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'Murphy-isms' is a small door that displays a Murphy's Law type quote taken from a Murphy.Dat library file co-located with this program.
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‘Murphy-isms’ is a small door that displays a Murphy’s Law type quote taken from a Murphy.Dat library file co-located with this program.
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Contents of the MURPHY.DOC file

| |
| The |
| Version 1.0 |
| (C)Copyright 1990, Gregg Gillis |
| All Rights Reserved |
| |
| |

'Murphy-isms' is a small door that displays a Murphy's Law type quote taken
from a Murphy.Dat library file co-located with this program. There are 100
'laws' supplied with the data file - to get you started. A randomly selected
Murphy-ism is produced for each caller to your board (in the 'On-Line' mode).
'Murphy-isms' has an Editor Program with which you can very easily add or
delete any number of Murphy-isms to the Murphy data file.
The Editor is available to those who decide to register this door.

Files in Murphy-isms (v1.0) are:

Murphy.dat - Murphy-ism library of quotes
Murphy.exe - Main executable file
Murphy.doc - these docs

ADDMURFS.EXE - Editor system (registered users)

My goal: To write superior doorware. Files that are SMALLER and FASTER.
Nothing worse than a hard drive hog of a program when you're trying to
conserve disk space!

* Door Type *

Written to be compatible with RBBS, QBBS, TAG, TELEGARD,
FORCE, and Remote Access, in one of several modes:

a) This will run as a (On-Line mode) standard door from
ANY bulletin board system capable of producing the
DORINFO1.DEF information file. That's ALL it requires.

b) This will run from the LOGON.BAT file used by either
TAG or TELEGARD systems - providing the correct
parameters are provided (see setup).

c) This will run as a STAND ALONE program - without any
parameters (note: usual method here is to run this at
night along with your other BBS housekeeping programs).
Important note: Insure that the DORINFO1.DEF file is
NOT present in this mode. This door checks for the
presence of that file (DORINFO1.DEF) - and if found,
assumes it is supposed to be outputing to the Com port.

Running this door in a 'stand-alone' manner will
create two files:

1) Murphy.ANS and
2) Murphy.ASC

One ANSI, the other ASCII. These can then be displayed
to your users with the typical WELCOME screens common to
most bulletin boards. Or, view them 'stand alone' with
the DOS TYPE command (eg: Type Murphy.Ans).

* Testing *

This door has been tested on TELEGARD, TAG, RBBS, QBBS, and FORCE,
and Remote Access bulletin board systems.

* Multi-Line Support *

This has not been tested on a multi-line system.

* Graphics *

This door supports full ANSI as well as ASCII operation.

* Ports *

'Murphy' will run in LOCAL (COM 0) mode as well as through COM port 1
and COM port 2. COM 3 and COM 4, not tested but SHOULD work!

* Error Traps *

-> If a user is inactive for 5 minutes, the door shuts automatically.

-> If the carrier drops, the door slams shut and returns to the BBS.

-> If the Murphy data file has disappeared, the door will close with
an error message (Data File Missing).

-> If there are an incorrect number of parameters passed to the
program (when not using the DORINFO1.DEF file), the program will
print: "Incorrect number of parameters - notify SYSOP",
then exits back to the board.

* Miscellaneous *

This 'door' will automatically run in one of several different modes.
First, if you run it from the LOGON.BAT file (common to TAG/Telegard
BBS systems) and supply the correct number of parameters(5), it will
produce output both locally (no file creation though) and through the
COM port.

If you choose to run it as a standard door - it will then require the
creation of a DORINFO1.DEF file (which it reads).

Finally, it can run 'stand-alone'(which DOES create ASCII/ANSI files).

* FOSSIL Drivers *

This door has been tested with X00 and BNU170.... no problems were
encountered. It has also been tested on systems NOT running a
FOSSIL driver - no troubles encountered.



In your LOGON.BAT file, you will need to have this information
written, exactly as it is written here, in order for the
Murphy-ism program to greet your users as they log on.

MURPHY %1 %3 %4 %5 %6

The Murphy.EXE and Murphy.DAT files must be in the same directory
as your logon.bat file (unless you specify directory changes in
your LOGON.BAT file). And that's all there is to it.

2. TAG BBS - LOGON.BAT style:

In your LOGON.BAT file, you'll need this line, exactly as it is
written here:

MURPHY %6 %1 %8 %4 %2

As with the Telegard system, the files: Murphy.EXE and Murphy.DAT
must be in the same directory as your LOGON.BAT file (unless,
again, you specify directory changes in your LOGON.BAT file).

3. TELEGARD, TAG, RBBS, QBBS, FORCE!, Remote Access, and any other BBS
that can make a DORINFO1.DEF file:

This door requires NO configuration files, no BRUNS, no DORPCH's.
As a result, you get a nice door that takes up but a little disk

Follow the directions in the docs that came with your bulletin
board system to set up this door - paying attention to examples
in the docs pertaining to DORINFOx.DEF doors.

4. Stand-Alone (or Local) style: (Simulating what users see remotely)

Enter this in your command line:

MURPHY 'any string' 0 1 1 0

Like so: MURPHY Joe 0 1 1 0 (for ANSI)

MURPHY Schmoe 0 0 0 0 (for ASCII)

That'll do it.

5. Stand Alone - Producing ANSI and ASCII files for display:

Easy..... just run

MURPHY (no parameters)

That's it! Nothing to it!

I used Turbo Pascal 5.5 (Borland) for this door - a very superb language.
Thanks also to John Parlin who has assembled an excellent Turbo Pascal
Unit called: JPDOOR (look for it on your favorite BBS).

REGISTRATION (Oh Yuck... you just knew this dirty word was in here)

The registration donation is (U.S.) $7.00 (check or money order only).

So, you ask.... "Why should I register this thing?"

Because: if you do register, you will be supporting Shareware
principles, and will be encouraging me to finish writing my other Doors,
as well as several new TPU units for Turbo Pascal 5.5. And, you'll
be offsetting the time and resources it takes to put these things together.
Additionally, I'll send you a BIG 'Thank You!!!' note.

But wait, there's MORE!

You will receive a registered version of this door.
That means... I'll send you a 5.25" disk with a version of MURPHY-ISMs
that will display that it is registered to YOU. In addition, I'll send
you (with MURPHY-ISMs) the latest EDITOR program for this doorway.

All versions that DO NOT display a REGISTRATION name and when run
from a BBS, are considered UNREGISTERED. Please support Shareware authors
and register this software.

WARRANTY (PLEASE READ - because there isn't any!)
This product is provided on an 'as is' basis without warranty of any kind.
It is advisable to SCAN (using the latest Virus Scanner) the files on this
and any disk if you have not received them directly from me through the mail.
You assume all risks as to the results and performance of this program.
I, as author, can accept no responsibility for system damage, loss of profit,
or any other accidental, consequential, special, legal, illegal, or unseen,
thought of or unthought of, or anything damage resulting from the use or
disuse of this product.

'MURPHY-ISM' is distributed as Shareware. What this means is: you may use
the Unregistered version for a period of:

thirty days (30).

During this time, you will be evaluating this software. Should you decide this is worthwhile,
you will register your copy of this program or discontinue using it.

You are encouraged to share this program with other SYSOPS and
users, so that they too may evaluate the usefulness of this program.
There's only one hitch! You may not alter the contents, add to, or
remove any files associated with this archive - meaning that if you
distribute this, it must be distributed in it's original, un-modified
state. You are also prohibited from charging anything for the distribution
of this software (free distribution).

I am open to all suggestions, comments, and feedback. If you spot a bug
or find a rough spot, please let me know. Thanks very much!

Gregg Gillis

Address: Until May '91:

120 Northland
Marquette, MI 49855

Address: After May '91:

4125 Stratford
Boardman, OH 44512


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Address: Until May '91:

120 Northland
Marquette, MI 49855

Address: After May '91:

4125 Stratford
Boardman, OH 44512


The registration fee for 'MURPHY-ISM', Version 1.0, is $7.00 , U.S.
(check or money order only).


Your Name: _________________________________________________

Street: _____________________________________________________

City: _____________________________State:__________Zip:______

Name or BBS name you want this registered to:


Other questions: BBS Type _____________________________

Type computer _________________________

Max baud rate _________________________

Use a FOSSIL driver? (Y/N) _____

If yes, what version: _________________

Make donation payable to: 'Gregg Gillis'


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