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The most extensive infoform generator for Telegard.
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The most extensive infoform generator for Telegard.
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Download File INFOFORM.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file


These are Beta versions of my InfoForm utility programs. I went ahead
and released them so other sysops can access their questionaire
answer files in a more amiable fashion than provided by Telegard.

The main program files are:

INFOWEED.EXE - Reads questionaire answer files more like
e-mail in Telegard with weeding.
INFOWRIT.EXE - Edit or create Telegard InfoForm questionaires.
Loads and runs INFOTEST.
INFOTEST.EXE - Test InfoForm questionaires without having to
be in Telegard.

Configuration file:


The menu files are:


Sample file:


Keep in mind these are Beta versions. I have tested them pretty
good and most bugs have been removed but some may have gotten past
me at this time. Your input is appreciated.


This is the main questionaire writer. It and all it's menus must
be in the same directory.

Key commands:

ESC - Toggles help menu of InfoForm commands
ALT M - Toggles Key commands menu
ALT Q - Quit to DOS
ALT S - Save current InfoForm
ALT L - Load new InfoForm from disk
ALT T - Calls INFOTEST.EXE to test InfoForm
ALT C - Clear current InfoForm from memory

The program is meant as an AID to writing InfoForm questionaires.
It is rather forgiving because of the ability to display text
freely. The text in the window at the bottom of the screen is
used as an aid so you would know what to expect from your


Now you don't have to install a questionaire to test it! INFOTEST
is made to be used two ways for easy of use:

1. Call from INFOWRIT. (Asks for filename if none is loaded.)
2. Call from DOS with commandline. (INFOTEST filename)

INFOTEST does NOT write door files. It will TELL you the operation
but doesn't perform it. It DOES save the answer file as an .ASW


INFOWEED takes up where Telegard leaves off.


* Lists user name and date of each answer
* Read answers by number
* Weed by cutoff date
* Weed by user name or number
* Weed last user answer (removes duplicates)
* Individual view, delete, save

You may place INFOWEED in any directory you wish as long as the
.CFG file is with it.

Edit up INFOWEED.CFG as follows:

Line 1: path to DORINFO1.DEF
Line 2: BBS name
Line 3: path to AFILES directory

Next setup the door as a QuickBBS door (DD). That's it! Help
is obtained with ?.

[For safety sake, the original .ASW file is renamed with .BAC, not
deleted. If a bug arises during the weed, you will still have the

That about covers it. See what you think.
Don't worry about registering this version but I would like some
feedback on it.

Please send comments to:

Dan Morgan
2256 Fellowship Road
Suite 135
Tucker, GA 30084

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