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BBS Game Door. Kannons and Katapults. Castle warfare.
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BBS Game Door. Kannons and Katapults. Castle warfare.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

Version 3.0 has the following additions/bug fixes...

This release is mainly a bug fix version.

Fixed division by 0 errors (2 found) if King Computer had 0 civilians and

Fixed King Computers "Retiring Soldiers" routine. It was not working

A few minor adjustments to King Computer's decision routines which should
result in slightly stronger play.

Version 2.0 has the following additions/bug fixes...

Fixed a division by 0 error found in two places if a player had -0- men and
-0- civilians left. (Not a good thing eh? 😉

Fixed erratic "Months of Food" display in the main display panel. I am only
showing the left 5 characters of the calculation. This is fine and shows that
you might have .9995 months of food left and may gamble and let a few of your
constituents die off if there is some other pressing problem that needs taking
care of. Unfortunately, if you had a REALLY small amount of food left the
"Months of Food" figure might a very small number in scientific notation!
(i.e. 6.03034E-7.) By showing only the left 5 characters of THAT figure, that
would look like "6.030" months of food left! I've changed it so if a player
has less than 0.1 months of food left it will show as -0- months of food left!
This should help prevent famine due to incorrect government statistics
reports! (-;

In this version, King Computer is MUCH smarter! Your users will find him a
"bit" more difficult to conquer! (-;

To upgrade to this version, you MUST erase "KNK.DAT" from the version 1.0
game's directory!

A scoreboard is now generated. The file name is "KNK-BEST.ASC". Every month
the scoreboard is cleared and the current "KNK-BEST.ASC" is renamed to
"KNK-LAST.ASC". See "KNK.DOC" for more information.

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