Dec 252017
Binkleyterm version 2.59 for people that participate in Fidonet networks.
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Binkleyterm version 2.59 for people that participate in Fidonet networks.
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BINKLEY.LNG 15985 7021 deflated
BT.EXE 317306 137967 deflated
BTBIG.EXE 258614 130804 deflated
BTLNG.EXE 17736 11390 deflated
ENGLISH.TXT 28548 9770 deflated
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Contents of the ENGLISH.TXT file

; ;
; ;
; ------------ Bit-Bucket Software, Co. ;
; \ 10001101 / Writers and Distributors of ;
; \ 011110 / Freely Available Software. ;
; \ 1011 / ;
; ------ ;
; ;
; (C) Copyright 1987-92, Bit Bucket Software Co., a Delaware Corporation. ;
; ;
; ;
; ENGLISH language text for BinkleyTerm 2.60 ;
; ;
; ;
; For complete details of the licensing restrictions, please refer ;
; to the License agreement, which is published in its entirety in ;
; the MAKEFILE and BT.C, and also contained in the file LICENSE.260. ;
; ;
; ;
; ;
; You can contact Bit Bucket Software Co. at any one of the following ;
; addresses: ;
; ;
; Bit Bucket Software Co. FidoNet 1:104/501, 1:343/491 ;
; P.O. Box 460398 AlterNet 7:491/0 ;
; Aurora, CO 80046 BBS-Net 86:2030/1 ;
; Internet ;
; ;
; Please feel free to contact us at any time to share your comments about ;
; our software and/or licensing policies. ;
; We really should tell you what these all correspond to, but since
; release is imminent, we don't have the time. In general, if there
; is a single trailing space, it is significant. If there are
; multiple trailing spaces, then that field can be no longer than the
; current line length.
; All lines starting with ';' are comments
; Comments may be put on any individual line using ';' as leftmost character
; Compiler converts '\n' and '\r' for you.
; The following line contains the record count and version number
; Record count should be exactly the same as X_TOTAL_MSGS in MSG.H !!
L420 1
; Start of message text below
L:Dialing %s with script '%s'
L!Could not open script %s
L+Master script timer expired
L+Script '%s' failed at line %d
L!Revision 3 FOSSIL does not support BREAK signal
L!Too many labels in script
LMacro number
Lis out of range 1-9
LShell number
LIllegal zone: %s\n
LRequests Allowed
LLogLevel must be 1-5 - %s is unknown\n
LRidiculous MAXport value: %s\n
LIllegal port: %s\n
LIllegal CARRIER mask: %s\n
LUnknown or illegal config line: %s\n
LDirectory '%s' does not exist!\n
L BinkleyTerm may fail to execute properly because of this!\n
L\rPress to enter BBS.\r
L\r\rProcessing Mail. Please hang up.\r\r
L+Nothing to send to %s
L!Connection attempt aborted
L#Modem hang up sequence
L:No outgoing file requests
L:Outbound file requests
L:End of outbound file requests
L*File Requests declined
L\r\rAddress %s Using %s %s\r\n
L*Remote didn't respond
L*Lost Carrier
L*Password-protected session
L!Password Error from %s: His='%s' Ours='%s'
L!Called %s and got %s
L:Session method:
L*End of WaZOO/EMSI Session
L Sending Mail Packet
L Keyboard Escape
L File %s truncated
L+Dupe file renamed: %s
L Open Character Device
L Too many errors
L File %s deleted
L Transfer cancelled
L!Couldn't open CTL file: %s
LDarn! The FOSSIL seems to have gone away! Exiting
LCannot re-open logfile
LFOSSIL: Revision Level 3 Assumed
L:Starting Event %d
L#Exit at start of event with errorlevel %d
L#Running clean/pack sequence
L#System re-enabled after clean/pack sequence
L!Date rollover problem?
L:Exiting to BBS with Errorlevel %u
L:Spawning BBS
L:Returned from BBS
L:Exiting to external mailer with Errorlevel %u
L#Setting baud to %u
L*Remote Uses
L*Sending mail using FTS-0001 compatible fallback
L*Refusing inbound file requests
L!Tired of waiting for other end.
L*End of FTS-0001 compatible session
L*Receiving mail using FTS-0001 compatible fallback
L*Giving mail to %s
L*Node %s refused to pickup mail
L!Memory overflow error
LFile Attaches
L*Making file request
LEnd of
L*Receiving inbound mail
L*Pickup is turned off - refusing mail.
LMail Packet
L!Password Error assumed
L!Mail Packet '%s' cannot be renamed
L!Mail Packet renamed to '%s'
LCan't find protocol module:
LDuplicate protocol name:
L*Processing node %s -- %s
L!Couldn't find Address: %s
L!Disconnecting nuisance caller
L!No BOSS in the nodelist
L!Unable to open %s
L!Unable to allocate memory for Nodelist Index
L!Failed to read nodelist index into memory
L!Unable to position to node record in %s
L!Not able to read node record from %s
LFile Requests
L:%d matching files sent
L!Bad Bark Request Data - streaming garbage
L!Bad crc - trying again
L!System misconfigured or no entry in Nodelist
L Event %d - Waiting
L:Incoming call, dial aborted
LDynamic Event
L:Exit requested from keyboard
L:Function key exit - errorlevel %d
L Disabling Modem
L:Invoking Message Reader
L:Message Reader returned to BinkleyTerm
L Enabling Modem
L!No Message Reader to invoke
L!Could not do GET
L!Could not do KILL
L:Entering POLL Mode
L:Poll completed
L!Could not do SEND
L:Keyboard request to enter terminal mode
L:Polling Boss Node
L:Executing keyboard shell %d
L:Returning from keyboard shell
L!No keyboard shell %d
L Junk character from keyboard - continuing
L:Shelling to Command Interpreter
L\r\nType EXIT to return to BinkleyTerm\r\n
L:BinkleyTerm Reactivated
L!Calls not permitted during this event.
L Immediate call requested
L\rPlease enter a net/node number:
LCurrently Polling Node
L:Dialing %s
LEnding time wraps through midnight - not allowed\n
L'%s' has an invalid START-TIME\n
L'%s' has an invalid END-TIME\n
L'%s' has bad AvgWait (higher than max of 1800 or less than min of 0)\n
L'%s' has a bad Errorlevel code\n
L'%s' has a bad number of Tries\n
L'%s' has something indecipherable\n
L'%s' has an invalid DAY field\n
LNothing in Outbound Area
LNode Files Size Status
L!Insufficient data for session
L+End of connection attempt
L!Still have mail for %s
L:Exit after compressed mail with errorlevel %d
L:Exit after file extension '%s' with errorlevel %d
L:Exit after receiving mail with errorlevel %d
L:Received mail, running 'AfterMail' program
L#Re-enabling system following 'AfterMail' program
L to initial speed of
L baud. Press Alt-F10 for HELP.\r\n
L Current Settings
L Today at a Glance
L Pending Outbound Mail
LInitializing System
L Recent Activity
L Transfer Status
LStatus: Init
LCalls Out:
LFiles I/O:
LPress Alt-F10 For Help
LNode: %s
L!Password override for outgoing call
L\r**Zmodem Autodownload initiated\r\n
L\r**Zmodem Autodownload finished\r\n
L\r\nBinkleyTerm now communicating at
L\r\nPlease enter a phone (or net/node) number:
L\r\nUnable to force carrier drop by dropping DTR!\r\n
L\r\nWelcome back!\r\n
L\r\nLog file name:
L\r\nBinkleyTerm now in MAILER mode\r\n
LBinkleyTerm now in MANUAL mode\r\n
L\r\nBinkleyTerm now using COM
L\r\nBinkleyTerm is ready to SEND a file...\r\n
LWhich Protocol do you want BinkleyTerm to use?\r\n
L\r\nBinkleyTerm is ready to RECEIVE a file...\r\n
L\r\nSending BREAK signal\r\n
L\r\nYou are using
LSorry. I don't know that protocol, returning to terminal mode.\r\n
LFilename to SEND:
LFilename to GET:
L\r\nLogfile %s closed.\r\n
L\r\nCould not open logfile %s\r\n
L\r\nLogfile %s open.\r\n
L:Connection terminated
LSwitching back to
L GET a File
LAddress to GET from:
LPassword to use:
LAre you sure (Y/N)?
L SEND a File
LAddress to SEND to:
L KILL outbound mail
LAddress to KILL:
LKill ALL mail?
L!No Send - Remote Hung Up
L+Corrected %d errors in %ld blocks
L+Synchronizing to Offset %ld
L!Temporary receive file '%s' could not be opened
L+Already have %s
L+Synchronizing to End of File
L+Synchronizing to Offset %ld
L!Original name of %s could not be used
L!EOT not expected until block %ld
L*Remote System
LUNKNOWN - FTS-0001 Mailer
LSystem Initializing. Please wait...\n
L\r\nUnrecognized option: %s\r\n
L\r\nThanks for using %s,\r\n
LAnother fine User-DEVELOPED software package!\r\n
L+Remote refused %s
L+CPS: %lu (%lu bytes) Efficiency: %lu%%
LCompressed Mail
LNet File
LResending from %s
LSend %ld blks of %s (%ld bytes)
L!Carrier lost, request(s) aborted
L!File Request limit exceeded
L!Event Overrun - requests aborted
L!No AVAIL list
L!No ABOUT file
L!OKFILE Error `%s'
L!Request password error: '%s' '%s' '%s'
LRcv %ld blks of %s from %s (%ld bytes)
LJunk Block
Lon block
LShort Block
LSKIP command received
LF1 ... F10 = input phone number, (ENTER) = start, (ESC) = abort\r\n
LALT-Fn = load saved set (n), Shift-Fn = save into set (n)\r\n
LUser set last loaded/saved: %d\r\n
LPhone Numbers currently Selected:\r\n\r\n
L\r\nInput Command:
LElement Chosen = %2d\r\n
LCurrently contains %s\r\n
L(ENTER) = save, (space)(ENTER) = delete, or enter new number:\r\n
L(ENTER) or (space)(ENTER) = cancel, or enter new number:\r\n
LError reading data from set %d\r\n
LError closing file for set %d\r\n
LSet %d successfully loaded.\r\n
LError writing data to set %d\r\n
LCurrent list of numbers saved to set %d\r\n
LPress ENTER to continue...
L#Starting Phone List Scan
L#Connected to list element %d
LLong pkt
L!Ignoring `%s'
L!Out of disk space
L!Zmodem Init Problem %s
Lbad position
L!Zmodem Recv Problem %s
LBad packet at %ld
L!Other end died
L!Dropping to one-way xfer
L+Refusing %s
L!Unknown packet type %d
L!Session aborted
L#Sending %s
L!Can't decode file length
L*Finished partial file %s
L*Saving partial file %s
L*Remote can't handle file requests
LYou now have BinkleyTerm in DUMB TERMINAL mode.\r\n
LIn DUMB TERMINAL mode the following special keys are enabled:\r\n\r\n
LAlt-B Cycle baud rate Alt-C Change communications parameters\r\n
LAlt-D Dial a system Alt-E Erase the current screen\r\n
LAlt-H Hang up by dropping DTR Alt-I Initialize the modem\r\n
LAlt-J Jump to Command Shell Alt-L Start/stop logging to a file\r\n
LAlt-M Manual poll Alt-P Cycle communications port\r\n
LAlt-R Redial from a 'scan list' Alt-S Send BREAK signal to port\r\n
LAlt-U Go to UNATTENDED MAILER mode Alt-V Show BinkleyTerm version\r\n
LAlt-X Exit BinkleyTerm Alt-Y Call boss node for mail\r\n
LPgUp Send a file (UPLOAD) PgDn Receive a file (DOWNLOAD)\r\n
LAlt-F%-2d Macro string '%s'\r\n
L\r\nPress a key to continue...
LYou now have BinkleyTerm in UNATTENDED MAILER mode.\r\n
LIn UNATTENDED MAILER mode the following special keys are enabled:\r\n\r\n
LC Make next call (if any) now Alt-C Clear \"Today at a Glance\"\r\n
LAlt-B Blank the screen immediately Alt-W Redraw screen.\r\n
LAlt-I Initialize the modem Alt-A Send answer string to modem\r\n
LAlt-M Manually POLL a node Alt-Y Poll Boss Node\r\n
LAlt-Q Quit the current event Alt-R Restart nonforced events \r\n
LAlt-T Shift to DUMB TERMINAL mode Alt-X Exit BinkleyTerm, errorlevel 1\r\n
LAlt-J Push to Command Shell Alt-Z Zoom Outbound window\r\n
LF1..F10 Exit BinkleyTerm with errorlevel (10*n) (F1=10,etc)\r\n
LAlt-S Send file(s) to a node Alt-G Get(Request) file(s) from node\r\n
LAlt-K Kill all mail to a node Alt-P Queue a poll to node\r\n
LPGUP/PGDN, UP/DOWN ARROW, HOME, and END scroll the 'Pending' window\r\n
LAlt-E Execute '%s' as message editor\r\n
LAlt-F%-2d Execute '%s'\r\n
; The following 3-line message is system dependent.
; For OS/2 the message should look like:
?OS2LCouldn't initialize COM port. Check config.sys for COM0?.SYS\r\n
?OS2Lor make sure the network is started if you are using a modem\r\n
?OS2Lon another computer.\r\n
; Following is the DOS version of the message:
?DOSLI'm sorry, there doesn't appear to be a FOSSIL driver loaded.\r\n
?DOSLBinkleyTerm requires a FOSSIL driver. Please take care of this before\r\n
?DOSLattempting to run BinkleyTerm again.\r\n
; For Windows NT the message should look like:
?WNTLCouldn't initialize COM port. Make sure the port isn't in use\r\n
?WNTLby another process, that you are permitted access to it, and if\r\n
?WNTLyou are using a modem on another computer make sure it's online.\r\n
; This illustrates the use of the ? construction in the language file.
L!Could not create temp flagfile %s
L Created flagfile %s
L Other node sending to %s
L!Erroneous attempt to clear flag for %s
L Deleted flagfile %s
L!Unable to delete flag file %s
L!Exceeded file request byte limit
L Nodelist index refresh necessary
LCouldn't set SIGINT
L Modem protocol negotiation filtered
LEvent %d starts in %d minutes
LFlags for next event: %s
LUnread Netmail Pending
L*Session with %s Time: %02ld:%02ld:%02ld Cost: $%ld.%02ld
L!Exceeded file request time limit
L'%s' has a bad Queue Size code\n
LUnable to allocate space for event records, exiting!\r\n
L+begin, %s %s
L+end, %s %s
L Poll a Node
L!No common session protocol, attempting FTS-0001
L:Spawning external mailer
L:Returned from external mailer
L#Forced exit - errorlevel %u
; This is the prompt in outbound.c. When you change the letters
; For Crash, Hold, Direct and Normal, change the appropriate letters
; in the following string.
LCrash, Hold, Direct, Normal (C/H/D/N)?
L:EMSI method:
L*End of EMSI Session
L>Processing: %s (%s)
L Scanning %ld files (step %d) in %s
L!Security mismatch: %d < %d
LSending EMSI-Handshake-Packet
LReceiving EMSI-Handshake-Packet
LWaiting for EMSI-Handshake-Packet
L>EMSI-Packet incomplete
L?Packet doesn't start with 'EMSI'
L:Exit after FAX reception with errorlevel %d
LPlease wait...
;L Node Files Bytes Age Calls Bad Status Errors
L Node Files Bytes Age Calls Bad Status
L Zoomed Pending Outbound Mail
LNode is busy...
L Change Mail for %s to %s
L Stop mail for %s
L Delete call count for %s
L Poll Node
L Delete requests for %s
L Change Destination
LAppending %s...
LRenaming %s...
LError appending %s!
LDeleted old call count!
LMarking as a no-send!
LCant' open $$5 file!
LNode ( for tagged):
LCan't open CLO file!
LCreated CLO file!
LCan't delete requests!
LRequests deleted!
LNew Address:
Lmail attach
Lrequest file
Lmail packet
LCrash, Direct, Normal, Quit (C/D/N/Q)?
LCrash, Hold, Direct, Normal, Quit (C/H/D/N/Q)?
LMore requests? (Y/N)
LMore sends? (Y/N)
LA Readdress mail [Alt/] G Get (request) File(s)
LC/D/H/N Crash/Direct/Hold/Normal [Alt/] S Send File(s)
LI Reset Dial Tries [Alt/] P Poll a node
LR Kill requests T Stop mail
LK Kill all mail to node
LPage UP/DN Scroll Up/Down 1 Page UP/DN Arrow Move Up/Down 1 Line
LHOME Move to top of list END Move to end of list
LCannot re-open logfile
L Received: %d/%ld Sent: %d/%ld Total: %d/%ld CPS: %ld
L*Seconds: %ld Tariff: %d Fee: %ld System: %s
L:Inbound request file %s.REQ received as %s.R%02x
L\r**Hydra session initiated (AutoStart)\r\n
L\r**Hydra session finished\r\n
L*Start external mail session with %s
L*End external mail session with %s
; First Product Code must be -1 and the Unknown product. Put -1 Unknown
; somewhere else, and you are sure to screw things up
P-1 Unknown
P0 Fido
P2 SEAdog
P4 Slick-150
P5 Opus
P6 Dutchie
P8 Tabby
P9 Hoster
P10 Wolf/68k
P12 FrontDoor
P17 MailMan
P19 GS-Point
P20 BGMail
P26 D'Bridge
P27 BinkleyTerm
P30 Daisy
P31 Polar Bear
P32 The-Box
P33 STARGate/2
P35 TCOMMail
P36 Bananna
P38 Apple-Netmail
P39 Chameleon
P40 Majik Board
P47 Domain
P49 Rose
P50 Paragon
P51 Binkley/ST
P52 StarNet
P57 TrapDoor
P58 Welmat
P60 Odie
P61 Quick Gimme
P62 dbLink
P64 Beagle
P65 Igor
P67 Isis
P68 AirMail
P74 BIX-Mail
P78 Lora-CBIS
P80 InterMail
P84 QBoxMail
P88 Merlin
P94 rfmail
P101 Truffle
P103 White Pointer
P105 Portal of Power
P106 MacWoof
P109 HandyMail
P114 RiBBS
P121 Harry the Dirty Dog
P148 Fone-Link
P152 DoorMan
P155 MoonMail
P157 MailLink
P159 Black Star
P161 PT
P162 UltiMail
P166 Foodo
P168 Boston BBS
P169 XenoMail
P170 XenoLink
P172 MilqueToast
P181 CommLink
P191 NextBBS
P196 ProMailer
P197 MegaMail
P202 Arc-Binkley
P205 NMS
P208 LoTek Vzrul
P214 Hercules
P216 BinkEMSI
P222 Paradise
P223 DogMatic-ACB
P224 T-Mail
P226 MainDoor
; Note: Don't mess with the ordering of the table below. To remap a
; key, change the scan code (leaving the "U" or "T" alone). It
; would also be wise to change the "Key" description so you
; can figure out what on earth you did later on.
; Don't forget to change the help screen text above.
; Unattended mode key mappings
;Scan Function
;Code Code Description Key
U1e00 fe00 answer ALT-A
U1700 fe01 modem reinit ALT-I
U0043 fe02 immediate call C
U0063 fe02 immediate call C
U1500 fe03 poll bossnode ALT-Y
U3200 fe04 poll specified node ALT-M
U1900 fe05 poll packet for node ALT-P
U1400 fe10 to terminal mode ALT-T
U1200 fe11 to user's editor ALT-E
U2d00 fe12 exit BinkleyTerm ALT-X
U3b00 fe21 exit with status 10 PF1
U3c00 fe22 exit with status 20 PF2
U3d00 fe23 exit with status 30 PF3
U3e00 fe24 exit with status 40 PF4
U3f00 fe25 exit with status 50 PF5
U4000 fe26 exit with status 60 PF6
U4100 fe27 exit with status 70 PF7
U4200 fe28 exit with status 80 PF8
U4300 fe29 exit with status 90 PF9
U4400 fe2a exit with status 100 PF10
U2400 fe30 shell to OS prompt ALT-J
U6800 fe31 invoke user shell 1 ALT-F1
U6900 fe32 invoke user shell 2 ALT-F2
U6a00 fe33 invoke user shell 3 ALT-F3
U6b00 fe34 invoke user shell 4 ALT-F4
U6c00 fe35 invoke user shell 5 ALT-F5
U6d00 fe36 invoke user shell 6 ALT-F6
U6e00 fe37 invoke user shell 7 ALT-F7
U6f00 fe38 invoke user shell 8 ALT-F8
U7000 fe39 invoke user shell 9 ALT-F9
U2200 fe40 get (request) a file ALT-G
U1f00 fe41 send a file ALT-S
U2500 fe42 kill outbound for node ALT-K
U2c00 fe43 zoom outbound ALT-Z
U0041 fe65 readdress mail A
U0061 fe65
;This conflicts with "immediate call" above, making these entries
;redundant. We have them here for completeness and also support the
;"immediate call" key for crash.
U0043 fe66 crash C
U0063 fe66
U0044 fe67 direct D
U0064 fe67
U0047 fe68 get file G
U0067 fe68
U0048 fe69 hold H
U0068 fe69
U0049 fe6a kill dial tries I
U0069 fe6a
U004b fe64 kill node's mail K
U006b fe64
U004e fe6b normal N
U006e fe6b
U0050 fe6c poll node P
U0070 fe6c
U0052 fe6d kill requests R
U0072 fe6d
U0053 fe6e send files S
U0073 fe6e
U0054 fe6f stop mail T
U0074 fe6f
U7100 fe50 mailer help screen ALT-F10
U3000 fe51 blank the screen ALT-B
U1100 fe52 refresh the screen ALT-W
U2e00 fe60 reset history ALT-C
U1300 fe61 restart events ALT-R
U1000 fe62 quit this event ALT-Q
U5000 fe70 scroll outbound down 1 DN ARROW
U4800 fe71 scroll outbound up 1 UP ARROW
U5100 fe72 scroll outbound down 4 PG DN
U4900 fe73 scroll outbound up 4 PG UP
U4700 fe74 scroll outbound to top HOME
U4f00 fe75 scroll outbound to end END
; Terminal mode key mappings
;Scan Function
;Code Code Description Key
T3000 fd00 set baud rate ALT-B
T2e00 fd01 set data and stop bits ALT-C
T1f00 fd02 start/stop break ALT-S
T1900 fd03 change comm port ALT-P
T1700 fd10 re-init the modem ALT-I
T2300 fd11 hang up the modem ALT-H
T2000 fd20 dial a specified number ALT-D
T1300 fd21 dial a hunt group ALT-R
T1500 fd22 poll the bossnode ALT-Y
T3200 fd23 poll a specified node ALT-M
T5100 fd30 download a file PG DN
T4900 fd31 upload a file PG UP
T2600 fd32 open/close capture file ALT-L
T8300 fd33 gateway (no map) toggle ALT-=
T6800 fd41 send macro 1 to remote ALT-F1
T6900 fd42 send macro 2 to remote ALT-F2
T6a00 fd43 send macro 3 to remote ALT-F3
T6b00 fd44 send macro 4 to remote ALT-F4
T6c00 fd45 send macro 5 to remote ALT-F5
T6d00 fd46 send macro 6 to remote ALT-F6
T6e00 fd47 send macro 7 to remote ALT-F7
T6f00 fd48 send macro 8 to remote ALT-F8
T7000 fd49 send macro 9 to remote ALT-F9
T1200 fd50 clear the screen ALT-E
T7100 fd51 terminal help screen ALT-F10
T2f00 fd52 display Bink version ALT-V
T1600 fd60 to unattended mode ALT-U
T2d00 fd61 exit BinkleyTerm ALT-X
T2400 fd62 shell to OS prompt ALT-J
; Terminal mode ANSI key mappings
; What you are looking at here is a table of strings that
; will be sent out the comm port if you use a particular
; You have lots of leeway in these definitions. In fact,
; the code will even handle nulls (\0). However, because
; we want to be able to comment this, we don't allow imbedded
; blanks. Use \b to get a blank if you want one.
; Note: keyboard remapping precedes ANSI output mapping.
; If you map Fkey1 to Fkey2, don't be too surprised that
; Bink uses Fkey2's value when addressing this table.
;Scan ANSI
;Code String Description Key
A3b00 \033OP PF1 F1
A3c00 \033OQ PF2 F2
A3d00 \033Ow keypad '7' F3
A3e00 \033Ox keypad '8' F4
A3f00 \033Ot keypad '4' F5
A4000 \033Ou keypad '5' F6
A4100 \033Oq keypad '1' F7
A4200 \033Or keypad '2' F8
A4300 \033Op keypad '0' F9
A4400 \033Op keypad '0' F10
A4800 \033[A Up Arrow Up Arrow
A4b00 \033[D Left Arrow Left Arrow
A4d00 \033[C Right Arrow Right Arrow
A5000 \033[B Down Arrow Down Arrow
A5400 \033OR PF3 Shift-F1
A5500 \033OS PF4 Shift-F2
A5600 \033Oy keypad '9' Shift-F3
A5700 \033Om keypad '-' Shift-F4
A5800 \033Ov keypad '6' Shift-F5
A5900 \033Ol keypad ',' Shift-F6
A5a00 \033Os keypad '3' Shift-F7
A5b00 \033OM keypad 'Enter' Shift-F8
A5c00 \033On keypad '.' Shift-F9
A5d00 \033OM keypad 'Enter' Shift-F10
; Below are the changes that Bob makes to this file in order to use
; Bink's terminal mode with the TBBS full screen editor and with
; TDBS. He uses CTRL-PGUP and CTRL-PGDN for upload/download so that
; PGUP and PGDN can be converted to control characters and sent out
; to TBBS.
; The codes that TBBS uses are approximately those that WordStar would
; like to see, with the exception of CTRL-S. For some reason, that
; character seems to foul things up . So CTRL-O is used.
; Terminal mode command changes: replace download and upload
; lines with the following two (uncommented, of course:
;T7600 fd30 download a file Ctrl-PG DN
;T8400 fd31 upload a file Ctrl-PG UP
; Terminal mode key mapping: replace ANSI table above with the
; following:
; TBBS/TDBS cursor control keys
;A4800 \005 TBBS FSE Up Arrow Up Arrow
;A5000 \030 TBBS FSE Down Arrow Down Arrow
;A4b00 \017 TBBS FSE Left Arrow Left Arrow
;A4d00 \004 TBBS FSE Right Arrow Right Arrow
; TBBS/TDBS paging keys
;A4900 \022 TBBS FSE Page Up PG UP
;A5100 \003 TBBS FSE Page Dn PG DN
;A4700 \027 TBBS FSE Home Home
;A4f00 \020 TBBS FSE End End
; TBBS/TDBS editing keys
;A5200 \026 TBBS FSE Ins Ins
;A5300 \007 TBBS FSE Del Del
; TBBS/TDBS addtional keys
;A3b00 \032 TBBS FSE Help F1
;A4400 \033 TBBS FSE Exit F10

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