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TICK Automation for Echo Mail TIC Transfers.
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TICK Automation for Echo Mail TIC Transfers.
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Contents of the CRC32.DOC file


Copyright (C) Barry Geller - 1989

CRC-32 is a simple program which generates a CRC-32 value for a
file. The values generated match the value that will be generated in
TICK, once a release version greater than 1.21 is released.

The program provides a way to compare files to see if they are
the same across systems, and may have other uses as well.

To use it, the syntax follows:

CRC32 c:\subdir\file.ext

You may just enter "CRC32", in which case all files in the cur-
rent directory are CRC'ed. You may also use wildcards on the

Barry Geller (1:266/12)


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