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Dragon's Horde. Online BBS Doors game for WWIV BBS.
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Dragon’s Horde. Online BBS Doors game for WWIV BBS.
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COMMANDS.DRG 641 276 deflated
EQUIPMNT.DRG 6200 1417 deflated
HELP.DRG 2696 1198 deflated
HOARD.DOC 1953 830 deflated
HOARD.EXE 76032 28849 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 61 50 deflated
MONSTERS.DRG 11760 5021 deflated
SETUP.EXE 5904 3528 deflated
SPELLS.DRG 775 266 deflated

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Contents of the HOARD.DOC file

The Dragon's Hoard, version 1.6. Written in Turbo Pascal 4.0.
By, White Wizard 3@5304 and Patch 5@5304

This is the 4th edition of the hoard. The first contained
many more files, and was over all twice as big and slow as
this upgraded version. The second was about the same, except for
a few errors, and didn't have blackjack. This one fixes errors in 1.6

You will find this new version to be more colorful than the first.
It also contains, a fence routine which earlier was not included into
it. But the main change from version 1.5 is the gambling section
is a bit better.

To set up the hoard simply copy files into your main bbs directory
and type, 'INSTALL'. This will run the setup and get you ready.
Then go into your chainedit and add HOARD.EXE %1 into your filename.
This is all that is necessary.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, do the above statement if you have the
last version 1.5, but if you only contain the original, please delete
all your old hoard files, and do a complete re-installation of the
hoard. Please delete ALL old hoard files prior to installation, unless
of course you already contain version 1.5, if so just swap the hoard.exe
file in the old ones place.

This package should contain the following programs.


If your ZIP file does not contain these, please notify the sysop
of the system that you downloaded it from.


White Wizard 3@5304.

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