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Text files on setting up BBS under windows envinronment.
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Text files on setting up BBS under windows envinronment.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOEXEC.BAT 301 219 deflated
CONFIG.SYS 259 205 deflated
LOADER.BTM 1165 482 deflated
RDB.BAT 2438 757 deflated
RDB.BTM 2496 800 deflated
RDB.PIF 545 139 deflated
READTHIS.!!! 3489 1706 deflated
READTHIS.WRI 4608 2175 deflated
TELIX.PIF 545 135 deflated
WADE_SYS.INI 293 203 deflated
WADE_WIN.INI 434 291 deflated
ZIPIT.BAT 31 31 stored
ZIPIT.PIF 545 139 deflated

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Contents of the READTHIS.WRI file

1f#####$Nov. 29, 1990

Many people and friends have asked for assistance setting up a
BBS within the Windows Environment. These files are meant to be
a reference point to start composing your own system setup. These
are my BBS configuration files running the following Hardware and
Software Configurations;

386 Flexcache
25 Mhz
4 Meg RAM
Wren III 150 Meg hard drive
Microsciense 160 Meg hard drive
1.2 floppy
1.44 floppy
80 meg Archive Tape drive (QIC)
VGA - ViewPerfect
9600 Baud modem - USR Dual Standard (with ports
locked at 19200 baud)

DOS 3.3
4DOS 3.02
Hyperdisk 3.10
QEMM 5.11
BNU 1.30 (Fossil Driver for Comm Port)
**** Notice *********
X00 will not work with Windows!
Windows 3.0
D'Bridge 1.30
Wildcat 2.50
Smlnet 1.f (Echo mail reader)

Enclosed in this ZIP file you will find the following files...
AUTOEXEC.BAT...this is my current BAT file for system
CONFIG.SYS.....this is the current Config.sys file
LOADER.BTM.....this is a menu file works with 4DOS to allow me
choose the setup on bootup. It prompts me to choose
between Windows, DESQview, or 4DOS prompt. If no
input after 5 seconds it will default to load
Windows 3.0
RDB.BAT........The BAT file that invokes the mailer/BBS. This
runs all the BBS and D'Bridge.
RDB.BTM........Same as RDB.BAT only for use with 4DOS. The .BTM
file signifies "Batch to Memory" it loads the BAT
in memory and enables it to run almost as fast as
a compiled program. (TRY IT!)
WADE_SYS.INI...Lines to include in your SYSTEM.INI file for
running a BBS, comm program in background. Also
needed if running a high speed modem in Windows.
WADE_WIN.INI...Same as above. This commands need to be added to
your WIN.INI file. (description of commands in file)
RDB.PIF...........PIF file to start BBS in Windows.
TELIX.PIF........PIF file to run Telix in Windows.
ZIPIT.PIF..........PIF file to unzip ZIP files by double clicking
on them.
ZIPIT.BAT........Bat file to unzip ZIP files (need to edit
to add your own directory names and path)

These files are meant to be a guideline only. The author does not
imply or express any warranty with these configuration files. The author
will not accept liability for anything that happens when trying these
configurations. I have been running a BBS in Windows for about 4
months now and LOVE IT!

The best advise I could give to anyone trying to set up Communication
programs in Windows would be:
* Use BNU as your FOSSIL driver (X00 will not work)
* Set your default priority rating for foreground apps at 100
* Set your default priority rating for background apps at 50
* Set all your Communications at 100 background and 100 foreground.
* Set the Memory limits in the PIF to -1 (this allows Windows
to use all it needs).
* Depending on Hardware set time slice to 10 (Default of 20
appears to choppy on my 386/25 CPU).

These files are working well at this time. However I'm sure that tomorrow
will bring something newer and better. Your ideas on how these
configurations could be improved would be welcomed.

Any questions or comments on this can be directed to

Wade Norton
PO Box 1024
Wilsonville, OR 97070

SPECTRUM BBS (503)642-7465
FidoNet 1:105/320
AnyNet 96:2/6
CompuServe 73207,517

Windows Environment. ThesfwZAFD !MM&>WMvqvvpETnlgAFpQ>FDQ>$FFFFa>],}>,^



CG Times - USR Dual Standard (with ports
locked at 19200 baud)

DOS 3.3
4DOS 3.02
Hyperdisk 3.1

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