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Othello v1.2 DOOR game. Handles 35+ games concurrently.
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Othello v1.2 DOOR game. Handles 35+ games concurrently.
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Contents of the OTH.DOC file

OTH Version 1.2 Copyright 1989 by Brent Barrett


You *MUST* use version 082289.01 or later with OTH, or it simply will
not function. Period.

1. Create a subdirectory for the OTH door program (D:\OTH in our
2. From your HOMEPATH, run DR.EXE.
3. ake a door. Be sure to pass the port and user slot number
to the control batch file ("runoth %p %u" will be the example
DOS command line).
4. Create the RUNOTH.BAT file somewhere in your PATH:
OTH %1 %2
5. Modify the OTH.CFG text file to suit your system. It consists
of three lines. Line 1 is the complete path and filename of
the NCDOOR.SYS (or compatible) file (NOTE this is *NOT* the
CPDOOR.SYS!). Line 2 is the complete path and filename of the
user log file (a text file that lists, in reverse order, the
users of OTH). Line 3 is the complete path and filename of the
scores file (a text file that lists the scores of all currently
active games). If left blank, each entry will default to:
NCDOOR.SYS for the NCDOOR file.
OTHLOG.TXT for the user log file.
OTHSCORE.TXT for the scores file.

6. Modify your MENU.TXT doors.mnu to reflect the new door and run
TF.EXE to re-index it.


OTH handles ALL its own MODEM Input/Output, so there is no need to
use a DOS I/O redirector such as GATEWAY or DOORWAY. OTH also handles
loss of carrier properly, so there is no need for a WATCHDOG program of
any sort to be in memory.


This will save all files and bring the user back to the BBS
no matter what he is doing.

This will go into "chat" mode with the user no matter what he
is doing, and return him to where he left off when you leave.
exits this mode, but the ESC can be sent by you or by the user.


Yes, sure is. As always, though, I'd love to see some support for
a poor, starving student (*sniff*) in the form of money for my work...
but it's purely up to you. If you like this stuff, and want me to do
more, you can send any amount at all to:

Brent Barrett
P.O. Box 2987
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2987

And thank you very much.

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