Dec 252017
Trivia Door for Spitfire BBS.
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Trivia Door for Spitfire BBS.
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Contents of the SFEMSTRV.DOC file

This is a premature release of SFEMSTRV, I have been pressured to release
this by several SPITFIRE sysops. I don't mind, except that I don't have
time to properly write the installation docs. This game is meant to run
as a door on a SPITFIRE BBS. To install, you will need to refer to the
docs that come with any other SPITFIRE trivia door. This game presently
has about 350 questions, it is HARD, and some callers will probably
complain that there is not enough time to answer some of the more difficult
questions. Eventually I will have about 1,000 questions, and an additional
5 seconds will be given the user in the next release.
For the latest version of SFEMSTRV.ZIP call The Firehouse Bulletin Board,
Yucaipa, California (714) 790-0079 at 9600 baud or less.
I may be reached by voice at (714) 790-1679 if you need to chat.
My sincere thanks to Mike Woltz for his help in the creation of his door
game and his (seemingly) infatiguable support for SPITFIRE sysops. You may
reach Mike at the Buffalo Creek BBS for the latest version of SPITFIRE!
(515) 225-8496. Hope you (and your users) enjoy the game!
Tom Clark

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