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Truncate FrontDoor BBS's .LOG file.
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Truncate FrontDoor BBS’s .LOG file.
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Contents of the TRUNCLOG.DOC file

TRUNCLOG - Another FrontDoor LOG-file truncator...

Written by Erik Wachtmeester in Turbo Pascal (tm) 5.5.

Syntax: TRUNCLOG []


In this case, TRUNCLOG deletes all entries older than 7 days from your FD.LOG
in the directory C:\FD, and keeps the deleted entries in C:\FD\HIST\OLD.LOG.
The is optional, and in all cases, if no directory is given, the
current directory will be used. If already exists, the new deleted
entries will be appended to it, otherwise a new will be created.

TRUNCLOG checks the date by looking for entries like:
"---------- ddd DD mmm YY"
where "ddd" is the dayname (wich will be ignored), and "DD mmm YY" is the date
("D mmm YY" is also recognised in e.g. "9 jan 91"). The "----------" is
crucial, though...
Programs that use this syntax for their logfiles include FrontDoor, TosScan,
MButil, FileFix, RA, and probably a lot more. Please check this with your own

TRUNCLOG is a public domain utility. You have got my permission to use (and
alter) the enclosed program and sourcecode to your liking. I do not guarantee
anything beyond the fact that TRUNCLOG uses diskspace, however...

If you use and like this utility, I would be obliged if you let me know
(netmail on address 2:283/103.2 or 2:500/109.1867 or 27:4331/109.1)

Erik Wachtmeester,
The Netherlands.

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