
~2that arms the most potent weapon the Federation has ever developed,
~2the powerful Nuerevy Atomic Detonator. Each corbomite-encased anti-
~2matter warhead is powerful enough to shatter a continent. When
~2several of these disaster machines are exploded simultaneously along
~2the fault lines of a planetary body, the resulting force is sufficient
~2to reduce it to the interstellar dust from whence it came. A flight of
~2your K3-A fighters takes the planet-busting bombs to the sites
~2selected by the computer as being the most devastating. You then blast
~2off from the planet as quickly as possible. A single laser blast from
~2your fleet triggers the massive reaction that is truly astounding.
~2Luckily, your crew has enough time to move the command ship out of
~2the blast range so that you can watch the destruction and enjoy it as
~2well! Unfortunately some of your fighters did not return from the
~2awesome implosion.

~1 Your science officer has detected a nebula in this sector suitable for
~1system formation. After you register your claim with The Imperial Bureau of
~1Expansionist Affairs for the territory, you give the order to arm and launch
~1the Genesis device.

~1 As the Genesis Torpedo leaves the torpedo bay of your ship, it begins to
~1glow brilliantly as it accelerates it's mass to the critical point. You
~1immediately warp out of range of the Genesis envelope, and four minutes
~1later the nebula is transformed into a thriving planetary system with such
~1a fantastic display of pyrotechnical special effects that it could never be
~1depicted in a simulation like this!

~1 You bring your ship into orbit about your new planet and make
~1preparations to explore it. Of course, now you will need colonists to
~1really make this planet thrive!

~5 ~5The Emporium Daily Specials~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Atomic Detonators ~5
~5 ~3<~5B~3> ~1Marker Beacons ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Corbomite Devices ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Cloaking Devices ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1SubSpace Ether Probes ~5
~5 ~3<~5F~3> ~1Planet Scanners ~5
~5 ~3<~5L~3> ~1Limpet Tracking Mines ~5
~5 ~3<~5M~3> ~1Space Mines ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Photon Missiles ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Long Range Scanners ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Mine Disruptors ~5
~5 ~3<~5T~3> ~1Genesis Torpedoes ~5
~5 ~3<~5W~3> ~1TransWarp Drives ~5
~5 ~3<~5Y~3> ~1Psychic Probes ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dHardware Emporium Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Emporium ~5

~5 ~5TW2002 Corporate Listings~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5L~3> ~1List Active Corporations ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Rank Corporations ~5
~5 ~5
|KENTMAD your fighters deploy within Federation space, they are immediately
~1annihilated by a VERY powerful phaser array from the Federation StarShip
~1the Intrepid. The monstrous bulk of the cruiser fills your viewscreen
~1and its warning message blares throughout your ship.

~2"Try that again and you'll get the same! You should know the regulations
~2about using arms in the Federation!"

~1Your battle officer reports loss of 10% of your fighters and 10% of your
~1holds. It seems the Intrepid was very careful in it's attack and could have
~1done much MORE damage.

~5It takes your very best navigational effort to avoid the multitude of
~5"space junk" in orbit about this planet. Your computer system finally
~5establishes a link with the Terran Traffic control system and you
~5relax as it brings your ship down automatically onto the last major
~5Space Port on Terra. You shut your systems down and head out to the
~5main colonists' departure terminal, hoping to find plenty of eager people
~5willing to risk the hazardous trip in CryoFreeze just so they can live on
~5a clean, abundant planet.

~5 ~1StarPort Construction ~5 ~1Initial Construction Costs ~5 ~1Import ~5
~5 ~1or ~5
~5~4 Port Class ~5~4 Ore Org Equ ~5~4 Credits ~5~4 Ore ~5~4 Org ~5~4 Equ ~5~4 Days ~5~1 Export ~5
~5 ~21 ~5 ~1B ~1B ~4S~7 ~5 ~239,250 ~5 ~3120 ~5 ~3120 ~5 ~360 ~5 ~26 ~5 Import ~5
~5 ~22 ~5 ~1B ~4S~7 ~1B ~5 ~241,500 ~5 ~3140 ~5 ~370 ~5 ~3140 ~5 ~27 ~5 Import ~5
~5 ~23 ~5 ~4S~7 ~1B ~1B ~5 ~248,000 ~5 ~380 ~5 ~3160 ~5 ~3160 ~5 ~28 ~5 Import ~5
~5 ~24 ~5 ~4S~7 ~4S~7 ~1B ~5 ~237,500 ~5 ~350 ~5 ~350 ~5 ~3100 ~5 ~25 ~5 Export ~5
~5 ~25 ~5 ~4S~7 ~1B ~4S~7 ~5 ~234,000 ~5 ~340 ~5 ~380 ~5 ~340 ~5 ~24 ~5 Export ~5
~5 ~26 ~5 ~1B ~4S~7 ~4S~7 ~5 ~232,500 ~5 ~360 ~5 ~330 ~5 ~330 ~5 ~23 ~5 Export ~5
~5 ~27 ~5 ~4S~7 ~4S~7 ~4S~7 ~5 ~230,000 ~5 ~320 ~5 ~320 ~5 ~320 ~5 ~22 ~5 Export ~5
~5 ~28 ~5 ~1B ~1B ~1B ~5 ~250,000 ~5 ~3200 ~5 ~3200 ~5 ~3200 ~5 ~210 ~5 Import ~5
~5 ~39 ~5 ~3Not Available ~5 ~3------- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3---- ~5 ~3------ ~5
~5 ~30 ~5 ~3Not Available ~5 ~3------- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3--- ~5 ~3---- ~5 ~3------ ~5
~5 ~3Ports will initially produce 100 units/day in each category ~5

~1A blaring message comes screaming across your sub-space radio:

~2"This is Captain Zyrain, of the StarShip Intrepid, your hostile
~2 act has been noticed and I feel that I must inform you of the dire
~2 consequences that you are asking for. No space piracy will take place
~2 in Federation space while I am commanding the Intrepid!

~2 Intrepid out..."

~1You notice the un-Godly bulk of the Intrepid looming into view and think
~1twice about your aggressive actions.

~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Take All Products ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Enter Citadel ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Display Planet ~5
~5 ~3<~5M~3> ~1Change Military Levels ~5
~5 ~3<~5O~3> ~1Claim Ownership of ~5
~5 ~1 this planet ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Change Population Lvls ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Load/Unload Colonists ~5
~5 ~3<~5T~3> ~1Take or Leave Product ~5
~5 ~3<~5Z~3> ~1Try to Destroy Planet ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~2Planetary Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~2Leave this Planet~5

~1You shut down all ship systems and retire to your quarters in the Citadel,
~1confident of your safety here. Yet you still check the orbital radars
~1before heading to bed, just to make sure no enemy is lurking out there.


~5 ~3<~5B~3> ~1Transporter Control ~3<~5N~3> ~1Interdictor Control ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Engage Ship's Computer ~3<~5P~3> ~1Planetary TransWarp ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Display Traders Here ~3<~5R~3> ~1Remain here overnight ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Exchange Trader Ships ~3<~5S~3> ~1Scan this sector ~5
~5 ~3<~5G~3> ~1Shield Generator Control ~3<~5T~3> ~1Treasury Fund Transfers ~5
~5 ~3<~5I~3> ~1Personal Info ~3<~5U~3> ~1Upgrade Citadel ~5
~5 ~3<~5L~3> ~1Quasar Cannon R-Level ~3<~5V~3> ~1Evict the other Traders ~5
~5 ~3<~5M~3> ~1Military Reaction Level ~3<~5X~3> ~1Corporation Menu ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~2Citadel Help ~3<~2Q~3> ~2Leave the Citadel ~5

~1As you wonder about looking down dark corridors, you hear some noise behind
~1you. You spin around to see who is approaching you, but everything goes
~1dark as you are hit.

~1You wake up a few hours later and find most of your money gone.


~1You wander about the port but find nothing but locked doors and deadends.
~1You do notice some rather rough looking characters lurking about the place.
~1Maybe its not such a good idea to wander about without knowing where its
~1safe to go?


~dThe Merchant Cruiser is the standard fare for earning a living in the
~duniverse. These craft are moderately fast, well armored and have hard
~dpoints for many different accessories. Many cartels use the Merchant
~dCruiser as their only ship type. The Merchant is the craft by which
~dcombat specs are rated for a standard.

~dThe Scout Marauder is currently the fastest, conventional drive ship
~dknown to mankind. This small speedster can easily outdistance even the
~dpowerful Corellian Battleships. It is not equipped for controlling many
~dfighters or shields, but it fights at 2 to 1 odds due to its quickness
~dand small size. This craft cannot carry mines or Genesis Torpedoes.
~dIt may be small, but this ship's speed and range make up for much.

~dMissile Frigates are really nothing more than a retro-fitted Merchant
~dCruiser. They maintain the same speed and range of the Merchant but can
~dcarry twice the firepower. Commanding a Frigate means that you cannot
~dtake advantage of much of the additional starship equipment available,
~dbut their combat advantages make up for that. The Missile Frigate is
~dthe only ship outfitted to carry the awesome Photon Missile. These
~dweapons of destructions can turn StarPorts into space junk in short
~dorder. The Photon Missile was also used effectively in the Trantorian
~dconflict to totally destroy the enemy's home planet.

~dThe Corellian Battleship is a dangerous craft indeed! This ship packs
~dthe most punch of any ship in the Federation. Battleship's can carry
~dfour times the fighters of a Merchant and deliver them with a much
~dhigher degree of effectiveness due to their superior combat computers.
~dThe shield generators on Battleships are capable of shielding the ship's
~dfighters as well. This craft is one of the more prestigious and powerful
~dships available today.

~dFew words can actually describe the sheer awe associated with a
~dCorporate Flagship. Only available to Corp CEOs, this huge craft is
~dthe ultimate in power and capability. Not only can it carry up to
~d20,000 fighters at one time, this ship carries a powerful combination
~dof options that will make any foe turn tail and run.

~dThe most impressive capability of the Flagship is the TransWarp Drive.
~dThis device enables the ship to TransWarp to any other sector in the
~dUniverse provided one of your fighters is already there emitting a
~dlocator beam. Without this, a ship can disapear into TransWarp and
~dnever be seen again.

~dThe Colonial Transport is a massive structure that can only barely be
~dcalled a ship. This huge craft is ideal for moving large amounts of
~dproducts or colonists from place to place. Though it has a standard
~ddrive, this ship is rather slow due to the mass involved. Also, the
~dcombat computers are rather limited on this craft due to the excessive
~dneeds of the navigation computers. The Transport is not outfitted for
~dcarrying or deploying mines. Conflict brings the Transport's major
~dweakness to light. Due to the size of the craft, it is very hard to
~ddefend against fighters.

~dThe CargoTran is a large ship indeed. Though not as fast as some of its
~drelated trading cousins, this ship can move vast amounts of goods. It is
~dtypically a pacifist's ship as it does not carry much in the way of
~doffensive capabilities but it's very large array of holds makes up for all
~dof that. The large shield capacity of this craft makes it safe to wander
~dhostile territory as well. This ship is considered by many to be one of
~dthe top money-makers in the Universe.

~dThe Merchant Freighter is the ideal ship for those traders that do not want
~dto concern themselves with political matters. It is not a very powerful
~dship in combat, but its strengths are many. This ship can carry a large
~dnumber of shields and manages to outdistance most ships. After all, "Those
~dwho fight and run away, live to fight another day" still holds very true in
~dthe universe as we know it today.

~dThe commercial version of a Federation StarShip is not available to just
~danyone. This craft is only available to those who are commissioned by the
~dFederation to aid in their cause. StarShips are the most closely guarded
~dtechnology in existence. They can carry massive assault power and through
~dthe use of the TransWarp drive, they can deliver this power almost anywhere.

~dThe Imperial StarShip is truly the most powerful ship that a private
~dindividual can command. More information about qualifying for a Federal
~dcommission is available at a Police station near you.

~dThe Havoc Gunstar is a recently developed ship that owes its existance to
~dnew developments in micro-miniaturization. This mid-sized ship is the only
~done of its size to be able to house a TransWarp drive. Though it doesn't
~dcarry a large amount of holds to fuel the TransWarp, it still has a decent
~dT-Warp range and can arrive at its destination packing a moderate fighting
~dforce in the bargain. Watch for this ship to become the favorite of the
~dMercenary legions in the Universe.

~dThe StarMaster represents the latest in technological advances for star
~dtravel, meeting the needs of those who desire a ship with great speed and
~dmedium cargo capacity. Developed to counter the growing threat of space
~dpiracy, the StarMaster posesses a formidable fire control and weapons
~dsystem, and a high shield capacity. The price for this state-of-art craft
~dis not cheap, but discerning traders will find that the investment will
~dpay for itself in the long run.

~dThe Constellation is the direct offspring of the Correlian Battleship.
~dWhile not quite as powerful as its distinguished parent, the Constellation
~dmakes its own mark with greater speed and range. Traders have dubbed it
~dthe "baby battleship", but this "infant" is one of the most powerful and
~dmaneuverable ships available in the universe today.

~dThe T'Khasi Orion is the perfect ship for traders who want the speed and
~dcargo capacity of the Merchant Freighter but need a bit more firepower.
~dOffering substantially higher combat odds and fighter capacity, the T'Khasi
~dOrion is an excellent intermediate ship.

~dYoung corporations in need of planetary defense should consider the
~dSentinel. With its new planetary combat guidance system, this ship's
~dnormal combat odds of 1:1 shoot up to 4:1 when defending a corporate
~dplanet. When an enemy ship enters a sector containing a Sentinel set in
~ddefense of a corporate planet, the hostile vessel must first destroy the
~dSentinel and all of its fighters before it may land and attempt any action
~dtoward the planet. Remember: The Sentinel was designed primarily for
~dPlanetary defense, if used for offensive purposes its combat odds are 1:1.

~d"Big, slow and ugly...", seem to be the words most often overheard when
~dsomeone is describing the Taurean Mule. Designed in direct competition
~dwith the CargoTran, the Mule is somewhat faster and possesses a higher
~dcargo capacity, but it is even more vulnerable to piracy and attack than
~dit's competitor. However, this is still a good ship for traders who have
~dstaked out "safe" trade lanes and do not have to worry about enemy attacks.

~dA recently designed vessel, the Interdictor Cruiser is fast becoming
~dthe great Equalizer of the Universe. It is as powerful as it is large
~dand packs a tremendous punch in modern combat. Unfortunately it cannot
~duse a TransWarp drive due to its size and its speed is not a great asset.
~dThe major attraction of this vessel is the Interdictor Generator that
~dcreates such a large gravity well that no other ship in its sector can
~dwarp out! When an Interdictor Cruiser arrives on the scene you had
~dbetter give up all thoughts of running away. In addition this ship is not
~dan atmospheric craft and cannot land on any planets.

~5 ~5The Federation Shipyards~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5B~3> ~1Buy a New Ship ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Sell extra Ships ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Examine Ship Specs ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Buy Class 0 Items ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Change Ship Registration ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dShipyards Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Shipyards ~5

~5 ~5The Galactic Bank~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Make a Deposit ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Examine Balance ~5
~5 ~3<~5T~3> ~1Transfer Funds ~5
~5 ~3<~5W~3> ~1Withdraw Funds ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Bank ~5

~1You have wandered into the entrance of what appears to be a Library of
~1some kind! There is a Vid-Panel in front of you with some selections
~1that you've never seen before.

~1You feel rather nervous as you enter this rather seedy establishment.
~1But after a few drinks you begin to carouse with members of the opposite
~1sex and you forget about your surroundings. You emerge from the place
~1a few hours later with a nasty headache and you notice that your account
~1on your VidCreditCard is much lower than when you entered.

~1You bring your ship into approach for the Federation StarDock.

~1This has to be the single, largest man-made object you've ever seen. It
~1continues on for miles and contains the factories for all of the major
~1brands of Space-going craft. Since the materials wars of 1998 on Earth, all
~1ship builders relocated here. You've heard many strange stories about the
~1people and places here, but you haven't found many of either, yet.

~1You lose sight of the boundless reaches of space as your craft descends
~1amongst the giant buildings onto a landing pad.

~2"All systems secured, welcome to StarGate Alpha I", comes over your ship's

~5 This is a game of skill and luck. You pay an entry fee to
~5play the game. This fee goes into the Top Player Jackpot which
~5will be detailed later in these instructions. The game will last
~5for 10 rounds. In each round you will be dealt three Crons. Each
~5Cron is a number from 0 to 9. You will be using these crons to
~5form a three-digit number. To win, your three digit number must be
~5greater than the dealers. Before he shows you the cron, the dealer
~5will ask you which position your next cron will occupy - 1
~5(hundreds), 2 (tens) or 3 (ones). Psi-Filters are used to insure
~5that Telepaths and Empaths do not get an unfair advantage over the
~5races that lack such skills. The winning number will be added
~5to the winner's cumulative total. The totals are compared at the
~5end of the ten rounds and the greater of the totals will be
~5declared the winner. If the house is the winner, the game is over
~5and you will have to pay again if you wish to play again. If you
~5are declared the winner, your payback is 2 to 1. If you are the
~5Top Player you win all accumulated money in the Top Player Jackpot.

~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Apply for a Federal Commission ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Claim a Federation Reward ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Examine the Ten Most Wanted List ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Post a Reward on someone ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dFedPolice Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Police Station ~5


~5 ~5Obvious places to go are~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1The CinePlex Videon Theatres ~5
~5 ~3<~5G~3> ~1The 2nd National Galactic Bank ~5
~5 ~3<~5H~3> ~1The Stellar Hardware Emporium ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1The Federal Space Police HQ ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1The Federation Shipyards ~5
~5 ~3<~5T~3> ~1The Lost Trader's Tavern ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dStardock Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dReturn to your ship and leave ~5

~1CAPTAIN! Now you've done it! Radiation levels are exceeding the
~1capacity of our shields. The mains have all shut down and we
~1can't get the trans warp drive to activate... This is it
~1Captain, we're all going to die!

~5 ~5Obvious things to do are~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Make an Announcement ~5
~5 ~3<~5B~3> ~1Buy something from the bar ~5
~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Eavesdrop on conversations ~5
~5 ~3<~5E~3> ~1Order some food ~5
~5 ~3<~5G~3> ~1Try your hand at Tri-Cron ~5
~5 ~3<~5T~3> ~1Talk to the grimy Trader in back ~5
~5 ~3<~5U~3> ~1Use the facilities ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dTavern Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Tavern ~5

~1This Citadel does not have a Combat Control System. To construct one,
~1you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build it.

~1Once a Combat Control System is built, you will then have the ability to
~1set the fighters on the planet surface in either defensive or offensive
~1deployment. Traders wishing to attack you or take the products of the
~1planet will have to fight through your fighters first.

~5Construction of a Combat Control Computer on this type of planet requires
~5the following:

~1This Citadel does not have a Quasar Cannon. If you wish to construct one,
~1you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build it.

~1A properly deployed Quasar Cannon is the most powerful weapon known today.
~1With an adequate fuel supply, a Q-Cannon can outlast even the most powerful
~1fleet and survive with its base planet intact. A Quasar Cannon can only
~1reach ships in the sector its base planet is in, but it reaches them with
~1an effective firepower that only some large BattleShips can match.

~5Construction of a Quasar Cannon on this type of planet requires
~5the following:

~1This Citadel does not have a Planetary TransWarp Drive. To construct one,
~1you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build it.

~1With a fully operational Planetary TransWarp drive in place, you can move
~1your planets to any sector you defend! Your white dwarf star that provides
~1light and heat for your planet is moved as well in the massive TransWarp
~1field that this awesome engine creates. The amount of fuel required to
~1generate this field is tremendous though, and you will only be able to move
~1your planet once every 9-10 days.

~5Planetary TransWarp construction on this type of planet requires
~5the following:

~1This Citadel does not have a Planetary Shielding System. To construct one,
~1you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build it.

~1With a fully operational Planetary Shielding System in place, you can rest
~1assured that no one will easily take over your planet! Planetary Shields
~1will prevent not only enemy ships from landing, but they will also negate
~1the effects of the Photon Missile. Shielding Control is maintained through
~1a series of geosynchronous satellites that you transfer shield generators
~1to. You can build this level up to a considerable defensive power.

~5Planetary Shielding System construction on this type of planet requires
~5the following:

~1This Citadel does not have a Planetary Interdictor Generator. To construct
~1one you must first have the raw materials on the planet to build it.

~1An operational Interdictor Generator is a much feared defense against
~1intruders. The gravity well produced by such a generator prevents an
~1opponent from generating a warp field and subsequently traps them in your
~1sector. (where you can deal with them at your leisure). Be aware that
~1the generation of such a field drains a tremendous amount of Fuel from
~1your planet's resources.

~5Interdictor Generator System construction on this type of planet requires
~5the following:

~50 would be totally defensive, 50 would use half of the fighters
~5on the planet in an attack against an intruder landing on this planet
~5and the remaining half would drop back to defend the Citadel, 100
~5would use all of the fighters in an assault on the intruder.
~5Remember that your defensive fighters on a planet have much better odds
~5than defensive fighters deployed in space. If a Trader tries to blast
~5your planet with Photon Missiles (after blowing up the fighters you had
~5in the sector) then the Combat Control Computer will send this percent of
~5your fighters into the sector to attack.

~1Quasar Cannon reaction level, in the Atmosphere:

~50 would be totally defensive, 50 would use half of the Fuel Ore reserve
~5on the planet (for each firing), and 100 would use all of the Fuel Ore
~5remaining against an enemy. Remember that the Quasar Cannon is MUCH more
~5effective against an enemy that has entered the atmosphere of the planet.

~1Quasar Cannon reaction level, in the Sector:

~50 would be totally defensive, 50 would use half of the Fuel Ore reserve
~5on the planet (for each firing), and 100 would use all of the Fuel Ore
~5remaining against an enemy. Remember that the Quasar Cannon is MUCH more
~5effective against an enemy that has entered the atmosphere of the planet.
~5So shooting at an enemy in the sector will not do as much damage at that

~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Attack Deployed Fighters ~5
~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Re-Display this Sector ~5
~5 ~3<~5I~3> ~1Information on your ship ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Pay Toll (if applicable) ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~6RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~5

~5 The Photon Missile Detonation rocks your ship as the waves beat upon your
~5shields. Your sensors fail momentarily, but then return. The Photon Wave
~5is in effect, make ready to invade!

~5After docking with the port, you glance furtively about trying to
~5estimate this chance to make some "quick" profit. The port staff are
~5off helping a few other Traders right now. Will you go for it?

~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~1Rob Money from this Port ~5
~5 ~d(Chancy but Profitable)~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Steal Product from dock ~5
~5 ~d(Easiest for Novices) ~5
~5 ~3<~5Q~3> ~1Quit, nevermind ~5


~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Attack Planet's Fighters ~5
~5 ~3<~5I~3> ~1Information on your ship ~5
~5 ~3<~5R~3> ~6RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~5

~5Class ~CM~1 - Thick Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere. Specific gravity within
~1 0.7 to 1.3 Earth normal. Random, but mostly manageable weather
~1 patterns, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees
~1 Celsius. Fertile soil, excellent for Organic production.
~1 Mineral deposits, very good for Equipment production. Chemical
~1 elements good for Fuel Ore. Class M planets are excellent for
~1 human colonization and promote an excellent population growth
~1 curve as well as a very good population harmony quotient. They
~1 have an above average "habitability band". Drawbacks include
~1 overpopulation problems, political unrest and human-induced
~1 destruction of the BioSphere.

~5Class ~CU~1 - planets have very heavy ranging to very thin atmospheres
~1 consisting of various elements, mostly comprised of helium or of
~1 hydrogen. Specific gravities can range from 0.2 to 8.0 of Earth
~1 normal. Climate patterns usually extremely violent with temps
~1 ranging from -200 to 400 Celsius. Full life support required at
~1 all times. No production can sustain itself on a Class U planet.
~1 Some miners have hinted at very valuable products that they have
~1 extracted from Class U worlds but the Federation does not have
~1 them in its "Official Guide to Mining". Class U planets are not
~1 recommended for colonizations as the environment is harsher than
~1 being in space itsself.

~5Class ~CH~1 - planets have extremely thin Oxygen / Nitrogen atmospheres.
~1 Specific gravities are within 0.8 to 2.6 Earth normal. Climate
~1 patterns are violent with temperatures from 45 to 400 degrees
~1 Celcius. Full life support required for colonization. Zero
~1 workable soil and harsh conditions make Organics production
~1 impossible. Good trace elements for equip but conditions make
~1 production a gamble at best. Excellent Ore production
~1 possibilities as material is often ejected by volcanic activity
~1 and found on the surface. Very dangerous for colony growth as
~1 unstable planetary crusts often lead to the complete loss of a
~1 colony. The Federation has been known to use Class H planets for
~1 defense of key sectors due to their large Ore base.

~5Class ~CC~1 - planets have extremely thin Oxygen-Nitrogen atmospheres.
~1 Specific gravity from 0.5 to 1.7 Earth normal. Meteorologically
~1 unstable causing violent conditions. Temps range from -10 to
~1 -190 degrees Celsius. Full life support necessary for colonies
~1 and death rates are high. No workable soil base so hydroponic
~1 Organics are limited. Modest mineral and chemicals exist so
~1 production of Ore and Equipment will be below average to none.
~1 Class C planets NOT recommended for colonization, their violent
~1 condition makes it extremely hazardous. Some Class C planets
~1 have been adopted by the Federation and used as prison colonies
~1 with very effective results.

~5Class ~CL~1 - planets have a thin Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere. Specific
~1 gravity within 1.0 to 2.2 Earth normal. Weather patterns are wet
~1 with temperatures ranging anywhere from -30 to 50 Celsius
~1 depending on the width of the habitability band. Excellent
~1 Mineral and Ore depostits but harsh conditions only permit avg
~1 to below avg Equipment production. Soil is excellent, providing
~1 higher than normal organics production. Colonist specialization
~1 is necessary to maintain population. Good - very good population
~1 harmony quotient. Above average "habitability band" but only
~1 medium population growth. Drawbacks include hazards to equipment
~1 and occasional severe weather conditions.

~5Class ~CK~1 - planets have a thin Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere. Specific
~1 gravity within 0.5 to 1.5 Earth normal. Weather patterns are
~1 mostly dry and hot with temperatures ranging fron 40 to 140
~1 degrees Celsius. Little area of fertile soil, very bad for
~1 Organics. Very little precious metal making it bad for Equipment
~1 production. Common Chemical traces making it great for Fuel Ore.
~1 Class K worlds are average for humanoid colonization but an
~1 arrid and hot climate requires specialized colonists. Narrow
~1 habitability band but a generally stable political environment
~1 as the population must depend on each other to survive. Higher
~1 fatality rate than Class M worlds.

~5Class ~CO~1 - planets have a dense Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere. Specific
~1 gravity within 1.1 to 1.8 Earth normal. Random and occasional
~1 violent weather current patterns, with temps ranging from 20 to
~1 50 degrees Celsius. No land mass to speak of, making mining for
~1 Ore more difficult. Organics production quite good, (one of the
~1 best) but a poor environment for building Equipment. Class O
~1 planets are more challenging to habitate, but are almost as safe
~1 as class M. Good population growth curve and decent population
~1 harmony. Their entire surface is habitable with proper gear with
~1 the only drawbacks being the costs to settle and build citadels.

~5You issue the command to your Ship computer to start the Corbomite
~5self-destruct system. All of your crew jettison in escape pods, but you,
~5the captain, remain behind with your vessel. You stand proud on the
~5wretched remains of the bridge of your ship as the count down finishes:

~5In a nearby sector, a Federation Patrol Ship notices a brilliant star
~5suddenly flare and then die out in the distance......

~5 ~1Upgrade Starport Production~5
~5 ~21 ~3Fuel Ore, costs $~2250~3/unit ~5
~5 ~22 ~3Organics, costs $~2500~3/unit ~5
~5 ~23 ~3Equipment, costs $~2900~3/unit ~5
~5 ~3Choose ~21~3, ~22~3, ~23~3 or ~2Q~3 to quit ~5

~5You may either set the Atomic Detonators and hope that the Colonists do not
~5"accidently" set them off trying to disarm them (while you're on the planet)
~5or you can first attack and exterminate the Colonist population to assure a
~5safer use of the detonators.

~5 ~3<~5D~3> ~1Use Atomic Detonators ~5
~5 ~3<~5A~3> ~1Attack Colonists ~5
~5 ~3<~5Z~3> ~1Help! (What do I do?) ~5
~5 ~3<~5Q~3> ~6Never Mind ~5

~5 ~3<~5C~3> ~1Collect on Contract ~5
~5 ~3<~5H~3> ~1View Hit Contracts ~5
~5 ~3<~5N~3> ~1Get your Name Changed ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Place a Contract ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave this place ~5
~5The Sergeant smiles warmly at you and ushers you into a side room
~5that you've never been in before. Shortly a tall person with a
~5commanding presence enters the room.

~2"Congratulations!. We've had our eyes on you for some time now.
~2 Welcome to the ranks of the Federation!"

~5He then turns over to you the ship manuals for a Imperial Starship
~5and briefs you on command of one. He also outlines what the Federation
~5expects from you in return.

~2"From time to time we may call on you to help eradicate some problem
~2 Trader or help in the fight against the Ferrengi. We also expect you
~2 to maintain and even improve the already high standard that you have
~2 shown in the past! Do not drop below your new alignment or we will
~2 have to ah, um, *repossess* anything you might have gained from our
~2 help"

~5You leave this office with a new resolve to go forth and vanquish Evil!

~5For joining the Federation your alignment becomes 1000!

~6 ************** ~1 W A R N I N G ~6 **************

~1 External Maintenance has NOT run recently! This program MUST be run every
~1 night for the proper operation of Trade Wars 2002. The program you must
~1 run is called ~2EXTERN.EXE ~1and is in the same place with the TW2002.EXE
~1 program. If you do not setup your system to run this program every night
~1 then unused accounts will not be cleared, the Ferrengi will not move, Ports
~1 will not get built and a few dozen other IMPORTANT things will not happen!

~1 This warning should be displayed to the SYSOP only. If you are a regular
~1 user and are seeing this, please inform the SYSOP that they need to set the
~1 Sysop_Level setting in the Editor to an appropriate level.

~5 This has been a paid, Public Service announcement from ~2Martech Software

~5 ~5Transporter Main Control~2: ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~5S~3> ~1Beam to another Ship ~5
~5 ~3<~5P~3> ~1Beam to another Planet ~5
~5 ~5
~5 ~3<~2!~3> ~dTransporter Help ~5
~5 ~3<~2Q~3> ~dLeave the Transporter ~5


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