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BBS Survey Door program written in TP 6.0
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Contents of the SLK&P24.DOC file

SLK&P24.DOC Page 1

SLK&P v2.4
Written by: Jim Greenhaw
Using: Turbo PASCAL 6.0

Created with Searchlight Programmer's Library
Portions Copyright (c) 1991 Searchlight Software

If you are upgrading from version 2.2 or 2.3 of SLK&P, please
read UPGRADE.DOC included in this archive.

1. Introduction:
Let me start by saying this is *NOT* another survey
program. There are enough of those around that you
should be able to find one you like and Frank LaRosa
even sells a very good survey door which you may be
interested in. Though this program asks for information in
a manner which is similar, it is hard-coded and only the
last two questions can be changed. It also has a few
tricks up it's sleeve. This *IS* a new user information
utility door which gathers information about the user
which Searchlight does not require and provides a way for
the Sysop to view and print this information.

SLK&P is actually two programs which support each

a. SL Keeper is the part which actually gathers the
information from the user and writes it to disk. It also
writes to disk a text file listing of the users who have
completed filling out the door information so that they
will not be asked again in the future. The really NEAT
part about SL Keeper is that it sends the Sysop mail FROM
that user with the information obtained. SL Keeper can
be used as an auto door or as a regular door program.
Note: SL Keeper can actually be used without SL
Peeper for the mail to the Sysop function but the
file written to disk will be useless.

b. SL Peeper is the part which allows viewing and searching
of the data file which SL Keeper writes to disk. SL
Peeper can be used from the DOS prompt or as a door for
the sysop to use while logged in locally but cannot be
used from remote. This is due to the fact that SL Peeper
uses direct screen writes. It also has two other
options, one to search for a user record by last name and
one to delete a user record.

Once the program has been registered, two other features
become available. An EDIT option and a PRINT utility
that allows printing of ALL data in the records or just
the names and phone numbers. Once registered, ALL the long
delays and UNREGISTERED signs go away.

2. Setup:
Make a directory off your Doors directory called SLK&P or
whatever you prefer. Place the following files in that

SLK&P24.DOC Page 2

SLPEEPER.EXE - The data file viewer/ printer utility.
SLK&P24.DOC - The file you are reading now.
UPGRADE.DOC - Information on upgrading from 2.2/2.3
UPGRADE.EXE - Program to upgrade data file and olduser
file from 2.2/2.3

Note: Once SLKeeper and SLPeeper have been run, they will create
two additional files in this directory called:

KEEPER.DTA - Data file for SLK&P
SLPEEPER.CFG - A file which tells SLPeeper where the
SLKeeper file is.

Place the following files in your BBS directory:

SLKEEPER.CFG - The configuration file for SLKEEPER.EXE.
SLKEEPER.EXE - The SL Keeper information recorder.

Before doing anything else, you will need to modify
SLKEEPER.CFG to conform to your system. This can be done
any true ASCII editor. The lines are as follows:

Line 1: Sysop name in ALL CAPS. This is the name of the person
you want the new users information sent to EXACTLY as
you are logged in the BBS. I use JIM GREENHAW instead of
SYSOP but this is up to you. It does not search the ALIAS
file so it must be a valid username.
Line 2,3: These are for the 16th question. It must be in a two
line format as the sample config demonstrates and each
must be 50 characters or less. For example:

Are you a member of any of the military services
including the Coast Guard? (Y/N)................

Do you desire special access to the message and
files area of special interest to educators? Y/N...

IMPORTANT!! Both lines MUST be used. If the question is too
short, split it up. For example:

Do you like
sysops? Y/N...


Do you like
sysops? Y/N.......


Line 4,5: The same as 3 & 4 but for question 17.

Line 6,7,8,9: These can be any message you want up to eighty
characters per line and will be displayed in a light
cyan color. (Leave "as is" if you prefer)
Line 10,11: These can be any message you want up to eighty
characters per line and will be displayed in a LIGHT
RED color. (Leave "as is" if you prefer)

SLK&P24.DOC Page 3

When SL Keeper is run for the first time, it will create an
additional file named KEEPER.DTA. This is the file where
the data obtained from the user is stored. <>

The file OLDUSER.LST contains the names of users who have
already completed the questionaire. It will be created the
first time SLKeeper is run. You can use any ascii text editor
to delete a name if you would a user who has already filled it
out to be forced to redo it. This particularly refers to a user
who may have filled it in improperly.

WARNING! If you used any version of SLK&P prior to version
2.2, you will need to delete your old KEEPER.DTA file and the
old OLDUSER.LST file and have users relog through the door.
I am sorry for the inconvenience but since the newer versions
ask for more information, they are incompatible with the old.
Failure to delete those files will result in your data files
being corrupted.


Enter the following commands in your Autodoor setup:

Login AutoDoor Command...... SLKEEPER.EXE N
Directory Path..............
Communication Support....... Normal
Abort Method................ Terminate
Write Protection............ NO

IMPORTANT!!!!! Replace the N after SLKEEPER.EXE with the node
number SLKeeper is being called from.

For a regular door program add the following line to your
DOORS.DEF or the door .DEF file where you want it:

1;0;1;{access level};SL Keeper;.;SLKEEPER.EXE N

IMPORTANT! As in the above example, replace the N with the node
number SLKeeper is being called from.

SL Peeper can be run from the DOS prompt or use the
following line in your DOORS.DEF:

1;0;1;255;SL Peeper;.;SLPEEPER.EXE

3. System Requirements:

SLK&P version 2.4 will only work with SLBBS 2.1x. It is
NOT compatible with SLBBS 1.77 and below including the previously
released shareware version.

For technical support,you can call JIMLEN BBS, the official
support board for JIMLEN Software.

JIMLEN BBS (619)462-2686, Spring Valley, CA. Running a US
Robotics HST Dual Standard, 24 Hours a day.

SLK&P24.DOC Page 4

4. Shareware:
These programs (SLKEEPER.EXE & SLPEEPER.EXE) are
shareware. If you find one or both of them to be of use and
use them more than thirty days, then PLEASE register them.
The registered version will have extra enhancements (some
of which are listed below) and requests for additions are
always welcome from registered users.

Registration cost is $15.00 and can be sent to:

2438 Central Wayside
Spring Valley, CA 91977
!!!!!! Make check or money order payable to JAMES GREENHAW.
Sorry, we do not accept credit card orders at this time.
Hopefully we will be able to offer this service in the future.

5. Registered Version:
Once payment has been received, a "KEY" file specifically
registered to YOUR BBS name will be be made available to you
for download from JIMLEN BBS. (number below)
This file will enable all the extended registered features in
any future copy of SLK&P that you may download from any board.
To make the cost as little as possible, you will be mailed a
confirmation letter with your password for logging into JIMLEN
and a user account will be set up in your name (this way you
don't have to call twice, once to login in and then have to
wait to be validated). The logon password will be the same
password needed to download the keyfile.

The registered version includes the following enhancements:

- An edit function to change the data as users report changes
in phone number, address, etc. (yeah right,like they always
do ).
- A print function which allows you to print ALL user data or
just their names and phone numbers.
- Time the opening screen stays up is DRASTICALLY reduced.
- All those annoying UNREGISTERED! signs will be removed.
- Future enhancements as I implement them. 🙂

JIMLEN BBS (619)462-2686, Spring Valley, CA. Running a US
Robotics HST Dual Standard, 24 Hours a day.
Locked baud rate at 38,400.

SLK&P24.DOC Page 5


This program and documentation are provided as is without
warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including
but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantibility
and fitness for a particular purpose. The user of this
program and documentation agrees to hold the author/or
distributor of this material harmless for any direct or
consequential damages resulting from its use.

* SL Keeper, SL Peeper, and this document are copyright 1991
by JIMLEN Software.

** SLBBS is a trademark of Searchlight Software owned by
Frank LaRosa.

And now, a special thanks to those people who have been a
big help in the development of this program:

Kevin Bass: for general programming tips and help.
Beverly Locke: for suggesting making the last two questions
easily configurable by any sysop.

All those people who have offered suggestions for improvements.

A Super THANKS to those of you who have already registered
SLK&P. You are the ones who keep me programming and keep
shareware alive.

A special thanks to my wife who has put up with me spending a
LOT of time at the computer. To my wife Helen, "THANK YOU

JIMLEN Software is a division of JIMLEN Enterprises.

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