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ExzTest Version 2.23 7MWC. File upload integrity tester. Virus Scan, ZIP comment insertion, Seamless interface to ZDCS, Much more.

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ExzTest Version 2.23 7MWC. File
upload integrity tester. Virus
Scan, ZIP comment insertion,
Seamless interface to ZDCS,
Much more. Freeware from MWC
Enterprises - Creators of ZDCS.

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ExzTest Version 2.23 7MWC. File upload integrity tester. Virus Scan, ZIP comment insertion, Seamless interface to ZDCS, Much more.
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Contents of the EXZTEST.TXT file

<= ExZTest =>

Version 2.23

Part of the EXpert series programs available at

The Executive Network Information System
(914) 667-4567


Copyright 1988-1991 by Andy Keeves
Licensed modifications Copyright 1992 by Michael W. Cocke


ExzTest has been licensed to, and is now distributed and supported
by MWC Enterprises. This is the original documentation (with some
editing). A number of things aren't covered in a whole lot of
detail. The reason is simple; This is simply an interim release.
Xtest 1.0 should be in alpha test by April 1993. In the meantime,
ExzTest is Freeware from MWC Enterprises.

The formerly offered interface to FWKCS no longer works due to
changes in that product. If you have duplicate checking turned on
and select FWKCS, I guarantee it won't work right.

ExzTest will correctly run ZDCS. ExzSetup will still allow you
to select FWKCS. Do NOT attempt to select it - ExzTest will
merrily go on it's way and something will crash.


Welcome to ExZTest!

ExZTest once once envisioned as a small program to help remove some of
the "extra" stuff from displays generated by PKZIP during new upload testing.
Of course, in those days, sophisticated BAT files were needed and the
PCBTEST.BAT file was brand new for PCBoard systems.

ExZTest simmplifies the testing of newly uploaded files to a BBS and
takes care of most of the associated chores based on a configuration file. If
you have used previous versions of this program MAKE SURE you read through
these notes as LOTS of things have changed!

In short, ExZTest has the ability to test newly uploaded files for
integrity (if they have been compressed with PKZIP or PKARC), check for
possible virus infections through the use of external programs of your choice,
check for possible file duplication regardless of name, remove unwanted files
and many other like fuctions.

ExZTest is geared toward PCBoard BBS systems although it is possible
to use it with any BBS which allows a shell after a new upload.

If you have used ExZTest before.. READ THIS!

ExZTest version 2.0 introduces a full-featured setup program and a
totally new configuration file format! The command line options used by older
versions is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 2.x VERSIONS! Do not attempt to an old
PCBTEST.BAT file with this program without configuring first!! At the least,
the results shall be undesirable!

The ExZTest 2.0 configuration file was designed with upward
compatibility in mind. ExZip and ExZSetup will automatically recognize file
formats starting with this version and handle any required upgrading for you.

You can share a single configuration file between ExZip and ExZTest if
so desired. After all, most of the parameters are the same or similar.

Distribution and License!! Please read this!

ExZTest is now Freeware from MWC Enterprises. A number of improvements and
new features are planned for Xtest, but that's going to take some time.

This program is released subject to the following conditions:

a) You do not charge for it. No fees of any sort are
authorized to be asked for, accepted or collected!
b) Any and all alterations to the program or
documentation are expressly prohibited! You may,
however, post the program on your system in the format
you prefer (i.e. .ZIP or .ARC or whatnot).
c) You may not add any files to the ZIP file or other
compressed distribution file you may be using,
including your own bbs ad, and similarly, you may not
remove any file from the content.

I must also add here that there are no warranties of any sort,
expressed or implied, that accompany this program. Use at your own risk.

Sorry. If you feel that the above points are not agreeable to you,
simply delete the file from your system. Pretty easy, don't you think?
Should you feel that you absolutely must pay for ExZTest, send a few $$ to
your favorite BBS Sysop - believe me, all Sysops can use it, since running
a board is NOT cheap! Please remember that I will try to fix problems as
reported, but I will do so at my convenience as time is available. This
program is made available to you at no cost or investment which should
be considered when requesting "support".

Features summary.

ExZTest is controlled through a configuration file. The supplied
ExZSetup program MUST be used for setting it up! DO NOT try to edit the
configuration file with a text editor! It will NOT work!

General features:

o Interfaces with STRIPZIP to remove file attributes;
o Handles primary and secondary ZIPs, ARCs, PAKs as
well as self-extracting ZIPs;
o Abbreviated activity and error logs;
o Checking for viruses and associated file disposition;
o Optional use of up to 5 different virus checking
o Optional use of duplicate checking and related disposition;
o Full featured setup program;
o Fully networkable operation;
o Unwanted file removal from ZIPs (TCAN);
o Automatic removal of ZIP comments;
o Alternate ZIP and ARC programs;
o Your choice of ZIP options for compression;
o Read Only and Hidden file handling;
o Adding a standard ZIP comment;
o Full self-check and anti-virus protection;
o File Id stamping to recognize files already processed,
even if they would normally qualify for ExZip's use;
o Creates PCBoard compatible pass/fail result files;
o Uses standard PCBoard 14.5 color codes;
o Optionally word-wraps file description;
o Optionally adds latest date in archive to description;
o Damaged file disposition options and matching notation
for PCBoard sysops;
o Enhanced file creation/write routines written in
assembler for added speed;
o Full error checking and handling, including full
network compatibility;
o Full duplicate checking through ZDCS (Copyright 1991-1992,
MWC Enterprises)

New in version 2.1:

o Recognizes subdirectories stored in archives and will
"fail" files which contain them, holding them for review
by sysop.
o Additional DOS errorlevels are now supported:
Errorlevel 3 - if target file is a GIF
Errorlevel 4 - if target file is unknown

The use of external programs

ExZTest now incorporates the use of some programs written by
other authors. One of these programs is STRIPZIP, written by
Ken Brown, made available to everyone free, as POSTWare. If you
use it, DO send him a postcard to THANK him for a terrific job!
StripZip should be available on most BBSs.

The second of these is VIRUSCAN from McAfee Associates.
Please note that ViruScan is NOT a free program! As with all ShareWare,
please register it if you are going to use it! This program can be
found on most BBSs listed as SCANxxxx.ZIP, including the Executive
Network, of course. Although we have received permission from McAfee
Associates to include SCAN with the ExZTest distribution file, we elected
not to do so (with the exception of one release) due to the frequency
of upgrades for this product.

For duplicate checking introduced in version 2.0 ExZTest interfaces
with ZDCS from Michael Cocke.

Please note that these programs are Shareware, and if you elect to use
them you really SHOULD register them.

Getting started and setting up

ExzSetup will do most of the work for you initially. Remember that
this manual is not intended to teach about the use of PCBoard or other
programs with which ExZTest might interface. You must have a working knowledge
of these before you get started here!

ExZSetup can be executed by simply typing "EXZSETUP" at the DOS prompt
or by specifying the drive, path and name of the configuration file you wish
to create or edit. For the rest of this document we will assume that you are
using the name EXZTEST.CFG which will be located in the current path. Once
you typed EXZSETUP you will get a small selection menu as follows:

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define external text editor

Quit ExZSetup

Press the DownArrow followed by ENTER to create/edit the EXZTEST.CFG
configuration file. The bottom line of your screen will be a status line
with brief instructions for you:

04:54:45 pm Esc: Exit/Backup Space: Toggle Cursor keys: Move CAP

The right side of the line will reflect the status of your Caps Lock and Num
Lock keys while the left side will reflect the then current system time. The
middle portion will indicate the usage of various control keys. If your
configuration file does not exist you will be asked if you want to create it:

[ File access error ]
Problem: File not found or invalid!
Action : Create new file now (Y/N)? _

Press "Y" to confirm and proceed. You are now displayed the main options menu
which are applicable to the operation of EXZTEST.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

Disposition of damaged files
Disposition of virus infections

ZIP comment insertion
Compression programs
Compression formats to process
Run time options (switches)
Activity log file

Supporting files (text)
Supporting files (processing)

You can move around the menu with your up and down arrow keys, page up and
page down and you may leave the menu by pressing the escape key. Once you have
positioned yourself to the item you wish to edit simply press the ENTER key to
proceed. Most menus and options that follow will require the use of the
cursor control keys though a few will also require typing. We will take each
selection as they appear on the menu above (this is not my favorite part when
it comes to releases!).

Checkin for virus infection

You can have ExZTest use up to 5 different programs to check for virus
infections. They must all have the ability to take all required parameters
from the DOS command line and operate on all files in a specified path (passed
to them by ExZTest). ExZSetup will give you the default command line for
McAffe's Viruscan program. Use the "!" character where the location of files
to be checked should go:

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Du[ Virus detection ]
Quit ExZ Fi
Virus checking: ON
Di Program 1: SCAN ! /NOMEM /A /X /EXT Z:NUV
Di Program 2:
Program 3:
ZI Program 4:
Co Program 5:
Ru Space or Enter to toggle
Activity log file Arrow keys to change lines
ESC to exit
Supporting files (te
Supporting files (processing)

Checking for and eliminating duplicates

This one becomes more complex! ExZTest relies on ZDCS
to establish file duplications. You need to have completed the setup of
ZDCS in order to use the duplicate checking options of ExZTest.

Please consult the documentation for your choice of programs BEFORE deciding

NOTE!! If you decide to use ZDCS as the duplicate checking engine
for ExZTest you need to know that this version of ExZTest
will work ONLY with the 2.0 or later releases of this
software!! Earlier versions did not offer the hooks
used by ExZTest!

If you toggle duplicate checking ON you will have to define a few
other choices for ExZTest! Before setting up and testing ExZTest for
duplicate detection you should have set up ZDCS. In order to give you a
better understanding of these we need to define what the definitions shown
below mean.

A "full, 100% duplicate" is a .ZIP file the contents of which already
exists on your system. The content may be in another single .ZIP or spread
over several .ZIPs - we simply do not care. If every file is already present
somewhere we will consider it a FULL duplicate. You may dispose of these
files by deleting them or renaming them. If you elect to rename ExZTest will
change the file's extention to .DUP for you. You may toggle this choice by
pressing the space bar once highlighted.

If you selected ZDCS your screen will look something like:

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Dup[ Duplicate checking ]
Quit ExZ Fil
Duplicate checking : ON
Dis Software in use (ZDCS) : ZDCS
Disposition of full (100%) duplicates: D (Delete)
ZIP Disposition of partial duplicates : A (Auto!)
Com Minimum percentage to pass partial : 18%

Sup Space or Enter to toggle
Sup Arrow keys to change lines
ESC to exit

You have 3 possible choices for a partial duplicate. A partially
duplicated .ZIP file is one where at least one of the files within the .ZIP
does not yet exist on your system. Once again, you can toggle the choices for
partial duplicate disposition by pressing the space bar once the selection is
highlighted. ExZip will not delete a partial duplication for you. The most
common partial duplication is a newer version of a file where some of the
documentation has not changed. You can rename the file and decide later or
you can "pass" the file as is, making it available to your callers. The 3rd
choice is an automatic decision to be made by ExZTest. This is based on the
percentage of duplication. You may specify percentages on the next line
starting with 10%. The value you specify here is the percentage
of files which are NEW to your system! Each new upload must contain at
least this percentage of new files, which do not already exist on your
system! In other words, if you were to specify 60% a .ZIP file containing
10 files inside would "pass" if 4 or less of the 10 files were duplicates
and "fail" if 5 or more were duplicated.

NOTE that when using ZDCS this percentage specification need not be
the same as the one entered in your ZDCS configuration file! The two can and
do operate quite well and independent of each other! You should also note
that the usage of percentages by ZDCS is quite different from the above,
but the translation is done by the programs and transparent to you!

Handling file attributes in ZIPs

ZIP files have the ability to retain file attributes, such as Read
Only which can do nasty things to your system. We aim to remove these before
doing anything with the file. A program widely available on BBSs called
STRIPZIP is the one we default to since it handles the task rather well.
ExZTest will insert the name of the file being processed whereever you type a
pound sign (#) which makes this option reasonably flexible. DO NOT overlook
or underestimate the power of this option! Too many Sysops have been burned
by files extracted from a ZIP which could not be deleted and were added to
other ZIPs later in the processing cycle!!

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

Dispositi[ Attribute handling ]
ZIP comme
Compressi Enter a single pound sign (#)
Compression formats where the .ZIP file name should be
Run time options (sw This is a full DOS command line
Activity log file

Supporting files (text)
Supporting files (processing)

Disposition of damaged or virus infected files

Both of these options are defined the very same way. The pop-up
screen offers you 4 choices through which you can move up and down with your
arrow keys. Once you highlighted the option you desire to use press ENTER or
ESC to activate it. Hopefully, the following illustration will be
self-explanatory to most reading this..

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Quit ExZ Virus checking
Duplicate checking
File attr
Disposition of damaged files:
Disposition of virus infection Keep target file
Delete target file
ZIP comment insertion Overwrite with 0 byte file
Compression programs Rename and keep file
Process files in .ARC format
Use ANSI colors in DOS
Activity log file

Paths to process
Supporting files
Index file specifications

ZIP file comments

While we are very much against BBS ADS being inserted into ZIPs as
files we have no real problems with comments being added to the ZIP file.
Comments are easily removed by anyone (STRIPZIP mentioned above will
automatically remove them for you!). If you wish to add a ZIP comment of your
own to files processed by ExZTest you need to create a text file containing the
comment to add. Once you have done this you simply turn on the option in
ExZSetup and specify the exact location and file name which contains the text.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Quit ExZ Virus checking
Duplicate checking
File attribute handling

Disposition of damaged files
Disposition of virus infections

[ Zip comment insertion ]

In use : NO

Paths to process
Supporting files
Index file specifications

Compression programs

Although ExZTest's primary task is to handle ZIP files it does have
the ability to check .ARC files for you. It will automatically detect the
file type based on the extension but it will not verify it otherwise.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attr
Compressed file type to process:
Disposition of virus infection This program automatically
recognizes & handles files
ZIP comment insertion in ZIP, ARC & PAK formats!
Compression programs
Compression formats to process
Run time options (switches)
Activity log file

Supporting files (text)
Supporting files (processing)

Run time options and switches

Yes, this is the part you have been looking for! So now that you are
here, pay attention! Let's take them one by one:

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attri[ Run time options ]

Dispositio ReZip secondary ZIPs (Zip in Zip) : Yes
Dispositio Use PCBoard's color codes : Yes
Acceptable age of files (0-999 days) : 275
ZIP commen Fail or Warn if old file is detected : Fail
Compressio Beeps & bells : Yes
Compressio Word wrap file descriptions : Yes
Run time o Add last revision date to description: Yes
Activity l

Supporting files (text) Space or Enter to toggle
Supporting files (processing) Arrow keys to change lines
ESC to exit

- ReZIP switch: this does NOT mean that all files will automatically be
re-ZIPped for you! However, since ExZTest does most of the work during a
shelled process it has no immmediate knowledge of things done, such as
possible files which have been removed from the secondary ZIPs. This
switch simply tells ExZTest to reeZIP the file IF items have been removed
from the primary ZIP or if secondary ZIPs were processed. This will also
slow the process a great deal! BUT.. without this option you cannot
remove files from secondary ZIPs.. ๐Ÿ™‚

- Use PCBoard's color codes simply adds the "@X" codes to the result files
when turned on.

- Age of files is measured in days and can range up to 999 days. Placing a
ZERO here will disable age checking. Placing a number other than ZERO will
tell ExZTest to check for the most recent file in the ZIP being no older
than the number of days you specify. If all files are older than specified
here, the next item comes into play.

- When a file is found "too old" for your system ExZTest can either warn the
user and allow the offending file anyway or it can fail the file and tell
the uploader why. Your choice which..

- Beeps and bells are sounds made by ExZTest when a file passes or fails.

- Word wrap.. This one depends exclusively on the interface between your
PCBoard 14.5 system and ExZTest. IF a caller is on-line, ExZTest will
fetch information from PCBoard, including the file description given by the
uploader and attempt to re-wrap it within PCBoard guide lines for you.

- The last revision date switch has three toggle positions. If not running a
PCBoard 14.5 system you need to turn this OFF. If you are, ExZTest can
pick out the most recent date within the new file and add it to your file
description for you, on the fly! You may select this information to be
added with full word wrap (see previous switch) or to a seperate line by

Telling you about the results

ExZTest will keep a running log of what it has found for you. This is
a small feature which will see significant expansion in the future but we
lected to get version 2 out (finally) so for now this remains rather skimpy.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

Disposition of damaged files
Disposition of virus infections

[ Activity log file ]

Log file to use:

Supporting files (text)
Supporting files (processing)

Defining your ExZTest supporting files - Part 1

There are TWO sets of supporting files used by ExZTest! The first
group consists of 4 files used for messages and information displayed to your
caller. These files will be looked for in your current directory when ExZTest
is running. If not found, your DOS search path will be checked, path by path,
AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT specify a path during your setup! Please note that when
running on a PCBoard system the file extension is important! You can create
ALL of these files in various language versions with the proper extensions!

The first of these files, EXZTEXT, contains the standard text lines
used by the program. This is NOT an ASCII text file! Do not use a text
editor to modify it! Use ExZSetup's internal editor ONLY! This is the only
REQUIRED file of the four!!

You may, room permitting, use any PCBoard color code, display variable
and control character in these files, including nested file specifications!

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

[ Supporting file specification ]

Files containing display text for errors & prompts:
ExZTest standard text : EXZTEXT
Text if file is too old : EXZDATE
Text if full duplicate : EXZFDUP
Text if part duplicate : EXZPDUP

Supporting files (text)
Supporting files (processing)

The files EXZDATE, EXZFDUP and EXZPDUP should contain text you wish to
display to your caller if the file is either too old for your system, is a
full, 100% duplication or a partial duplication respectively. These are
standard ASCII text files and may be created/edited with any text editor. You
can use ExZSetup's primary menu to define the name of this text editor if you
wish to use F2 interactively for them.

If any of these 3 files is not found ExZTest will use the proper text
from the EXZTEXT file t explain the problem. If the needed file exists,
ExZTest will append the file, in entirety, to the generated result file.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define external text editor

Quit ExZSetup

[ Text Editor ]

QEdit #

Enter a single pound sign (#)
where the file name should be.
This is a full DOS command line

When you select EXZTEXT and press F2 you will proceed to the internal
editor where you will always see the intended text along with the text you may
have changed to.

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

[ Supporting file specification ]


Unrecognized error occured.

Unrecognized error occured.


Defining your ExZTest supporting files - Part 2

There are three additional supporting files, used for processing,
which you may elect to use with ExZTest. Each of them are handled in the same
fashion but they each have different uses. In all cases you may use the
question mark as a wild card character, however, you may NOT use an asterisc!

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Define e Virus checking
Duplicate checking
Quit ExZ File attribute handling

[ Supporting files ]

Unwanted files' list:
Acceptable duplications' list:
'Do Not Process' file list:

[ F2=Edit ]
Supporting files (processing)

The "unwanted" file listing contains names which you wish to delete
from a ZIP file at all times. Typically, you might add things such as
COMMAND.COM or PKUNZIP.EXE (how could you extract PKUNZIP from a ZIP if you
didn't already have it?).

The "acceptable duplication" listing should not be used. Use the
ZDCS Allowed Duplicate feature.

The "do not process" listing tells ExZTest to completely bypass a
file listed here. This is useful mostly for ExZip.

To define either of these files you need to specify their actual
location, including drive and path, along with the name of the file to use. If
the file does not exist the name will flash in red.

To create or edit these files highlight the one you wish to work on
and press F2.

ExZip run time parameters [ Pick list ]
ExZTest run time parameters WELCOME.TXT READ_ME.PLS
Define e Virus checking U_README READ_1ST.PLS
Duplicate checking U_READ.ME READ_1ST.EXE
Quit ExZ File attribute handling U_CAN.REG READTHIS.TOO
[ Supporting files ] UGLY.COM README2.COM
Unwanted files' list: TYPE.ME README.TFB
Acceptable duplications' list: SOUND.MSG README.CUE
'Do Not Process' file list: SAFE_OWL.COM README.33
Supporting files (processing) READ_ME.TXT README-6.???

Scratch pad : WELCOME.TXT

The 'pick list' displayed may contain no files or more files than will
fit in the display window (depending on your file). You can move around this
list with your arrow keys easily. To change an existing entry simply
highlight it and press the ENTER key. The name will move down to the "scratch
pad" for editing. To add a new name to the list press INS. This will make
"room" for a new item. To remove a name from the list highlight the item to
be removed and press DEL. Remember that the list of names will always be
resorted for you on exit.

Finishing it all up..

If you entered correct information and selected the proper options you
wish to use you are now ready for a test run of ExZTest!

ExZip run time parameters
ExZTest run time parameters

Quit ExZ Virus checking
Duplicate checking
File attribute handling

Disposition of damaged files
Disposition of virus infections

ZIP comment insertion
Compression programs
Process files in .ARC format
Activity Save changed information (if any)? _

Paths to process
Supporting files
Index file specifications

Press ESC one more time to leave the setup program:

So long from ExZSetup v2.1 and remember...
Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.

Command line options

There are relatively few command line options available in ExZTest.
All are identified by a leading / (slash) as the first character of the option.
Options are not case sensitive, may be specified in any order and leading and
trailing spaces are ignored. All of them may be abbreviated down to 2
characters (except specified values where applicable).

The ExZTest command line is:


To use this in your PCBTEST.BAT file you need to replace filespec with %1 and
mode with %2. PCBoard will do the rest for you! Thus, your batch file will
likely look as complicated as this one here:

@Echo off
Exztest %1 %2

Whew! Glad that one is behind us! ๐Ÿ™‚ To use ExZTest manually for testing
individual files you need to know what those optional items are.

is the full drive, path and name (including extension) of
the file you wish to test.

must be the keyword "UPLOAD" or "TEST" without the quotes.
When using the keyword UPLOAD, ExZTest will perform all
functions you specified in your configuration file. When
using the keyword TEST it will do only limited tests, those
which will NOT alter the file, in order to establish file

All options MUST follow the two above parameters. None of them need
to be present. All command line options may be abbreviated to the first two
letters following the slash (and must be at least that long). The available
options and their uses are:

/C= Optional configuration file specification. If this is
present, it will override the program's default name of
EXZTEST.CFG. If the file name is not preceeded by a drive
and/or path specification ExZTest will search all paths
specified in your DOS PATH= setting in order to locate the
file. The equal sign IS REQUIRED.

/T= Optional work drive letter. ExZTest defaults to using the
current drive for work areas. This can be slow on a network
system and if sufficient memory is available you can direct
ExZTest to use a RAM drive or another network drive perhaps.
Bear in mind that when testing a large file ExZTest WILL NEED
space! More space than the file requires if re-Zipping! If
you are pointing ExZTest to a RAM drive it MAY run out of
space which is a condition it cannot help! But, it will
handle all work paths in a network compatible manner.

/KE If you wish to see what ExZTest is doing you can use this
parameter to have it leave the work BAT files on-line for you.
This has no practical value beyond troubleshooting and

Other options, notes & thoughts

EXZUTIL.COM - this is a small program which you can place in any of
your search paths. ExZTest cannot determine if a file
with the .EXE extention (contained within a ZIP) is a
self-extracting archive or not. It will look for the
presence of ExZUtil and if it finds it, it will use the
program to identify self-extracting ZIP files with the EXE

ZIPs in ZIPs - ExZTest will fully process a ZIP found within a ZIP (or for
that matter an ARC in a ZIP or ARC in an ARC). However,
it will NOT process down to the third level. Inasmuch as
I find ZIPs in ZIPs an acceptable practice I disagree with
going to 3 or more levels.

Problems - All known problems of previous release versions have been

ZDCS - Duplicate checking depends a great deal on your ability to
initially set-up the software. This package is supplied
with full documentation and startup instructions. Please
use it!

Once you have 'cleaned up' your system and eliminated
duplications which already existed (if that is desired)
you can, if you want to also eliminate multiple occurances
of signatures. Again, ExZTest looks only for identical
matches. Please see individual program instructions for
the one you decide to use for more details.

ZDCS versions prior to 2.0 will NOT work! You need to
interface with the 2.0 or later release!!

Memory use - ExZTest uses a substantial amount of RAM which is
allocated dynamically as needed. Since the supporting
files, such as ExZTest.EXC are loaded in entirety the
amount of memory required will vary from site to site.
You must remember, however, that ExZTest will shell and
load programs such as PKZIP which require a fair amount
of RAM by themselves (I have seen PKZIP use as much as
300+ KB) thus the more memory you can give it the safer
you'll be. I cannot check for memory while in a DOS
shell! ExZTest will insist that you use the PCBoard
"/SWAP" parameter when low memory is detected at

Disk use - ExZTest unzips files it processes one at a time, thus the
space required for work areas will not be greater than the
contents of the largest ZIP it is to process.

The end (yes! really!)

I really do not have much more to add although I am quite certain I
have overlooked a number of points which perhaps should have been mentioned.
I never claimed to be good at writing documentation. ๐Ÿ™‚ If ExZTest works
for you and helps that is great. If I wasted your time reading all this
and it really isn't for you, so be it.

Please note that any trade marks and service marks mentioned in this
document belong to someone. I do not hold any trademarks on anything
associated with this software. I do, however, reserve all rights and
copyright to ExZTest, ExZSetup and ExZip.

My greatful appreciation to many who have helped ExZTest get to
where it is today including but not limited to the beta testers whose files
and directories were at the mercy of early versions. Although all beta
tester feedback is valuable I need to specifically thank Mike Meyer and
Ray Novino for their time and dedication to this project and Mark Rapp for
expanding on some of the original ideas.

All typos (for which I am famous) found in this document are
intentional. (And if you beleive that you should send me $1,000 in small
bills for registration!)

All items which have been forgotten will eventually be removed from
the program to make it consistent with the documentation.

Since, in my opinion, no documentation should ever exceed 1000 lines
in length (and if so, it should certainly not be by much) we'll put an end to
this real soon. If you managed to read this far you should bear in mind that
you might be the only one! If you need to contact me I can be reached on
the ILink mail network ZDCS-Support conference, the Intelec mail network
ZDCS-Support conference, or the Salt Air BBS ZDCS-Support conference. I can
also be reached on The Hacker Central BBS. 201-334-2555 2400 8N1

Have fun!

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