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BBS Door that allows users to send ASCII Fax's locally.

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Fax-Em works with door.sys, chain.txt
dorinfo.def, callinfo.bbs, pcboard.sys,
user.sys, sfdoors.dat. Fax-Em will
send a fax while user is online.

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BBS Door that allows users to send ASCII Fax’s locally.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FAXEM.CFG 1017 509 deflated
FAXEM10.DOC 7345 2882 deflated
FAXEM10.EXE 54189 51046 deflated
FAXEMWLC.ANS 1220 329 deflated
FAXEMWLC.ASC 1406 180 deflated
FAXLOCAL.TXT 85 51 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 179 142 deflated
INSTRUCT.TXT 1762 852 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 2724 962 deflated
XM1KG.BAT 49 49 stored
XMD1K.BAT 46 46 stored
XMDCRC.BAT 42 42 stored
YMD.BAT 40 40 stored
YMD1KG.BAT 49 49 stored
ZMD.BAT 38 38 stored

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Contents of the FAXEM10.DOC file

Fax-Em Release 1.0

Fax ASCII Text file while Online!

Door Registration is only $15.00!

Written by: Jerry Liddle
119 Edward Drive
Swedesboro, New Jersey 08085

The Beckett BBS (609) 467-3898 USR HST Dual Standard
(609) 467-8612 19200 USR HST

Overview of Fax-Em

Ok, Folks. This is my first attempt at writting a door. So be patient
with me. Needless to say, I'm not good at writing docs either. If you
need help setting-up Fax-Em, TOUGH... Just kidding... I can be reached
through my BBS. I also monitor many RIME conferences. Especially the
Doors and GAP Conferences.

Fax-Em was written to provide users of my BBS the ability to Fax ASCII
Text files to other fax machines in the area.

I have the door set up to allow FREE local faxing. It's a great service
that is fairly cheap to add to your system. You can make your own arrange-
ments with users to have them pay per fax for toll calls. The door keeps
track of the number of pages sent. I charge per page for Long Distance.

All in all, I think you'll be quite pleased.

Fax-Door Requirements

- You'll need room in your computer for an internal Fax-Modem. That not only
means phsyical space, but also free interupts and com ports. An external
modem may also be used. (I use an external modem)

- You need an extra phone line, in ADDITION to the BBS Line, as the door
faxes with the caller online. I cheated a little here, I use my voice
line. Odds are that the line will be free most of the time.

- You need a Fax modem that uses the BitFax software (C) 1989 BIT Software,
Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have used BitFax v.30 successfully.

- This only works on the node where the Fax-Modem is inserted. On a multi
node system, this means the fax service will only be available on one of
your nodes, unless you have more than one Fax-Modem.

- You must have a copy of DSZ in your Path

- The door shells out to run BitFax and DSZ to accept the uploaded file to fax.
Boards operating under DoubleDos or Desqview must be sure they have enough
RAM leftover for proper door operation.

- You will also need a copy of BRUN45.EXE in your path for the door to operate.

Files needed for Fax-Door Operation

If you have any doubt about the integrity of the files contained in this
ARCHive, feel free to call my BBS in Swedesboro, New Jersey and download
the latest version. The Beckett BBS, (609)467-3898

Files included with Fax-Em and created by the door: Files marked with an
asterisk "*" are created by the door. Be sure to check the transfer batch
files so they are set for the correct com port that the door will be using.

NOTE: Do not change the names of the file transfer Protocol Batch Files
They may be edited to add options

FAXEM10.DOC <----- The How To File - The Documentation
FAXEM10.EXE <----- This is the door executable file
FAXEM.CFG <----- The door configuration file (Instructions in Sample)
FAXEMWLC.ASC <----- The door ascii welcome screen (Do Not Alter)
FAXEMWLC.ANS <----- The door Ansi welcome screen (Do Not Alter)
FAXLOCAL.TXT <----- Ascii file containing local calling prefixes (Edit)
One prefix per line
*FAXUSER.DAT <----- Door user data file (Do Not Alter)
INSTRUCT.TXT <----- Instructions displayed by door (May be Edited)
This file may be edited to inform users how
you have the door set to operatate with BitFax
REGISTER.FRM <----- Registration Form
XM1KG.BAT <----- File transfer batch files (Do Not Rename - May Edit)
XMDIK.BAT <-----"
XMDCRC.BAT <-----"
YMD.BAT <-----"
YMD1KG.BAT <-----"
ZMD.BAT <-----"
BRUN45.EXE <----- Quick Basic Door Runtime Module (Not Supplied)
All of the above files should be in the same subdirectory as your BitFax

The door automatically knows when the sysop is in the door. Entering the
Asterisk (*) key will bring up the user editor. This will allow you to
enable long distance faxing for users of your choice. You make the
arrangement as to who, how, and when the toll call is to be paid. I have
my users prepay for this service. I charge per page to fax. The editor
is basically self explanatory.

Editor Menu: 1. Edit A User Account
2. Delete A User Account
Q. Return To Fax-Em
G. Log-Off System

Edit A User: A. User Number <----- User's record Number
B. Pages <----- User's preapproved L/D Pages
C. Sent <----- Pages a user has sent
Protocol <----- User's default protocol
D. Long Distance <----- Y or N (enables/disables L/D


Suggest following the instructions for BitFax when installing the software.
Make a subdirectory called BITFAX on your drive.
Change to the subdirectory, and copy the contents of the BitFax/SR Program
disk into the subdirectory. Next, place the Fax-Em files in this directory,
as Fax-Em will read the Log file created by BitFax.

Be sure to set your com port correctly on the Fax-Modem. I run a USR HST
14.4 on Com2 and have my Fax-Modem set to use Com1.

Once your Fax-Modem is installed and your software is loaded onto the hard
drive you should type BITFAX and set up the BitFax parameters. Please
follow the BitFax manual. Their manual contains step by step instructions.

Registration Cost

The DOOR only costs $15.00!! It is a full working version and is not
crippled in anyway, except for saying it is an EVALUATION COPY on the
welcome screen.

Support the Shareware concept...

This door may be used for an Evaluation period of 30 days. After that, I
would prefer that you register the program for continued use.
To Register, please print out and return the REGISTER.FRM in the Zip file.
When you register, you may call my BBS and download your copy of the door
which will state that is is registered to you on the Welcome Screen. If
you do not wish to download the registered version, add $2.00 to the cost
of registration and I will mail the program. The choice is yours.

Thanks for your support!

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