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This is a new utility for SysOps . Easily make multipage ANSI screens.

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File Merger v.10 -- BBS Utility
Are you tired of messing with multipage BBS
ANSI, ASCII files, trying to get them to
line up JUST right? Well, with this new
utility, all you do is draw each screen
individually, and the rest is done by File
Merger v1.0. It's that simple.

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This is a new utility for SysOps . Easily make multipage ANSI screens.
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Contents of the MERGER.DOC file

* File Merger - Version 1.0 - Released - (08/19/1993) - Shareware! *
* "The Alternative to other complicated Utilities that are a PAIN" *

Hello all, well, it's finally here, I finished the masterpiece, YES, it's
now done, and it's ready to ROAR. Ok, well for those of you that don't
know what this program does, well read on...

The program is meant to be an alternative to using other utilities to make
multipage screens for BBSs, or whatever the purpose. Essentially what
this program does, is: Takes a bunch of Screens, that can be in ANY format.
Ansi, Ascii, PCBoard, WildCat, etc. And it merges them together, in the
order that you specify, and wallaa it's finished, a multi page document
that you can use on your BBS, or at home if you like.

Rules for usage: Ok, from what I have tested, the program takes the entire
file that you tell it to read, and it looks at each line, and uses each
line in the final product. So for BBS SysOps you might want to make the
screens beforehand using an ANSI/PCBoard, etc editor, and save them as
23 lines, on each page. That way, the final product should display
correctly for the caller on your BBS.

PCBoard is a registered trademark of Clark Development Systems

Ok, here's the Bit. I am asking for $10 for a registration of this
piece of software, I think that's fair, since it's a pain to do this
procedure by hand, and it's a pain to get it right, the 1st time.

Ways to register this software.

1) Please print the included form called REGISTER.FRM and fill it out
and mail to the address listed in that file. Fill out the form fully
and, send a check made or money order payable to "Charles Norton" for
the amount that is listed as a total in the REGISTER.FRM document.

There is 2 ways to receive your newly purchased product.

1) By mail from me, in a mailer, and a labeled disk, along with a
letter that I will type up telling about my BBS.

2) Downloadable from my BBS, The Missing Link - (703) 527-3175 - 14.4
where you may get your registered program.

If you choose the method of receiving your program through the mail, I
add $5 for the mailer, disk, and postage.

Thanks for using this program, and enjoy.

You may use this program as long as you wish, since it adds a NAG line to
each file it processes, that's enough insurance that you will register it
if you enjoy it, and feel that it makes your job(s) a little bit easier.

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