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Excellent Windows 3.X based BBS system. Demo but functional.
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Excellent Windows 3.X based BBS system. Demo but functional.
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BBSLIST.MSG 27302 9639 deflated
BULL1 105 86 deflated
CONFIG.DAT 98 94 deflated
CONFIG.EXE 21106 7119 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 19016 7488 deflated
LOCAL.EXE 87271 30981 deflated
MESSAGE.HED 309 170 deflated
MMENU.ANS 1190 436 deflated
MMENU.KEY 17 17 stored
QUOTES.DAT 3978 1895 deflated
README.DOC 6614 2908 deflated
RES0.DAT 0 0 stored
RES1.DAT 2 2 stored
RMENU.ANS 1040 337 deflated
TLOG.DAT 2 2 stored
USERS.DAT 2544 141 deflated
VBRUN100.DLL 271264 152996 deflated
VOTING.ANS 217 104 deflated
WINBBS.EXE 105688 38195 deflated
WINDOS.EXE 26624 11490 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

WinExpress Ver 1.0a DEMO (C)opyright 1991

Fax: (514) 336-3919 Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM
Modem:(514) 336-3919 Mon-Fri 8PM-8AM (2400 baud, 9600 coming soon)
Phone:(514) 333-5197 Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

NOTE: This is a DEMO Version. Many options do not function.

WinExpress is one of the very first BBS programs for Microsoft Windows,
and frankly we think it's the best we've seen yet. We hope you will

To register and receive a full-featured version of WinExpress Ver 1.0
along with all future upgrades, send cheque or money order in U.S. funds
for $49.95 to:

1295 Jules Poitras, Suite #308
St.Laurent, Quebec, Canada
H4N 1Y5

INFO-SERVE REG'D is not responsible for any damage or loss of data
caused by this the use of this software. It is Illegal to modify or
sell copies of this software without prior written consent from

Minimum Requirements to run WinExpress:

286/8MHZ 2Meg Ram
Windows 3.x in *STANDARD or ENHANCED MODE*
NOTE: WinExpress will not run in Windows REAL MODE.

Packing List:

WINBBS.EXE The actual BBS program
LOCAL.EXE SYSOP (Local) BBS program
CONFIG.EXE User status and modification program
INSTALL.EXE Sets up the BBS for you.
CONFIG.DAT BBS configuration. Can be Modified with editor.
MESSAGE.HED Message base headers. (DEMO=25) Registered=255
BULLETIN.BBS Second Bulletin after users logs on. NON ABORTABLE
LOGON.BBS First Bulletin when user logs on. NON ABORTABLE
MMENU.BBS Main menu file
MMENU.ANS Main menu file (ANSI)
RMENU.BBS Messages menu
RMENU.ANS Messages menu (ANSI)
TLOG.DAT User log entry. Accessable by all.
README.DOC This file.
VBRUN100.DLL Library files for the BBS.
QUOTES.DAT Random logoff quotes.
BBSLIST.MSG A file with local bbs numbers
VOTING.BBS Poll Creation Menu
VOTING.ANS Poll Creation menu (ANSI)

Most files can be modified by any editor to suit your taste.

Registered users will receive detailed information on the structure
and workings of the BBS. The Demo version is restricted in many areas
and is limited in operation. This is to protect our interests as many
hours went into creating this program. Version 2.0 is currently being
worked on and will include such features as:

Searching Capabilities (Messages)
Fido Compatibilty
Sig Operators
Library for text files
Script language (great for creating doors)
and more..

The release date for Ver 2.0 has not bein established as of this writing.
Customers who purchased Ver 1.0a will receive 2.0 at reduced rates.


To install WinExpress: copy all of the files to a floppy and use the run
command in Windows. When entering the baud rate of your computer enter the
highest rate the modem can support. Once the installation is finished
create an icon for winbbs.exe. The BBS should function properly from this
point on. REMEMBER: This is a demo version and is restricted in many areas.


Once the installation is finished you can now log into the bbs. Click
on the LOCAL keyword. This will allow you to log into the bbs.

Boot Config Local Chat Exit LOCAL LOGON

You will be prompted for a Alias name - enter: NEW
This can be changed after you exit the local logon. To change user settings
click on the config keyword. Even though you are logged into the bbs or
modifying a users record the bbs is still running in the background
accepting calls.

Boot Config Local Chat EXit
______________________________ USER CONFIGURATION

Boot Config Local Chat Exit
_______________________________ KICK USER OFF SYSTEM


If you wish to modify the config.dat file this will help.

Line 1 baud rate
Line 2 Comport
Line 3 Drive
Line 4 Modem Initializing String
Line 5 Accept new users Y or N
Line 6 When sysop is not around to chat
Line 7 Time to execute event. No event use --:--:--
Line 8 File name to Execute for line 7.
Line 9 CPU time for bbs 1-50 Lowest priority to highest. 1 lowest-50 Highest
This you can play with to find the best value. If the settings for
this function are incorrect you will notice it when typing.

Each message Sig (base) can have its own bulletin which can be accessed by
pressing "." at the prompt. To create a bulletin for message Sig 3 create
a file called BULL3, and so on for each message Sig. These files MUST be
placed in the FILES sub-directory.


New users receive an access code of 1. Most functions are restricted at this
level. Anything higher than 1 will allow users to use various functions
on the bbs. Access 20 is for the SYSOP. The remaining access codes are not
implemented in the DEMO version.

It is highly recommended to use COM1 or COM2 for WinExpress.

However, if you must use COM3 or COM4 then place these statments in
the SYSTEM.INI file:

Look for: [386Enh] and add the following three lines under it.


We welcome any questions, comments and suggestions -- you can reach us at
the numbers listed above, by Fax, Modem or Phone. Suggestions implemented
into the BBS will be mentioned in future upgrade .DOC files along with the
sender's name wherever possible. As a customer, we value your support, and
pride ourselves on giving you the absolute best service we can. When you
run into a problem or a question, we'll be there!

INFO-SERVE REG'D is a small family venture, doing our best, as most,
in these difficult economic times. We trust that you will support us
by adhering to the ethics of the shareware concept.

Thank you!
George and Karen Balla

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