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Utility for multinode T.A.G. BBS systems that edits the (W)hos Online display.
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Utility for multinode T.A.G. BBS systems that edits the (W)hos Online display.
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Contents of the ALTERWHO.DOC file


BETA version 1.1

A T.A.G. Utility for Multiuser T.A.G. SysOps

Written by: Melanie A. Meyer
The Snooze Button BBS
Glen Burnie, Maryland

Node 1 1:261/1106 (410)766-4058 USR Dual Standard
V.32bis, HST

Node 2 1:261/1156 (410)766-0640 Practical Peripherals
PM14400FXSA V.32bis

Registration There isn't any! This program is free. You may use it for
as long as you like.

Disclaimer This program is not guaranteed to do anything except take
up space on your hard drive. However, after testing it on
my own multiuser T.A.G. BBS, version 2.6c, I have found it
to do the job quite nicely.

Share Aware? Yes. This program utilizes file sharing/locking routines
by Mike Woltz BCSHARE (C) 1990, Buffalo Creek Software, and
*SHOULD* work properly on systems operating in multitasking


What This Does...

The program alterwho.exe will read the contents of a configuration
file, and then change the long description in the $who.dat file.

Why would you use it?

After a user logs off of a T.A.G. board that is run with a front end
mailer, T.A.G. exits and changes the long description in the $who.dat
file to "Down". Suppose Muffy Button entered the Whos Online command.
This is what she would see:

Node 1: Down
Node 2: Muffy Button from Glen Burnie, Md at 2400 baud
Node 3: Down

So to change this, the Sysop would execute alterwho.exe AFTER T.A.G.
exited, and BEFORE the batch file loaded the front end mailer.

Suppose you wanted SysOp Steve to see:

Node 1: Muffy Button from Glen Burnie, Md (2400 baud)
In the GAMES again!
Node 2: Still waiting...
Node 3: Sysop Steve from Glen Burnie, Md (keyboard)

instead of:

Node 1: Muffy Button from Glen Burnie, Md (2400 baud)
In a door
Node 2: Down
Node 3: Sysop Steve from Glen Burnie, Md (keyboard)

when doing a Whos Online...

You would execute alterwho from the batch file that called the game,
before the game executed.

As Arthur Ward pointed out, T.A.G. normally reports that the user is
"In a door" when in reality, LOGOFF.BAT is executing. A remedy for this
would be to place a call to ALTERWHO.EXE at the top of your LOGOFF.BAT
file. example:

Node 1: Muffy Button from Glen Burnie, MD (2400 baud)
Walking the Plank! <- Logging off
Node 2: Waiting for a caller...766-0640
Node 3: Sysops Only




1) Put ALTERWHO.EXE and ALTERWHO.CFG in your Multinode Directory
(the directory where $who.dat resides..)

2) Edit the ALTERWHO.CFG file to your liking.

3) Insert a call to ALTERWHO into your batch files.



The ALTERWHO.CFG file has the following format:

Playing games AGAIN!
Waiting for a caller...766-4058!
Waiting for a caller...766-0640!
Hitting the long, lonely highway...
Instigating GLOBAL WAR!

As you can see, the format is:

HEADER1 <- In CAPS, 8 char MAX!, CR
String associated with HEADER1 <- 64 char MAX, followed by CR
String associated with HEADER1

Color Codes

Yes.. you can use T.A.G. color codes in ALTERWHO.CFG. And to
make it easy, I've included a function that changes any '^'
encountered into a T.A.G. Contol-P color code.


^6Waiting for a ^9CALLER ^2!

"Waiting for a " would be in color number 6. "CALLER " would be
in color number 9 and "!" would display in color number 2.

Just place a carat(^), followed by a number from 0-9 in the text.

Calling ALTERWHO From Batch Files

cd\Multi <- Change to Multinode Dir
alterwho 1 WAITING <- Execute ALTERWHO on node 1
and use WAITING as your
cd\wherever <- Change Directories back to
where you need to be.

So the complete command line is:


is automatically converted to uppercase letters.

Well.. Thats about it. If you have any trouble, please notify me
at FIDO 261/1156 or 261/1106. Thanks..

Melanie A. Meyer

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