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CMPQWK 1.40l upgrade files for registered users of CMPQWK 1.31 or above.

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CMPQwk Beta 1.4L - Public Reg User Beta
Download this file only if you have
version 1.3x or greater currently
installed. Get CMPHLP14.ZIP for the
updated CMPQWK.HLP files.

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CMPQWK 1.40l upgrade files for registered users of CMPQWK 1.31 or above.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASA.TXT 238 136 deflated
BETA.TXT 8848 3558 deflated
CHANGES.TXT 6858 3053 deflated
CMPQWK.DIC 585661 139357 deflated
CMPQWK.EXE 657152 198392 deflated
CMPSPELL.DLL 19712 9874 deflated
CMPVIEW.EXE 83456 30471 deflated
CMPVIEW.HLP 23394 8770 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 15856 8744 deflated
CYBER.TXT 1241 664 deflated
DEWCC.DLL 147968 50496 deflated
DEWSC.DLL 45056 13848 deflated
DEWTC.DLL 89088 33688 deflated
DUNZIP.DLL 67296 29312 deflated
DZIP.DLL 95424 41300 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 178 148 deflated
MANUAL.TXT 1241 701 deflated
MEMDLL.DLL 1536 714 deflated
README.TXT 4289 1996 deflated
SHRINK.EXE 49408 21704 deflated
SUPPORT.TXT 2520 1216 deflated
UNZIP.EXE 31232 13410 deflated
UPDATE.EXE 36096 13441 deflated
WINSYS.DLL 92672 38657 deflated
ZPDCMP.DLL 29358 12974 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

CMPQwk Beta 1.4L - Public Reg User Beta
Download this file only if you have
version 1.3x or greater currently
installed. Get CMPHLP14.ZIP for the
updated CMPQWK.HLP files.
****CMPQwk 1.4L UPDATE****

IMPORTANT!: If you've enabled SOUND in your copy of
1.4 (the voice that tells you how much mail you have) you
MUST download the updated CMPSOUND.ZIP file from the support
sites. DISABLE sound until you do so, or you'll have
many problems. We have changed the sound logic and
the quality of the sound files. DISABLE UseVoice=yes or
get the new sound files.

IMPORTANT!: the internal packer in CMPQwk 1.4k is only
PKZIP 2.x compatible. Support for 1.x requires that you
keep a copy of SHRINK.EXE (shipped in this archive). You
must change the line UseOldPacker=NO to YES to retain
PKZIP 1.1 packing compatibility. But you will lose the
speed and superior compression of the new packer if you
do. You will NOT be able to attach outbound files with the
old packer. You must use the internal packer to get outbound
file attachments.

Note: to use this update you need a REGISTERED working
copy of 1.3 (or later). If you have an earlier version,
procure the upgrade files for 1.31 and install them BEFORE
trying to use this update. IT WILL NOT WORK on versions
earlier than 1.30! Don't try it! You'll be unhappy if
you do.

If you downloaded CMPSOUND.ZIP:

Copy all the new files into the home directory,
and delete the old \SOUND\*.wav files and replace them
with the new files from the updated CMPSOUND.ZIP
file posted on the support sites.

Then either run UPDATE.EXE (it will not copy DUNZIP.DLL
that file is shipped for use in a future option, you should
not have to install it unless you have to go back to a
prior Alpha---some users may require it. Leave it out
and only install it if you get a message: CAN'T FIND

If you are using 1.3x and you DO NOT run UPDATE.EXE your
personal dictionary will not get converted. If you are
using 1.4x (any flavor) your personal dictionary is in
the current format and will work fine.

---Manual update instructions---

1.4 Users:

If you are using a 1.4 beta, you need only copy the new files
into the home directory and you're finished.

1.3 Users:

You MUST run UPDATE.EXE or follow the manual directions
below. Running UPDATE is the preferred method, but you
can manually update your install.

BEFORE running this version for the first time, you must
delete the following files (if they exist on your system).
Some files may not exist on all systems. If you beta-tested
for us you may have them all. If you don't have a file,
don't worry, because then you don't have to delete it.

CMPDICT.* (all CMPDICT.any files)
Contents of the \SAV directory.
Contents (if any) of the \WORK directory
Any DLL's numbered from 001-010 that may be
in your \windows\system directory.

Note: if you picked "QUICK EXIT" the last time you ran the
program, you MUST re-start it (re-opening your last packet
in the process) and select "EXIT" prior to running this
release. Failure to do so will cause you much heartache,
so go ahead and do that now...and then delete the contents
of the \SAV directory.

To update your copy, all you need do (after complying with
the notes above) is copy the updated files to your \CMPQWK
home directory. Make sure the program IS NOT RUNNING when
you do this.


You must have a working copy of 1.30 or 1.31 to use this

Please see the documentation for ways to reach us via
various networks, CIS, etc.

Please note that Grant Willey, sysop of The Dataphile
BBS has requested that users calling there wishing to
download updates must log on. You can't use the anonymous
CMPQWK USER account on The Dataphile, you must sign-on
as a new user to call Grant's system. No fees are involved,
you must just enter your real name and phone numbers.

The Patchbay BBS still has the "faceless" account (instructions
in the prelog screen when you call), and registration is
not required to download updates from that system.

Neither BBS accepts "handles" if you want to register as
a user. You must use your real name.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change causes
for you.

Derek Backus
Todd Henschell
CMPQwk Development Team

------------end of 1.4L update readme.txt-------------

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