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Useful player utilities for TradeWars 2002 BBS gameplayers.
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Useful player utilities for TradeWars 2002 BBS gameplayers.
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ATT.BGI 6348 4417 deflated
BASEPATH.INC 1284 548 deflated
BUSY.INC 1262 514 deflated
CGA.BGI 6332 4383 deflated
CHANGES.TXT 3136 1536 deflated
CLEAN.BAT 182 74 deflated
CONFIG.INC 721 377 deflated
CONTROL.INC 2869 1061 deflated
CONVERT.EXE 43744 21539 deflated
CONVERT.PAS 4300 1553 deflated
DECOUNT.INC 2248 810 deflated
DISTANCE.INC 2944 963 deflated
DOCS.TXT 31870 12076 deflated
EDITBASE.INC 3498 1047 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5363 3878 deflated
EXAMINE.EXE 89184 42638 deflated
EXAMINE.PAS 3704 1532 deflated
GSDATA.INC 9015 2551 deflated
HEADERS.INC 2391 867 deflated
HERC.BGI 6204 4368 deflated
HITRFFIC.INC 4053 1354 deflated
IBM8514.BGI 6665 3434 deflated
INITGRPH.INC 763 337 deflated
MISC.INC 8216 2315 deflated
MOREPAIR.INC 4867 1465 deflated
MULTPATH.INC 4639 1299 deflated
NETCHANG.INC 2712 1013 deflated
NOTESTUF.INC 1546 533 deflated
OFFLINE.EXE 52688 25779 deflated
OFFLINE.PAS 2378 1059 deflated
ONEWAY.INC 704 334 deflated
PART13.INC 1835 664 deflated
PART2.INC 5731 1559 deflated
PART4.INC 1331 520 deflated
PART5.INC 1912 608 deflated
PART6.INC 743 374 deflated
PART89.INC 4186 1169 deflated
PATHSTUF.INC 2226 685 deflated
PC3270.BGI 6012 4196 deflated
PORTDISP.INC 9510 2678 deflated
PORTSTAT.INC 1024 447 deflated
QUEUE.INC 1127 373 deflated
SCTRLIST.INC 438 228 deflated
STATISTC.INC 1085 455 deflated
STATUS.INC 495 188 deflated
SVGA.INC 5589 1404 deflated
TELEPORT.INC 3706 1215 deflated
TEXTDISP.INC 6210 1712 deflated
TOUR.INC 12634 3649 deflated
UNKNOWN.INC 773 333 deflated
VIEWDOS.INC 15136 4115 deflated

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Contents of the CHANGES.TXT file

Changes to program based upon version:

VERSION 0.93.1
* ack, bugfix. When using equip/organic only trading pairs, the boolean
variable Eonly was undefined, but passed to a procedure. Oops.

* fixed fighter display bug when showing pairs at remote distances
* added "port trade factor" to showing pairs at remote distances
* changed main menu so it didn't wrap for long BBSnames
* added both maximum trade at pair plus RMS factor at ports
* sorted the

aired port into Equip/Organic, Equip/Fuel, Organic/Fuel
* fixed the interface in the multisector shortest path routine
it really was pretty clunky. Thanks for pointing it out, Tmaster.
* put in compiler directives. I keep forgetting to turn 286 off. This
will fix it so its always off.


I have been really terrible about version control. Sorry about that. I am
going to try to include all the improvements since version 0.91, but I may
forget something. I should be more disciplined in the future...

* This CHANGES document
* minor changes made to DOCS.TXT
* minor clarification made to stellar dispersion info
* instead of just crashing, if .BGI file not found, asks for location
* ability to mark sectors as "avoids" added
* ability to find shortest path between multiple sectors (for tours)
(for extended tours, you have to chop sectors up)
* ability to find "unanchored" sectors to offline -- good candidates for
ether probes, since you get at least two unexplored sectors
* more-or-less optimal etherprobe sector coverage added to offline. Have
you been sitting at StarDock and firing off a hundred etherprobes hoping
to find a trader sitting unguarded? This will let you cut it down to 50
or so, and give you an efficient list. You will still have to clear space
enemy fighters, though...
* galactic tour added to offline -- gives a path that physically visits
all sectors. Allows you to develop "maps" of sectors that are explored.
Eventually, you will be able to feed etherprobe data into it, so that once
you've explored the galaxy, you can go back hunting for enemy planets.
* cleaned up display of "busiest ports"
* cleaned up the transwarp shortest path stuff. Added the ability to search
for "transwarp pairs" -- trading ports usefully accessed via trading
* when parsing .PRT files, shouldn't crash if there is junk at start of file
* added ability to list all known one-way warps in offline
* "Port Trade Factor" now displays RMS average percentage of trading goods
at ports. This seems more representative of how good a deal you will get.
* when updating files, you can backup, overwrite, or abort. (Lots of people
complained that CONVERT would eat files -- okay, so now there is a backup,
and if anything evil happens, you can go to the previous file.)
* People wanted to know about trading pairs at distance two (presumably the
pairs at distance one were all trashed). Now on main menu of "Examine".
* maximum number of notes is now MAXPORTS -- 400. Happy now, evil guys?
* cleanup .BAT file added.

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