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Usenet comes to PCBoard. This set of text files outlines how to add Usenet to your PCBoard system.

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GATEWAY for PC Board 14.5a! Finally, PC Board
BBSs can have access to the wide variety of
Usenet newsgroups. uuPCB also provides
worldwide uucp and Internet mail capability.
Boardwatch calls uuPCB "Delightful".
Now orderable by credit card.

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Usenet comes to PCBoard. This set of text files outlines how to add Usenet to your PCBoard system.
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Contents of the ANNOUNCE.TXT file

Announcing uuPCB: USENET For PC Board
by Ed Hopper
Hopper Systems
Ed Hopper's BBS - 713-997-7575
[email protected]

FINALLY! An AFFORDABLE way for PC Board Systems to participate in USENET!

Boardwatch Magazine calls uuPCB "Delightful". And we aim to delight
you too!

The most diverse and interesting network around is Usenet. Usenet is a
loose term for a number of networks, Usenet itself, Altnet and a number
of other specialized distributions all utilize "news" software. "News"
is the term for networked public conferences in the Usenet community.
Currently, most UNIX based Usenet systems use either C News or it's
predecessor, B News. Neither of these programs are very PC compatible.
The protocols, compression programs and networking software used are
different from those used in PC Board BBS networks like ILink, Smartnet
or Relay.

Up to now, PC Board BBSs were not able to participate in Usenet.

uuPCB changes that. uuPCB offers near complete integration of Usenet
into your PC Board BBS. You can read and reply to Usenet "news
articles" online via PC Board or via a offline reading system like
QMail, Markmail, etc. What's more, uuPCB also offers complete
point-to-point email capability. You can send mail to users around the
world at more than 20,000 different Usenet sites. You can also send
EMail to AT&T Mail, MCI Mail and Compuserve. It's easy, it's fast and
it works. In fact, in our beta testing phase, our users exchanged email
with users throughtout North America and around the world. We have even
exchanged email with Moscow!

uuPCB features:

-- Supports email using domain style addressing (ie,
[email protected])

-- Hassle free participation in Usenet newsgroups. No "UN:" or "USENET
GATEWAY" flags needed in your PC Board Subject: and To: fields. Users
enter their messages in a completely normal manner. No special

-- Supports compressed, batched incoming news.

-- Supports moderated newsgroups. Messages posted locally on your BBS
are automatically mailed to the newsgroup moderator.

-- Users may define Distribution (world, na, us, tx, etc) or let message
default to the newsgroup default or to the systemwide default.

-- Users may specify a longer subject line than the PC Board 25
character field.

-- Sysop may define which segments of the USENET news file header are
retained and which are discarded.

-- Inserts and extracts news and mail while other PC Board nodes are

And the newest feature:

-- Some or all messages in selected newsgroups can now be automatically
archived into PKZIP files for long term storage. This is great for
source files, online magazines and more!

And these features are just the beginning. As uuPCB matures, more and
more features will be added to provide further compatibility with

uuPCB is inexpensive. The average board can have it for less than $50.
"Mega-Boards" pay a little more (but shouldn't they?), but in all cases
the costs are not out of line. In addition to uuPCB, two public domain
and/or freeware utilities are also required. They are available for
download on Ed Hopper's BBS.

uuPCB has been in operation on boards around the US, Canada and Europe
since January 1, 1992.

For more information or to see uuPCB in action, call Ed Hopper's BBS at
713-997-7575 or call me voice at 713-997-9834 6-10PM CST.

You can now order uuPCB with your Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club or
Carte Blanche cards.

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